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Best logs Aquarium

In the world of aquariums, It is necessary to know many guidelines for proper decoration, and when we talk about Aquarium logs. Wood logs or aquarium are an excellent choice when it comes to decorating your fish tank, because they provide a unique and natural style, which it causes a synthetic embellishment can not exceed one Pure aesthetics. These structures play a key role in aquariums since They serve as a basis, giving a touch of resistance due to a natural element. further, these wooden structures They create a lot of hiding places and crannies, which will give your fish an atmosphere as if they were in their natural habitat. It is clear that the logs make your fish tank looks impressively, but, aesthetics is not as important when it comes to logs for the aquarium, too, we must keep in mind that not all of these woods are suitable for all aquariums, as some can modify the water structure, or simply damage. Therefore, you go with so you know what you should consider before purchasing one of these logs.

Trunks and roots recommended for aquarium

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Mangrove Root

à ?? root tree wood trim mangroves Fish Tank Aquarium Decoration

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Manzanita wood

SimpleLife Driftwood Tree Trunk Wood Natural Plant Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration Ornament L

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Mangrove wood

TM Aquatix Mangrove - Aquarium Wood (1 piece) - Root size 20 – 30 cm (madera de riego iWAGUMIAQUASCAPING BOGW)

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Mopani Root

Europet Bernina 234 – 421147 Decoration Aquarium Aqua Della Mopani Wood -5

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Wood Azalea

Aquarium Decoration Flamingo Azalea roots 21 x 12 x 23 cm

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Considerations for choosing a wood for the aquarium

Any Pure element is put into the aquarium, as are the rocks, the arena or wood, They have the ability to alter the chemical composition of the water, therefore It is important to know their physical characteristics. The following points, You find out that you should consider before introducing any type of logs for the aquarium.

Wood Hardness

The first thing to consider is if the wood is hard enough for a high resistance to putrefaction, because if you do not have one, eventually it will be affected and may even break or fall apart, and this would result in irregular situations in the aquarium and the fish.

State (green or dry)

It is necessary that the wood is in good condition because a wooden trunk untreated, I can introduce unwanted organisms in the aquarium.


Every element that is introduced into the aquarium, It must have been subjected to a treatment. The same applies to wood, since this will be exposed to an environment where there are living beings. Thus, the first thing we do is immersing the logs in a bucket of water, to which you must add anti-chlorine products and a dash of bleach, indicated for disinfecting water. Then, you should remove water from time to time and cleaned by hand the organic material. This process should be repeated in 2 to three times to ensure that he has made effective cleaning and disinfection. After, will draw wood bucket with water and dry them for about a week, as we need to be sure that all traces of bleach evaporate.

Wood types

Wood is a good choice when it comes to decoration for your aquarium, but this is divided into two. The choice depends on the style that each person wants to print to your aquarium, these are:


It is is a structure supporting several branches. This is a great choice when we decorate our aquarium, taking into account the hardness, You can find different types logs, I list below.


It is part of trees or shrubs that remain underground. This choice also gives aesthetic and style to your aquarium, provided they receive proper maintenance. Similarly, You can find a number of varieties and types of these roots in the following list.

Woods selling aquarium

Trunks treatment for Aquarius

To have a perfect aquarium, it is necessary that the logs are submerged in having a correct treatment, so that no side effects occur and the aquarium to be exposed to substances that They could damage the water or sick fish, therefore, You must follow these guidelines:


Once we have selected our trunks, We must remove all the soft parts of the trunk, like bark, since these may rot in water. This process is Very Important. In addition to this process, We must be sanded and eliminate more pointy parts, to prevent damage when fish can swim trunks near.


This stage is considered by some as an exaggeration ariófilos, the fact is that I do not think alike. I consider that It is necessary to disinfect all types of logs for the aquarium, in order to avoid any further problems. For disinfection of wood, trunks must be immersed in water for a period of time to range from 24 a 48 hours, with a solution to the 1 O 2 percent chlorine.


This is one of the most important steps, and hence, you must be very aware. The most efficient way to perform this process, it is immersing the trunk for several months, making this is losing its buoyancy. Too, I recommend changing the water 10 a 15 days, as water tends to rot by organic matter or other elements. You need to perform this step to keep the water fresh and free from putrefaction.

Varieties of logs for the aquarium

There are a wide range in wood logs for the aquarium, to look beyond belief with attractive style at all times. Here I'll show you each, you have to consider the description of each of the options available in the market, and choose the one that best suits you.


This is a wood a little dark, perfect for decoration and large buildings, They are vast. You can find it at a good price at any store online, It is a good choice when it comes to making large aquariums.

Troncos State

Exclusive for fresh water, Negara trunks have a feature that makes it impressive is that they need a healing process, as, for being so exposed to the weather it acts as a natural cure.

Olive tree trunk

The trunk of olive wood It is one of the best choices for decorating your aquarium. Gnarled are rounded and are very resistant to rot. This could be considered as one of the most aesthetic branches for decoration of any aquarium.

Wood Horn, Horn Wood

At present It is very fashionable and has a wide variety of sizes, textures and shapes, that give a touch rebellious to an aquarium. Woods horn should be well maintained before diving into the water from the aquarium, as you can free tannins during the first weeks.

Madera Driftwood, manzanita wood

Usually they found in large, It has a dark brown with touch of red, creates attractive visual effects. If you find manzanita wood small, considéprice lucky.

Malasyan Driftwoor, Malaysian timber

It's almost the same as the one you talked about earlier, everything is more present in large size and its description is being similar to manzanita wood.

Wood azalea, azalea Driftwood

These, have deployed numerous thin stems, making this one of the most aesthetic for the aquarium you want to decorate. The thick branches are stronger than fine, ideal for large and small aquariums.

Different varieties of roots aquarium

In the world of aquarium decoration you can find several varieties of roots that will give you a spectacular view of your fish tank. These are the easiest to find for sale:

Mopani Root

these roots thick and are knotted, but if you combine well, You can manage to have an aquarium attractive thanks to its attractive structure. Roots Mopani They are brown and will darken over time, giving a good combination between the leaves of plants aquarium and water.

Root Vid

Vid root for aquarium It is considered a good option since many are already treated at a lower cost. They have a very attractive very peculiar way that makes for decoration Aquifer. What we call root Vid is actually the strain of the Vine, after subjecting it to a good cleaning.

red root, root moor

This is considered one of the most popular and best-selling aquarium. Small and large branches have certain ramifications, which they create amazing shapes and have the advantage of not stain much water.

Mangrove roots

This type of root is one of the best choices when decorating your aquarium, as They have structures, which form, bring much style to the aquarium. Roots Mangrove swamp They give it a dark color to the water, only benefits certain styles of aquariums. Now that we all know for the selection of logs for the aquarium, Your part is to see how it look like your fish tank so you can choose the best of Cheer decorations to make a great design, ¡¡Lánzate of Aquascaping!!

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