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fish Telescope

  • Scientific name: Carassius auratus
  • Common name: fish Telescope, fish Ojones, Demekin, Dragon Eye Goldifish
  • Size of the aquarium: 200 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 18 ° and 22 ° C
  • pH: Between 6 Y 8
  • Diet: Omnivoros
  • Length: Until 20 cms


Telescope fish is a variation or mutation of the famous Goldfish, Carassius Auratus, Red fish, Carpín doradoâ € |vamos, red tents we see hundreds of ponds, throughout the world. A fish Telescope It is also known as fish Ojones, the main feature of most striking morphology: googly eyes. As if we were talking about a bad joke, it follows that They have a vision pretty bad, so they are not good competitors for food. It is believed that this mutation Goldfish, It has its origin in China (like almost everything that has to do with the Carassius Auratus) hacía 1.seven-hundred, when they began to call Dragon Eye Goldfish o Dragonfish, but later he began to breed in Japan, which they have been given the fashionable name Demekin.


in aquarium, Telescope fish not usually exceed the thirteen centimeters, although in a pond (or aquarium good size) and suitable conditions, You can measure a 20 centimeters. Within the Goldfish, is one of the fish more rounded, It has some form of egg, It is plump and chubby. His head is the most striking, It is very wide and it powerfully draw attention to your eyes, They are protruding like two cones. curiously, eyes do not begin to protrude from the head until the fish is not about six months of life. Until there would be common features, because we can then find all kinds of variants of the fish Telescope. There are different colorations: blue, chocolate, White, even with mixtures of two or three colors: black and white (Panda Telescope fish), red and blancoâ € | As for morphology, There are some caudal tail with veil, horse tail, mariposa, fins flow, etc. One of the variants most appreciated, although not the most striking is the black fish option Telescope, though his eyes are not the most outstanding.

Distribution and habitat

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The origin of the golden carp, from which comes the fish Telescope, It is in Asia and Central Asia, in stagnant waters and slow rivers, lakes and ponds. Goldfish know today, They originate in China, later moving to Japan and finally to Europe and America.

Aquarium conditions

For Goldfish aquariums have much to do with the size of the fish. These fish tend to grow quite, and also they have a high life expectancy (10 a 15 years or more), so you can start with a minimum forty liters aquarium, but ideally it would be better to size the less 80 liters for an adult and as we get more copies, some 40 liters per copy more. For example, if we have four fish, the size of the aquarium should be about 200 liters. Son cold water fish, but that does not mean we do not have some control over the temperature, which should be between 18 ° C and 22 ° C, with a pH between 6 Y 8. Telescope fish, like all Goldfish, It produces a greater amount of waste than other fish, so that we have a good filtering water and water must be renewed periodically aquarium. The bottom of the aquarium gravel should be. For decoration, should take into account the low visibility of the fish Telescope, be avoided elements with edges or highlights, that could accidentally hurt. A good idea, It is to add a lot of plants, although it is generally recommended to be artificial, why are fish often dig into the substrate and would eventually remove all the natural plant.


They are omnivorous, so that support all kinds of fresh food, frozen and dry goods those specially designed for tents gilded. To maintain good hygiene in the aquarium, attacks from parasites and infections, It is recommended to use dry food, instead of live foods, leaving them for special occasions, as breeding. Because of its low visibility, They need time to find their food and finish your meal.

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Behavior and compatibility

All Goldfish They are gregarious fish, they have no problem to live in community. Telescope fish can live together without any problem a priori, except that it looks great, so that should share space with other similar fish, to have no problem with food. Fish with the fish Telescope will be perfect are the black fish Telescope (Black Moor Goldfish), Bubble Fish Eyes (Bubble Eye Goldfish) and the fish Celestial (Celestial Goldfish), everyone with a similar vision problem, and those who will not enter competition.


Los Carassius auratus reproduce released, only when spring arrives, if we play them in aquarium, we must mimic the conditions conducive.

  • To begin breeding the fish Telescope, we need an aquarium at least have a few liters eighty.
  • We provide a suitable environment, to facilitate spawning and provide surfaces where fish eggs deposited. To this end, They are usually using bush plants, but they can also be plastic.
  • The temperature should drop to 11 ° C, then go moving it up 2ºC per day to reach 20-23 ° C, which it is the very best temperature for spawning.
  • In food add protein-rich foods, such as shrimp and worms. They will be given in small amounts eating, three times a day.
  • change a 20% of water every day.
  • Spawning starts when the temperature rises. The male will chase the female around the aquarium. This ritual can last several days, in which we observe the coloration of the as male intensifies.
  • During spawning, rotate the male side by side and push against the female plants, to cause the female release their eggs, which will then be fertilized by the male. Spawning can last between two and three hours.
  • Once spawning has occurred, adults should withdraw, it will eat eggs.
  • The eggs hatch between four and 7 days after being fertilized.
  • Once the fry are born, they must be supplied with suitable products, until they acquire the right size.


The advice I can offer for breeding and conservation of the fish Telescope, I have to do with what is stated in Article. They are fish swimming pretty bad because of their lack of vision, so we should not mix with other species, the need to compete for food. Its maintenance is relatively simple, except that dirty lot and you have to be very attentive to the aquarium is clean, to avoid the appearance of any type of disease. Otherwise, fish breeding Telescope is simple and can be very satisfying.

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