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Best fish Parideras

The parideras fish They are the next leap in your evolution in acuariofilia. At the beginning when you settle you start to look a few fish and you will not die. But later, when you discover that you are able to keep your pets without you die, MASA want € |want more fish and the most beautiful way and also economic, is raised parts. Farrowing fish are needed especially with viviparous fish varieties, as the famous guppies, Molly O Platys, easiest fish to breed and more attractive to a tropical aquarium.

Comparison, parideras best fish 2020


8 cms x 7 cms x 11 cms

20 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms

20,5 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms

20 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms

27,2 cms x 14,7 cms x 14,5 cms


8 cms x 7 cms x 11 cms

updated analysis


20 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms

updated analysis


20,5 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms

updated analysis


20 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms

updated analysis


27,2 cms x 14,7 cms x 14,5 cms

updated analysis

Best fish parideras

there are very parideras good fish for sale, Breeding can find aquariums from a 10 € (even less) which amply fulfilled its purpose, prevent adults from eating eggs and the fry newborns. If you ask me the best fish paridera, I hope this guide-tutorial will serve to find the one that will come in handy for your aquarium. Among the many there are for sale, I've been looking for those with a Best value:

incubator Ueetek

The incubator Ueetek It is a floating paridera which it is designed to stay within the aquarium, receiving water and the temperature of the aquarium is installed where. It is the simplest paridera aquariums market. Basically fulfills its function, isolate adult and females are laying eggs, preventing access to eggs and those can eat.

Technical characteristics of the Ueetek paridera

  • It is made of high strength plastic
  • It has two compartments, one upper and one lower to isolate eggs and fry
  • Size: 8 cms x 7 cms x 11 cms
incubator Ueetek

  • Box breeder fish tank breeding incubator isolation box aquarium accessory.
  • Fish Breeding ,Aquarium fish breeder breeding isolation box incubator breeder.
  • The improved design and side vents allow optimal water flow.
  • Avoid the fish drinks from the attack of adult fish and improve the survival rate of baby fish.

Paridera Trixie

In this case we talked about a much more complex and paridera It allows more choices, ideally suited if you have an aquarium with many varieties of fish, or with several females that may be about to spawn at a time. A the same as above is a floating paridera, designed to be installed within the community aquarium, without worrying much about the quality of water, as we can easily clean or exchange water in the aquarium to paridera.

Trixie features paridera

  • floating paridera, which takes advantage of water from the aquarium
  • It can be divided into five separate compartments, so you can have up to three fish: two females laying eggs and a third copy. It is highly recommended, but it is possible.
  • Size: 20 cm long x 10 cm high x 10 centimeters deep
Paridera Trixie

  • Suitable for fish spawning and viviparous
  • For spawning and rearing of young fish in the aquarium
  • Versatile for your system 5 cameras

Aquarium paridera Nanolife Zolux

A floating paridera more, with 5 Distribution optionsâ € |que seem to me many, but under some circumstances it may be necessary. Separations can be made between adults, eggs and fry, so you do not have access and are able to eat. It is easy to install, as suspend it to the edge of the aquarium is sufficient.

Technical characteristics

  • Paridera five different distribution options
  • It is a floating paridera, which is mounted inside the aquarium
  • Measurements: 20,5 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms
Paridera Zolux Nanolife

  • nest poissonisoloir para para poissonalevin

Hatchery Aquarium Nicepets

According to the manufacturer is a farrowing specially designed for breeding guppies, I personally think it applies to any fish viviparous. It is very basic, but I think it's a good choice as, clearly maintains the division between the top of the paridera, where they should be females, and the bottom for eggs and fry. It is only divisible into three compartments, two to have two separate adult and the third, for fry.

Features of the aquarium hatchery Nicepets

  • It is a floating paridera, intended to be introduced into the aquarium
  • You can create three independent spaces
  • It can be dismantled and folded
  • Size: 20 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms
cattery Nicepets

  • It allows different females calve ( guppies, Molly, and so on ), Bettas separados, or isolate any aggressive fish or sick, which runs from entering…
  • Compact design safe, and very easy montaje.Tamaño reduced to cualquir excellent aquarium.
  • Perfect for all types of fish and aquariums whether cold water or warm, sweet, marine or salted, etc
  • It can be used for fish pregnant women will give birth and to preserve the young, to raise fingerlings, to treat sick fish, to isolate fish…

Marina outer box breeding

This is the only external paridera my selection, besides breeding aquarium, and It can be used as an aquarium isolation and acclimatization, since it has about two liters and allows the flow of water from the aquarium. The only drawback is that It takes a air pump, which allows the movement of water between the aquarium and the paridera.

Features Marina paridera

  • Paridera externa, designed to hang on the side of the aquarium
  • It allows three separations, to maintain three separate adult fish
  • Measurements: 27,2 cms x 14,7 cms x 14,5 cms
Paridera Marina

  • Designed for breeding, isolation and acclimatization of fish or shrimp
  • Marina Fund Raising, 2 L
  • Fish product

ÀWhat it is a farrowing?

When das is jumping and want to spend to care for fish to breed fish, you start to wonder creating Guppys the Platys. In general all the fish Family poeciliids, which they are the easiest to breed in the aquarium. Ya € |necesitas a Paridera: a micro transparent plastic aquarium paridera, Multipack. Farrowing usually they are designed to be placed next to the aquarium, hanging from the side (Paridera externa) or within the aquarium (floating paridera), so it is not necessary to acclimate water or debug, since it is the same as that of the tank itself. Sometimes parideras have the option to separate two adult, so that can be observed without touching. You can have two females at once, or a male and a hembraâ € |and so forth.

What these parideras

In the exciting world of raising poeciliids, soon discover that one of the biggest obstacles to success is not getting females become pregnant, because they are very prolific fish, the hardest part is to avoid that adults eat hatchlings.

  • The aquarium paridera, are specially designed so that when the female lays her eggs, these end up in the bottom of the aquarium.
  • The eggs are separated from adults with a mesh to separate the aquarium, so they can not access them to eat them.
  • Some fans also use parideras as auxiliary quarantine aquarium. I do not recommend, as they are often very small spaces that can cause a lot of stress to fish.
  • For females to be a day or dosa € |vale, but little else. They are an aquarium fish to isolate conflicting, or quarantined.
  • Nor are an aquarium for guppies or Bettas, They are what DREAMING € |acuarios breeding.

Frequently Asked Questions about parideras

There are many questions that fans are made with parideras. Do not forget that if it is difficult to have fish inside an aquarium under controlled conditions, put them in a small space, You can generate more conflict situations.

I have to look away ¿Cuándo female inside the farrowing?

A farrowing is for that, advice. What is best cause less stress to the fish, and introduce them into a small space for a long time, they cause serious health problems. Well used farrowing crates are great, but if we use them badly, They are an element of torture. The female should only be a day or two in the farrowing, and if posibleâ € |menos. I know it's complicated, some clues that will help:

  • When the female is about spawning will be very thick.
  • If we talk about Guppys, gravid spot having female after year will reddish color.
  • Males seems that in the moments before birth, They take much interest in the female. That's another track.

When spawning occurring, We return the female to the community aquarium.

¿Cuánto time the fry must be within the paridera?

There is no exact deadline for having the fry within the paridera. It is splendid and remove them when fed the same food fish aquarium, and they have acquired sufficient size so that will not eat. This may be a few semanasâ € |

Cleaning the farrowing

A problem that can arise is us Cleaning the remains of food and excrement of paridera, either floating or external. When it comes to a floating paridera we have it easy, to raise some lambing, of water inside (his remains) will end up in the aquarium and water is renewed within one, through grids own paridera. If we talk about external parideras, we have to do with a model that allows the flow of water from the aquarium, How is it the Paridera Marina, In this way the water is constantly kept clean.

¿Se can avoid installing parideras?

And, You can raise guppies and other fish without having parideras. The best solution would be to divide the current aquarium, O use a nano aquarium as paridera aquarium. Obviously these options are more expensive and complicated. It is another option that is let the female spawning within the community aquarium, to which we will have added increasing amounts of shelter spaces, like rocks or logs, where the fry can survive. We must not be very smart to know what will be the closing result. If the farrowing we get a very high percentage of fish fry become, even adults, keeping the eggs inside the aquarium this number will be reduced drastically.

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