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fish Borrachito

  • Scientific name: Hemigrammus rhodostomus
  • Common name: fish Borrachito, Red nose tetra, tetra redheaded, tetra red nose or red tetra.
  • Size of the aquarium: 70 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 24 ° and 27 ° C
  • pH: Between 5,5 Y 7
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Length: 5 cms


The fish borrachito, Hemigrammus rhodostomus, It is a tetra and as such, It belongs to the family of characids. Like most fish belonging to the family of the characids, We are talking about a very quiet fish, suitable for a community tank, in which you can live with a variety of different fish species. In addition to fish Borrachito, It is known by other popular names, how Red nose tetra, tetra redheaded, tetra red nose or red tetra.


The fish Borrachito pou can reach five centimeters in length and like most of the characids, It has an elongated shape. dimorphisms obvious sex are detected, except that females have a body somewhat rounder than males. It is easy to differentiate the fish Borrachito (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) of the other tetras, by its original color. The coloration of your body is pretty typical, silver gray with lighter shades between green and yellow, but his head is deep red coloration (hence the nickname Borrachito), that goes from the snout to the back of the eye. The caudal fin is also quite striking, with black and white horizontal stripes, arranged perpendicularly to the body. Under certain circumstances, as a water too alkaline, They lose much of their color.

Distribution and habitat

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El Hemigrammus rhodostomus It is originally from the Orinoco River basin and the lower Amazon, between Venezuela and Brazil. Usually it found in rivers of sewage, so called because the high concentration of organic materials decomposing. Due, We are facing highly acidic waters. Like calm water, with little or no movement.

Aquarium conditions

To reproduce the authentic biotope of the fish Borrachito, with an aquarium 70 liter is sufficient. The temperature of the water should be maintained between 24º and 27ºC, pH 5.5 a 7. The bottom of the aquarium should consist of a substrate River area, to which we will add branches or pieces of driftwood, even dry leaves. You can also add some peat, although it is recommended to keep it in a bag of crimson, as if we were making an infusion. La thought es generate that atmosphere of sewage, with many decaying material, of the coming. Habitually, in the area where these fish live aquatic plants usually do not have, so it would not be necessary to add any type of plant, unless they are part of the community aquarium. This means, what support different environments, although depending on the conditions of the aquarium, we can see that the color is more or less intense. weekly partial water changes are recommended.


They are omnivorous fish, They will accept almost any food you offer them, but to maintain a better color, is good proportional concept a varied diet. They can be offered live and frozen foods, as well as good quality dry food. The important thing is to note that They are small fish, and a small mouth, the size of the food must be of the right size.

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Behavior and compatibility

It is a very quiet fish, what You will have no problem sharing the aquarium with other fish varieties. It is a variety gregaria, which is best in the company of more copies of their species, so that It is recommended to have a small group, between eight and 10 copies. Ideally they should be mixed with other varieties of fish Hemigrammus (other tetras), cichlids in years, Corydoras and also with small Loricáridos. If the aquarium was large enough, species range could be increased, with small Rasboras, Barbel and Anabantoides.


Borrachito fish reproduction it's possible, following the usual guidelines for other species of characins.

  • Ideally, we need a breeding tank, which must be dimly lit and fine leaf plants, where the fish lay their eggs.
  • The base should be covered with some type of mesh, that prevents adults from reaching the eggs fall to the bottom, to avoid being eaten.
  • The water must be acidic, with a pH between 5.5 Y 6.5, with a temperature in the high range of the ordinary, about 27ºC.
  • We will be at the right time, when females are slightly more rounded and males show more intense colors.
  • In the early stages of his life, the fry are very sensitive to light. The aquarium, It should be kept as dark as possible.
  • The eggs hatch between 24 and the 36 hours from start. The fry swim to 3 or four days.
  • In the first days, you have to feed them infusoria, Suitable foods for fry.
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