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Harlequin fish

  • Scientific name: Trigonostigma Heteromorpha
  • Common name: Harlequin fish, Rasbora heteromorpha
  • Size of the aquarium: one hundred litros
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 21 and 28 ° C
  • pH: Between 5 Y 7.5
  • Diet: Omnivoros
  • Length: 4,5 cms


The Harlequin fish or Rasbora Harlequin, is a freshwater fish and warm belonging to the family of ciprínidos. It is present in aquariums since early 1.900, when the first fish came to the aquarium Arlequín. Its growing popularity, It is due largely to be a fish highly resistant to disease, besides being a very sociable fish, attitude that sharing space with a variety of different species, We could say that It's one of the 10 fish suitable for beginners aquarists. At present we can find different varieties of fish harlequin: harlequin rasbora (coloration dorado), Harlequin harlequin black and blue rasbora rasbora. Different studies have confirmed, the harlequin fish species available for sale, Morphological contain inconsistencies, the result of the cross between different varieties.


Harlequin fish is a really small fish, free does not usually exceed three,2 centimeters, although in captivity can grow more, until the 4,5 centimeters. Its color varies from reddish recurring, pink or orange to, with a black triangle-shaped strip, ranging from the dorsal fin, to the middle of the base of the tail fin. Colors can be altered under different circumstances, as the quality of the water, the health of the fish, even they are depending on your mood and the rutting. They have an oval body, compressed by the side. The mouth of the fish is oriented upward Arlequín, possibly be a fish feed on the surface of the water. Between males and females, There are no big differences, except that adult females are usually rounder and larger than males, thinner and colorful. Another way to distinguish females from males, is that the triangle is sharper and better defined is males, while in females it has a more rounded contour.

Distribution and habitat 🌎

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This species of fish, They are native to southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. It seems that the species caught in southern Thailand, are somewhat smaller and thinner, those from Singapore and the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Its natural habitat is the gentle currents, with an abundance of vegetation. The water tends to be smooth, weakly acidic and low light, due to the great amount of vegetation present, and that these waters tend to belong to rivers with lots of trees.

Aquarium conditions

The size of the aquarium should be about a hundred liters, with a dark substrate or instead and recreate their habitat Pure, It should be placed on a sandy bottom that include wooden roots and branches, forming holes shaded caves, where they can hide. further, You can be added to the dried leaves of beech or oak Aquarium, to give greater sense of naturalness. these leaves, when they begin to decompose, They serve as food for fry. Aquarium lighting should be subdued. The waters that move, They are not very bright and a change of scenery would do them no good. Temperature supreme for water, between 21º and 28ºC, with a pH between 5 Y 7.5.


It is an omnivorous fish, which released it feeds on small insects that fall into the water, worms, crustaceans and zooplankton. In the aquarium, to maintain a balanced diet, we must provide good quality dry food, supplemented with live foods that we can get ourselves, or failing frozen foods, as lombriz, Daphnia y Artemia.

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Behavior and compatibility

We are facing a very quiet species, what He has no problems with any kind of fish, except those who can eat them by size. They are gregarious, so that It is advisable to keep a small fish community Arlequín. Experts recommend having between 8 Y 10 individuals, so we get a more natural effect, males show their best colors, and mainly, get to be calmer, better health. In a community aquarium, they could share space with other ciprínidos, tetras, cichlids small, even with some varieties Betta.


Harlequin is possible to breed fish in an aquarium, provided that the conditions are correct. The first thing to know, It is that this species does not show special care for their eggs, nor for their fry.

  • They reproduce easily in an aquarium well established (fish at the least have one year of life), and where there is adequate vegetation, as eggs normally attach to the bottom of broad leaves.
  • For more control of the process of reproduction of the fish Arlequín, you can install a breeding tank.
  • The aquarium should be conditioned with weak illumination, with a base mesh or comparable type, so that the eggs do not stick to plants and fall to the bottom, do not go to the extent of adult fish, that could eat them.
  • The temperature of the water must be at high end of the situation preferrred, that is, about 28ºC, with a pH between 5 Y 6,5.
  • Previous weeks spawning, must be fed 2 to three times a day with small amounts of food, preferably of animal origin: insects, small crustáceosâ € |
  • We evidence that spawning is close, when the males show more vibrant colors and females appear more voluminous.
  • Spawning usually occurs early in the morning, and it is preceded by a courtship activity of the male, with runs along the aquarium.
  • The female start spawning in small groups, which they are fertilized by the male. Always put a new group, when the former is fertilized.
  • Once spawning is over, it is advisable to remove the adult fish, so that eggs do not eat.
  • Eggs hatch 24 and forty eight hours after. The fry will swim perfectly, a week.


Harlequin fish It is one of the fish suitable for beginners aquarists, so they are easy to handle, compatibility and durability, They can live up to five years. For Better Health, what excellent is trying to play to the maximum habitat Pure and maintain a densely planted aquarium.

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