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  • Scientific name: Corydoras
  • Common name: cleaner fish, I trash fish
  • Size of the aquarium: 60 a 80 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet, sociable and gregarious
  • Temperature: Between 22 ° and 27 ° C
  • pH: Between 6 Y 8
  • Diet: And omnivorous scavengers
  • Length: three cms a 6 cms


The Corydoras belong to the genus actinopterygian freshwater siluriformes. Other varieties of fish have evolved a lot, but not so much Corydoras, fish are originating from the time of the Paleocene, It is very resistant and good water adapting to low oxygen. It is very well suited to community aquariums, as occupy the bottom, where they do not compete for space with other species. In the aquarium they perform an important function for maintenance and cleaning, as consume food scraps at the bottom decant and although one of its terms of reference is cleaner fish aquarium or landfill should clarify that This specimen not eat other fish droppings. Emphasize that if you intend to have in your aquarium Corydoras, They are gregarious fish that need a small shoal of a less 5 a 6 copies, to display active and not contract any disease caused by stress.


This species of fish has a flattened shape ventral and dorsal convex portion. The head and body are compressed position eyes more or less than. They have a small adipose fin behind the dorsal fin and it is characteristic of the family Callichthyidae. Pectoral fins formed by a large thorn are important for reproduction. They do not have scales, instead, They have two rows of bony plates along the body that overlap covering the flanks, back and head. In fact, Corydoras name originates in the Greek words Kory (helmet) and Doras (skin). Another characteristic detail, It is the pair of beards or mustaches located in the lower jaw with great sensory abilities to help them look for food on the bottom of rivers and lakes. His mouth is located down to eat food arena. They used swimbladder breathing atmospheric air, which it is then processed by the stomach and removed as gases by the year. Why they can be observed sometimes coming to the surface to be ventilated, but if it is recurrent is also a sign that there is too little oxygen in the aquarium. They can scroll through places where almost no water as long as the humidity of the background is high. Its size depends on the species. In aquariums it varies from 3 to the 6 centimeters but in their wild habitat can measure up 14 centimeters. Hydrodynamic or are very poor swimmers, therefore they prefer clean water with slow currents and sandy bottom, to facilitate their transfer in the search for food.

sexual dimorphism

The differences between males and females are very difficult to find easy view. Almost always the female is larger than the male and his belly is swollen, It is noted more frequently as an adult or in breeding period.

Coloration of the fish Corydora

Its color is gray, with metallic flecks of violet hue, verde, yellow, black and blue, observed in some species stripes with wavy shapes, They distributed by the head and upper part of the back, also forming horizontal lines on the sides.

Varieties of Corydoras

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The most common varieties of Corydoras in aquariums they are:

  • Corydoras paleatus
  • Melini
  • Sterbai
  • Pepper
  • Pigmea
  • Adolf
  • Arcuatus
  • Barbatus
  • Melanistius
  • goal
  • He doubts
  • Julia

Distribution and habitat

Its distribution is very wide. They are endemic in most countries in South America and parts of Central America. Most species come from the tributaries of the Amazon River, Orinoco, rivers of the coast of Guyana and Suriname. In short one can say that They extend from Argentina to the northern tip of Venezuela. Their habitat is represented by the sweet tropical not very deep water, although its adaptability is so great that range from the most tropical climates to the colder, getting itself to locate these fish species in Patagonia. Usually they travel long distances in shoals, looking for food on the bottom of lakes, rivers, estuaries and marshes. The temperature suitable for living depends on the origin of species. The ranks range from 16A ° C supporting the Corydoras South Plata in Argentina, to over 28 ° C enduring other Amazonian species.

Aquarium conditions

In the aquarium, This cleaner fish must have minimum aquarium size 70 liters to un cardumen Corydoras pygmaeus (Fish dwarf cat). Now, If you choose a Corydoras barbatus, the aquarium should be about 150 a 200 liters, would keep a group of four to 6 copies. For hatchlings a special aquarium is recommended 60 to eighty liters unfiltered background. So that the cleaner fish suits the atmosphere of the aquarium, East You must have soft sandy or gravel bottom branches, logs and consistent with natural plants illumination, nutrients and substrates environment. Must be used overdimensioned filtration to maintain controlled nitrogenous compounds, and especially ammonia makes them much harm. these fish not recommended for densely planted aquariums as, as inhabit shoal, They are very active and live on the bottom looking for food, They may end up unearthing plants. The quality of the water for an aquarium with Corydoras, It must be maintained within very specific parameters:

  • pH: Between 6.2 Y 7.4
  • gH: Between 10th and 14th
  • Temperature: Between 23ºC and 26ºC


Their feeding You need a high protein intake. You can feed them with Artemia, bloodworms, tubifex, grindal, plant food such as Spirulina, homemade baby food, steamed vegetables and daphnia. There are many foods prepared especially for bottom fish, that will help keep your diet perfectly balanced, placing one tablet every three or four fish. Also they can bury them frozen food.


As a fish background their behavior is calm and sociable, It is able to relate with other peaceful fish. They are ideal for community aquariums because it shares space with not very big fish, preferably from the family of ciprínidos, characins and other peaceful bullheads. The group of Corydoras panda are the most active and sociable.

Compatible fish Corydoras


Captive breeding It depends on the species and this process should be avoided Community aquariums. Good nutrition with living foods, water near ambient temperature 26 ° C and the neutral pH are essential for setting performed between adults shoal of one female and two or three males. The introduction of tannins is recommended either commercially or by blades, or alder wood pineapples to become more proactive at the time of reproduction. Spawning can be induced by lowering the temperature of the water about four deg, then rising gradually irla, as well as lower the water level to resemble the characteristics of the rainy season, which it is the time mate in their wild habitat. The female lays three to six eggs that are immediately fertilized by one of the male, to be then pasted into the bottom of the blades or along the aquarium. Then, Parents should be removed to another aquarium so that the stakes do not eat, and the eggs left alone should be noted that have good aeration, and anti fungal commercial use to avoid any infection. A passing between eight and forty 72 hours, the fry are born and you have to have them the widest possible range of living foods What can be Artemia or you anguilillas of vinegar and if it does not consume too can be tested with commercial food scales well crushed.

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