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As a raise or lower the pH of the aquarium

Aquarium water is the main element on which life unfolds. When we talk about the quality of water, We not are talking about a unique quality, but needed to reproduce the biotope we have chosen. The choice will mean that the water quality respond to a particular chemical composition, wherein the pH is within a limit band, both above, and below. Depending on the fish species our aquarium, We need a different degree of pH. Our mission is to maintain the alkalinity or acidity of the water within acceptable parameters, € Peroá | ÀWhat do when we need to raise or lower the pH of the aquarium?

ÀWhat is pH?

The pH is short for potential hydrogen. When we talk about the pH of the water or any solution, we are talking about the degree of acidity or alkalinity, which it is determined by the amount of hydrogen ions which are present. You will see that whenever we talk about the pH of the aquarium, the term is expressed in degrees.

¿Cómo measuring pH of the aquarium?

The pH has a scale from 1 al 14, Being the 1 the most acidic and 14 the alkaline. The neutral value is right in the middle, the 7. In the market we will find two ways to measure the pH of the water:

  • Potentiometer or pH meter The pH meter is an instrument that measuring the potential difference between two electrodes, one of reference which is usually silver or silver chloride, and a glass electrode wise to the hydrogen ion.
  • Indicators acids (colorimetric system) This is the ordinary way that we usually measure water aquarium, with those strips that react to the pH, he gH, Nitrite levels, nitrates and ammonia. You can also find in liquid solutions, Equipment analysis with only the pH. Measurements are approximate and not as reliable as if we use the pH meter, but sufficient for our purposes. The mechanism is simple, the strips are impregnated with a weak acids or bases, They are reacting with a different shade depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the water. In the case of liquid solutions, adding a few drops to a sample of water from the aquarium, this will turn a certain color, we can contrast with color coded wheel.
Check pH for aquarium water

Take a look at in liquid solution, very reliable

Organisms living in the aquarium, both fish and plants, They are sensitive to sharp changes of the pH, so it is important to measure the pH every week.

¿Cuál pH is superb for my aquarium?

JBL 2533900 Water test strips Easytest 6 in 1

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  • nitrites (NO2) de zero a ten mg/l.
  • Mide el pH de 6,four a 9,zero.

The pH very best for the aquarium depend on the species of fish that have.

  • The continental species recommended for pH is between 6.5 ° and 8.5 °.
  • Amazonian species live in what is called blackwater, soft water. In this case the recommended pH should be neutral, between 6 and 7.
  • Fish coming from East Africa prefer a more alkaline pH, between 7.5 ° and 8.

¿Cómo lower the pH of the aquarium?

The first thing you have to do to know how to lower the pH of the water in our aquarium, it is measure the pH of the water we use for llenarloâ € |habitualmente of the tap.

  • If the pH of the water from the tap is already high, we must consider the possibility of install a water softener or reverse osmosis unit, we will provide water for the aquarium preferrred.
  • It may be the case that the rise in pH is a single event, then we can use removing part of the water from the aquarium, adding a mixture of tap water with distilled water, ranging between 5.5 ° and 6.
  • Another possibility is that we have introduced an element that destabilizes the pH, how is the aquarium coral sand. If this was the problem, it is best to remove and use silica enviornment.
  • Check you do not have limestone rocks in the aquarium, they can also be a reason to raise the pH. To check if the rocks have traces of limestone, picks up a rock and sprinkle with Salfuman, If bubbles, It is having limestone content, it is best to remove these stones. Search Aquarium stones which do not alter the composition of water.
  • Add logs, especially Mopani, help lower the pH of the aquarium and the water is more acidic.
  • CO2 insufflation to the aquarium, as the carbonic acid lowers the pH and it benefits the cultivation of plants in the aquarium, accelerating the process of photosynthesis.
  • Add acid buffers trade.
  • If the problem is constant, One option is to use peat to lower the pH.
Mopani wood is perfect to lower the pH of the aquarium

¿Cómo use peat to lower the pH of the aquarium?

The water can be found in the virgin forest you have an acidic pH, even less than four and a hardness (gH) very low. The reason is very simple, your way through underground crossing masses of peat, which give those physical characteristics and in many cases, also some yellowing. In the aquarium we can get something comparable, making the aquarium water seeping through the turba⠀ |¡¡Ojo!! Not worth gardening peat, which can carry fertilizers and plant protection products. There are several ways to use peat in the aquarium:

  • One can be add peat in substrate aquarium, so that is always present and in contact with water.
  • Another option is add peat in aquarium filter, so that, to performing mechanical filtering the water, induce water to seep through peat.
  • Other aquarists prefer to do a sort of tea with peat. peat are introduced into a sack (such as a pillowcase) to avoid having to filter water, It gets inside the water that we use to make changes to the aquarium, and allowed to stand for 1 a 2 weeks. Ideally you should use an air pump, to move the peat in water.
Peat for aquarium filters

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Peat for aquarium filters

Simple solution to lower the pH of the aquarium

¿Cómo raise the pH of the of the aquarium?

At the same we can find that we have a high pH and we need to lower the pH of the aquarium, You can give the opposite option, which have a low pH and We need to raise the pH of the aquarium. We have several options to raise the pH of the aquarium:

  • Make partial water changes, provided that the tap water has a pH higher. In the former case we used tap water mixed with the distilled water with very low pH, In this case we want to raise the pH, what we will introduce water with high pH.
  • Use copper coral. It can be sandy coral or if the problem is punctual, putting calcareous materials in the filter, like coral, o Meal caracolas. You can also be introduced into the aquarium directly, but so that we can withdraw when they are no longer necessary.
  • At the same as before we had to remove limestones, if we have we can enter into the aquarium.
  • buffers trade, as salts or enhancers pH.
  • Add potassium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate
Tetra pH / KH Plus

Adjusts and regulates pH and KH levels of the aquarium

¿Cómo raise the pH bicarbonate?

A trick home and we can easily use is Add potassium bicarbonate, in the required amount, depending on the degree of pH we need to raise. It is advisable to make a solution of the product in water. Then gradually add the product and not blow up all grades we need, not to produce stress in fish. To increase a degree Kh using sodium bicarbonate, are used 3 grams to hundred liters each, in the case of potassium bicarbonate, uses 3,6 grams each 100 liters to raise a degree of Kh. you've probably been somewhat checkered, If we are talking about pH and you jump with Kh or hardness temporary water.

Kh as a regulator of the pH buffer or

There is a close relationship between the pH of the aquarium and Kh, so that if we have a stable pH, we must also control the Kh. With a high level of Kh, water from the aquarium will show stable and it will be easier to control the pH. Kh and pH shown the following relationship, and that is what is important to maintain control of both together:

  • KH under 2nd reveals little presence of carbonate. The PH is unstable, water changes very acidic to very alkaline can occur quickly.
  • KH between 2º y 4º, The presence of carbonate is optimal for the PH is maintained slightly acidic, in the environment 6,5.
  • KH between 4º y 6º, It provides readings ideal carbonate to stabilize the alkaline pH between 7 Y 8.
  • When the KH is higher than 6, It shows a high presence of carbonates, PH can maintain a higher alkali to 8.


Maintain stable pH is necessary for the quality of the aquarium water, and the life of our fish. Rather than raise or lower, what really matters is the stability of the pH, so we have to periodic measurements of water, at least once a week. As I think it has become clear throughout Article, all parameters that affect water quality are closely related, and sometimes it can be desesperanteâ € |cuando that happens, is that there is an imbalance somewhere. We discover that it is, to modify or delete. I hope this article has been helpful.

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