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▷Pez Arcoíris Del Yamary. Guía De Cuidados, Compatibilidad, Alimentación

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Rainbow Fish of the Yamary

  • Scientific name: Melanotaenia boesemani
  • Common name: Rainbow Fish, Rainbow Fish of the Yamary, Rainbowfish
  • Size of the aquarium: 200 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 24 ° and 26 ° C
  • pH: Between 7 Y 8
  • Diet: Omnivoros
  • Length: 10 cms


Rainbow Fish of the Yamary, Rainbowfish or by its scientific name Melanotaenia boesemani, It is one of the most popular fish of tropical aquariums or Hot water. If we talk about rainbow fish unspecified, we are talking about the Melanotaénidos, Family under which all fish are called rainbow fall. They are very attractive fish, covered with a lot of colors, what They get the attention of all fans to aquariums. The first units to reach aquariums dating 1955, although it is in the decade of the eighty when this species is known worldwide and its popularity begins. Perhaps because of uncontrolled extraction and degradation are their natural habitat, Rainbow Fish of the Yamary is endangered. For those who love aquariums, really it is not a problem and may continue to buy rainbow fish, since supplies to pet shops come from fish farms, mostly located in the East and in the countries of Eastern Europe.


Rainbow Fish of the Yamary, It is a fish of about 10 centimeters long for the male, and ones 8 centimeters for female. Its size reasonably small, you can live in aquariums not too big, It made it easy popularity. They have an elongated body and laterally compressed, flat oval shaped. physiologically They are very symmetrical, naked eye in young dogs, no major differences were observed between the dorsal region of the fish and ventral. It is the adult specimens, when fish are presenting a bulge in the back, that worsens with age. They are fish that They eat live foods on the surface, That is why your mouth has a slight upward tilt, also prevents you from eating foods that are deposited at the bottom of the aquarium.

Rainbow fish coloring of the Yamari

Although all fish family melanotaeniids are rainbow fish, is the Melanotaenia boesemani which really brings a lot of colors on your body: Red, orange, yellow, violet and turquoise, are some of the colors that we see, in different ranges of gradation. The shade of the rainbow male fish, It is brighter and more intense than that of females arcoíris, duller tones. Other sexual dimorphism, is the look you are taking as they become adults. The bulging of the back, It is present only in males, while females keep a body more stylized.

Distribution and habitat

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Fish rainbow of Boeseman, They are located in very few geographical points. Mostly come from Indonesia, in lakes Ajamaru, (Penínsuda de Vogelkop en Irian Jaya) Hain y Aitinjo. You can also find the Yamary rainbow fish in Australia and New Guinea.


The Melanotaenia boesemani like the shallow waters of lakes, where vegetation grows with higher density. Son and alkaline hard water, with pHs in the environment and eight 9, although it is possible to find in some rivers with access to the same lakes, in which the pH moves in the environment 6 a 6.5. In general terms, like clean and clear waters.

Aquarium conditions

For the rainbow fish in perfect condition, The aquarium should recreate as closely as possible, habitat conditions and authentic. In that sense, as are fish that live in places with lots of greenery, The aquarium should have a lot of plants and space for fish to swim freely, as they are very active swimmers. Plants should be chosen, taking into account the alkaline conditions, and slightly hard who prefer fish rainbow. The pH of the water should be maintained between 7 Y 8, with a temperature between 24º and 26ºC. The aquarium should be between one hundred and 200 liters of water, and possess good filtration, which will encourage males to realize their colorful. It is advised that the bottom of the aquarium has dark background, so that the colors of Rainbow Fish of Boeseman.


It is an omnivorous fish without much trouble feeding, It is a great devourer. He can offer all kinds of dry food, frozen and alive. Importantly a feed common, varied and balanced, resulting in increased brightness and intensity of the colors of Rainbow Fish. In this regard, and for increased health of the fish, commercial food should be mixed in the form of flakes or pellets, with other living foods, as insects or worms. A good choice, it is Add frozen foods, small shrimp and prawns. Food has to be done in several doses throughout the day, trying not to use too much food and remaining on the surface, where it is easier for them to catch, if it falls to the bottom they will not be able to eat it.

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Behavior and compatibility

We are facing very calm fish, without any problem within a community aquarium, although they are quite active, so they might annoy others much slower fish. They share space seamlessly with other rainbowfishes, Danios, barbel and coridoras, with which they come into conflict not for the space of the aquarium. They are gregarious, so that It is convenient to have several copies of the same species in the aquarium, It is recommended to be between 6 Y 8, but it is obvious that depend on the size of the aquarium. In the company of others of the same species, They will be shown less skittish and also, males display their brightest colors.


Although they are relatively easy to breed fish, the preferrred to succeed in its reproduction, It is to use a breeding tank. The breeding tank should be equipped with alkaline water, slightly hard and with a pH in the environment 7.5, in which the temperature is in the high range of their needs. Must choosing a partner for the aquarium, choose what is excellent to see more plump female and the male with the most vivid colors. To encourage spawning, usually it works very well increase the temperature of the water. Spawning begins, when the pair swim together after a small ritual approach female to male. On a certain moment, and they are separated abruptly when spawning occurs, the male fail to fertilize. When spawning begins, usually it lasts for several weeks, in which female spawns every day, some eggs attached by a small thread, they just stuck to the plants or rocks in the aquarium. The eggs hatch in 7 and the 12 days after commissioning. Once fry free swimming, It is necessary to feed them with appropriate products. They grow very slowly.


The rainbow fish, show their most attractive and vibrant colors as adults. You may get to a pet store and you feel a little disappointed by the fish you are going to find there, since they are not as attractive as those you see in these photos. With a little patience (are adults to 12 months) and good nutrition, You get to have some very attractive and healthy fish.

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