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Pez Murcielago

  • Scientific name: Platax pinnatus
  • Common name: Pez Murcielago, Pez Murcielago red face, Large fin fish Murcielago
  • Size of the aquarium: 2.000 liters
  • Temperament: Pacifico
  • Temperature: 25ºC a 28ºC
  • pH: Superior a 7,eight (Density 1.025)
  • Diet: Omnivoros
  • Length: 45 cm long, 75 cms high


Pez Murcielago or Platax pinnatus belongs to the family of Epífidos, also known as platácidos. The Platax pinnatus are a very original species of marine fish, what undergo a major transformation in morphology and color throughout their lives. Perhaps because of these transformations, the classification of this genre is quite confusing, as exemplars can reach vary, depending on the marine biotope which come.


In their natural environment can measure up 75 centimeters high and weigh 25 kilos, in an aquarium does not reach those dimensions, although it can measure up 45 centimeters long in the adult stage. His body is high and laterally compressed. In his youthful state powerfully they draw attention by their shape and have a very showy livery.

fish Murciélgao, Platax pinnatus in juvenile stage

They have a dorsal and anal fins well developed and astonishingly high, to move longitudinally to grow in their adult stage and adopt a discoid shape. Their colors are very striking in the juvenile stage, to be much less visible in adulthood. When young, They are dark brown or black shade with orange color line, that runs around the perimeter of your body. As you grow, They are glimpsing go fringes that start being orange. Ya as an adult, They are of silver color with two vertical stripes in black. The first strip is at the height of the eye, and the second in the rear of the body, at the height of the pectoral fin, which like the rest of the fins, show yellowing of the edge.

Pez Murcielago, The winged adults Platax

Another change is the suffering snout, which it gets longer as they grow, and the profile of the head, it is clearly showing concave. No sexual dimorphism are seen between males and females.

Distribution and habitat

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these fish They originate from the oceans and Pacific ndico ??, as well as the Red Sea. Like coral reefs, where you can find them at depths ranging from 2 meters to 50 meters. The adults swim alone, and living in the outermost areas of the reef, only mounted groups, when they swimming in open water. Nevertheless, the young Pez Murcielago maintains a gregarious attitude, They swim in groups and prefer to live in the shallower areas of the reef, and in the protected mangroves. If you delve deeper, They look for caves in which to hide and feel safe.

Aquarium conditions

For juveniles (which we are usually found for sale), swim without any problem, we need a good-sized aquarium, between the 1.000 and the 2.000 liters. We should note that to introduce fish to a marine aquarium, this should be mature and take the least a 6 months in operation, although for some eight months Pez Murcielago recommended. The pH of the water should be above the 7.8, density in 1.025 and the temperature between 25 and 28C. Inside home, the marine aquarium should mimic their habitat Pure, with lots of rockery and areas where they can hide, as well as having enough space for swimming. They can be added corals, and a substrate fine enviornment that mimics the seafloor.


They are omnivorous, In nature They feed primarily zooplankton, plants, began, jellyfish and crustaceans. In the aquarium should be fed with pieces of mussel, prawns, prawns, squids, bloodworms congeladoâ € |Son very voracious and have a very fast growth. The problem with these fish is their shyness, and that if attacked they feel they can get to stop eating. It is important to control that can not be intimidated by other species, if it were, We must get him away from her attacker, so you can feed. Otherwise, could refuse food and let die.

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Behavior and compatibility

They are very sociable fish, They not usually have any problem with other fish, but they are also very shy. Tank mates must seek very quiet and nothing aggressive. As I said before, if they feel harassed can stop eating.


Released it is known that the male mates with several females, but in captivity it has not been possible reproduction, Currently there are no data to respect.


Pez Murcielago It is not very demanding on the physical-chemical properties of the aquarium, however it is not an easy fish to keep, because of its special character. As it has not yet been possible reproduction in captivity, the specimens we can find for sale, Pure come from their habitat. Transit of life released the aquarium often be difficult, why fish are indicated only for experienced aquarists. We also have to take into account changes so enormous that has this kind, since his state more youthful adulthood for two reasons, It acquired when the size grows, morphological and coloration change.

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El Pez Murcielago

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