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Cardinal fish, Cardinal Tetra

  • Scientific name: Paracheirodon axelrodi
  • Common name: Cardinal fish, Cardinal Tetra
  • Size of the aquarium: 60 liters
  • Temperament: peaceful
  • Temperature: 23ºC a 27ºC
  • pH: four,6 a 7
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Length: 5 cms.


The Cardinal Cardinal Tetra fish or It is a species of fish belonging to the family of the characids, so that is related to the piranhas, although it has much less aggressiveness, and it is also related to the Neon Tetra. This species was discovered and described by Myers and Weitzman in 1.956. Despite the time that has passed since then, remains one of the species of freshwater fish can breed more spectacular than. They are fish of a quick temper, swimmers assets, who like enough space to move. A fun and safe bet for any aquarium.


Pez Cardinal is relatively small, in the aquarium It fails to measure more than five centimeters as an adult. They have a slender, tapered body, with big eyes, eyes that cover much of the space devoted to the head. Their fins are transparent, while its reddish body, comparable al Neon Tetra (with which it is related), but with a more intense and bright red coloration, extending from the ventral part of the fish. Currently already be found Cardinal tetras in gold colors, platinum albino. It is longitudinally crossed a strip of bright bluish green color, and under this strip we appreciate the bright red fish, It is extending from tail to head. It is not easy to distinguish between males and females, except when they are adults. Females of the Cardinal Fish are slightly more rounded and larger than males.

Distribution and habitat

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Its origin is in Brazil, they can be found in the basin of the Black River and its tributaries. Cardinal Tetra can be found also in the Orinoco River, Venezuela, with slightly different morphological. Develop your life in forest streams, with relatively slow flows water, abundant vegetation and substrates covered by fallen branches, roots and leaves. Are waters acid and usually tinged with brown coloration, thanks to the presence of large amount of decaying plant material.

Aquarium conditions

They need a Aquarium between 50 Y 60 liters, where we find them swimming in the intermediate zone. Ideally the aquarium should be densely planted. Plants like thin sheets, that they provide them safe haven, especially during the breeding season. They do not like intense lighting. Water should have the following characteristics:

  • Temperature between 23 ° C and 27 ° C
  • pH between oven,6 Y 7
  • gH 3 a 6 degrees


They are fish with ravenous appetite, what They accept all kinds of food small. In nature they eat all kinds of small invertebrates, crustaceans, algae and fallen fruit from trees. In the aquarium we can try to imitate this power giving it I live food based artemias, mosquito larvae, daphnias, but also it accepts willingly any dry food for tropical fish.

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Behavior and compatibility

Although they are very active swimmers, They are peaceful fish if kept in a small shoal, should be between 8 Y 10 copies. To avoid temptation I can attack other fish, ideally We seek co-related size among different species of characins. It is also often keep the margin corydoras Y cichlids middle-sized.


Playback on a home community aquarium is quite difficult, but not impossible. If you want to try to play in your aquarium Cardinal Tetra, You must follow these instructions:

  • The aquarium should maintain a dim lighting, with abundance of vegetation of thin sheets, As the Java Moss. Cardinal fish usually lay their eggs on leaves.
  • A good idea is cover the bottom of the aquarium with a mesh, that prevents adults can eat eggs.
  • Water conditions: pH between 5,5 Y 6,5, with gH between 1 and 5. The temperature should be maintained between 16 ° C and 22 ° C.
  • To encourage spawning should be a group of about six specimens of each sex.
  • It is necessary to increase the amount of protein they eat, must administer many living foods.
  • Often usually they lay their eggs at midnight, when the illumination is less.
  • When you have finished spawning and males have fertilized eggs, should remove the adult specimens to another aquarium.
  • Hatching occurs past 36 hours, and we fry swimming freely in 3 O 4 days. They do not like light, so the lighting has to be very subdued during the first days.
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El Pez Cardinal

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