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Best aquarium Led Screens

What Aquarium LED screens are the best in the market?

The LED screens aquarium, have replaced much of the different types of aquarium lights, how are the fluorescent tubes and halides. There are compelling reasons for the trends are changing, The first is energy consumption. LEDA lighting aquarium is much more energy efficient, with spending less per lumen, than any other aquarium lamp. Secondly we durability, which it is also higher in LED bulbs. And last but not least, the LED lights for freshwater aquariums or marine, give off much less heat, avoiding having to dip chiller to maintain the temperature of the aquarium during the summer. As there are a variety, I selected what I consider are the best aquarium LED screens who they are now on sale.

Compare best LED screens Aquarium 2020

Led screen

Top Value!

More complete

850 lm

640 lm

1050 lm

1200 lm

3500 lm

For aquariums…
45 cms a fifty five cms

50 cms a 70 cms

54 cms a eighty two cms

95 cms a a hundred and fifteen cms

60 cms a eighty cms

Night lighting / other modes


Led screen

850 lm

For aquariums…
45 cms a 55 cms

Night lighting / other modes

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Led screen

640 lm

For aquariums…
50 cms a 70 cms

Night lighting / other modes

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Top Value!

Led screen

1050 lm

For aquariums…
54 cms a 82 cms

Night lighting / other modes

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Led screen

1200 lm

For aquariums…
95 cms a 115 cms

Night lighting / other modes

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More complete

Led screen

3500 lm

For aquariums…
60 cms a eighty cms

Night lighting / other modes

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What led screens buy? Best Value Aquarium LED screens

ClassicLED PLUSÃ screen,

The Plus screen ClassicLED NicrewÃ, aluminum color, not only it offers diseà± or very attractive and compact, also fulfills its basic function: perfectly illuminate an intensely planted with a lot of fish aquarium. Is about LED screen extensible, which by its tamaà ± or It can be installed in aquariums from forty five to 55 centimeters long. The amount of light that offers, it is perfect for an aquarium of about forty liters, but always it depends on factors such as type and quantity of plants. It has two lighting modes, day and night, a combination of white LED bulbs, blue, rojas, purple and green. For security do not have to worry, IP67 compliant, a product totally resistant splash water you can receive. Your fish will be safe.

Technical specifications of the ClassicLED PLUS screen Nicrew

  • It has a system that allows different tamaà adaptable ± os aquarium
  • Diseño authentic, what It is perfect in a modern aquarium
  • his aluminum housing resists oxidation produced by moisture and sea water, perfect for a marine aquarium
  • Carries 30 LED bulbs, so that seems completely natural light. Simulates the spectrum of sunlight
  • For aquariums from 45 cms a fifty five cms de largo
  • 850 lumens, for an aquarium of about 40 liters. Depending on the hours of operation and requirements of our aquarium.
  • Thirteen watts consumption
  • Temperatura del shade 7500K

Reviews buyers screens LED lighting Nicrew ClassicLED

I feel quite satisfied with the purchase, shines very good and the price is very good in relation to quality. It is a success that has switch. In general terms, I'm really happy with this LED screen.

Pantalla ClassicLED

Following screens Nicrew, one of the LED lamps for peceras Most sold, I suggest the model ClassicLED, all probability, LED display with better value than getting. This screen does not offer much spectrum lighting as above, have seventy two LED bulbs planted aquarium, of which 60 They are white lights and 12 blue: night or daytime lighting. The support on which are mounted bulbs is stainless steel, that best supports exposure to moisture from the aquarium. The screen It has a length of fifty three cm, extensible hasta eighty three cm, with a power of 11W. You have other lengths available, It can be used as a display LED aquarium hundred and fifty cm.

Technical specifications of the screen ClassicLED

  • Extensible, allows use in aquariums 50 a 70 centimeters
  • Two modes of use, for lighting day and night
  • Low consumption
  • Diseà± or adapts easily to all kinds of aquariums
  • 640 lumens
  • 60 white LED bulbs and 12 blue
  • Consumption: Eleven watts
  • Made of stainless steel

Reviews buyers of LED lighting for aquariums Nicrew ClassicLED

I purchased this light for aquarium, to replace my old fluorescent tubes. The truth is I did a little tinkering on the LED display aquarium, so that it would fit well in my tank required. The result has been excellent, It has left me a perfect lighting system.

Dadypet LED screen with remote management

It serves, Whether you need lighting for a freshwater aquarium, as if you are looking for a LED lamps for marine aquariums. The screen has 60 LED bulbs (according tamaà ± or screen), in different colors: white, blue, rojas, verdes, orange allowed through the remote control, different combinations to achieve strobe light, molten, flash, lisa a complete 36 possibilities of different colors. With this combination of colors, it does not matter if you have a marine aquarium, the searches LED bulbs planted aquarium, You can adjust the lighting to your needs. It is manufactured robustly, with high quality plastic and an aluminum alloy stainless steel for extension supports, in order to perfectly hold their own moisture of an aquarium.

Technical specifications of the Dadypet screen with remote control

  • Wide range of light spectrum, Blue LED bulbs, White, Red, verde, orange
  • four remote control modes, with different light intensities, to recreate the light of dawn, sunset, noon
  • Energy saving
  • Adaptable, para acuarios de fifty four cms a eighty two cms de largo
  • Brightness intensity, 1050 lumens. Ultimate for aquariums up to about eighty liters
  • 60 LED bulbs, with different shades
  • Remote management operation by
  • Aluminum housing
  • Consumption: 13 watt

Reviews buyers aquarium lamp Dadypet

I was pleasantly surprised, since the installation was very simple, I am expecting something more complicated. The lighting is very good, almost you have too many choices (for me) and I wish I had something simple: day and night. as guidance, I have an aquarium of a hundred and eighty liters and intensity is perfect.

Pantalla LED Simbr

Simbr diseàthe screen is ± ada to suit aquariums from 95 cm y one hundred fifteen cm de largo, thanks to its telescopic rods. Various 144 white and blue LED bulbs, with two lighting modes: day and night. Light all day, Blue night only. Its intensity is 1.200 lumens, which we would give us that we can install in an aquarium between 60 and eighty liters, depending on the amount of light you need our aquarium (plants, fishes ). Despite the amount and intensity of light bulbs, consumption remains fairly low. As materials, It is made of plastic materials, highly moisture resistant, with stainless steel rods.

Technical specifications LED screen Simbr

  • Adaptable for aquariums from ninety five inches and one hundred fifteen cm long, thanks to its telescopic rod
  • evidently, easy to install
  • Two lighting modes, daytime (whiter light) and night (blue light)
  • Diseà± or compact and attractive, integrable in many aquariums
  • 1200 lumens, for aquariums from 60 and eighty liters
  • Various 144 LED bulbs, a hundred and twenty blancas y 24 blue
  • Consumption 25 watt
  • It is made of plastic

Reviews buyers LED display Simbr

All perfect. Although my aquarium has a lid, to use the LED display, I've done a apaà± or a picture hangers and me has been great. Lighting is more than good, weighs very little and my aquarium a hundred and twenty liters is perfect. There is a good quality price relation.

LED display aquarium Roleandro

If you want something special and spectacular for your aquarium, certainly the Roleandro screen is what you wanted. I think the most spectacular is not your diseà± or, passing quite unnoticed, it really special on this screen is the number of features it has and 'Can be controlled from the mobile!! You can be in the office and through a WIFI, decide how you will illuminate your aquarium, adjusting brightness and color of light: White, blue and different shades of blue, moon and ocean. Although it is specially designed for a marine aquarium, by different shades of blue light, It can be used perfectly as an LED display for freshwater aquarium.

Technical specifications LED screen wifi Roleandro

  • 7 different light spectra, valid for marine aquarium, with coral, fishes, planted
  • Various settings brightness of light, since 0 a a hundredpercent
  • White light, blue, day, green and UV, to sterilize water
  • 4 control modes: handbook, automatic, timer and remote via WiFi, with mobile phone.
  • Until 3500 lumens, allowing use in aquariums around 180 liters
  • By tamaà ± or wide, It can be used in aquariums up 80 centimeters long
  • Monta five LED bulbs 3w fifty each, with different colors to create the 7 possible ways
  • Consumption: 90 a a hundred sixty five vatios

Reviews buyers aquarium LED display Roleandro

The screen is fantastic, You can not define otherwise. It has a light sequence prepared, but I chose to create a custom, with different percentages of blue light, for my aquarium with coral. I am delighted.
You are looking for a cheaper option?


The pantalla LED Nicrew ADP, It is perfect for all kinds of aquariums, whether freshwater or marine. It provides white illumination, blue or a combination of both, so you can choose lighting that best fits your aquarium. Depending on the model, It is also possible to adjust the light intensity and brightness. It is available in different tamaà ± os, to suit all kinds of aquariums:

Manufacturing is aluminum, moisture resistant and with a diseà± or modern that fits any type of aquarium.

LED light for the aquarium

LED aquarium displays are an excellent alternative to illuminate the aquarium. This technology has demonstrated tremendous value, highlighting above types of conventional lighting. I believe that the main advantages of LED lighting screens, son:

  • They have better energy efficiency, which results in a cost savings long-term.
  • Remember that LEDs do not generate heat in the aquarium.
  • LED aquarium displays usually have better aesthetics.
  • They are very easy to use and assemble in the aquarium.
  • It is a technology with better and wider spectrum of light.

LED lamps for aquariums or aquarium led screens

Many people are torn between placing screens led aquarium, or opt for the conventional method of placing LED lamps. LED lamps I do not mean LED bulbs, they usually incorporate several points led, but to place a screen or a lamp as you put on your bedroom nightstand. The advantage that screens off the lights, is that the light is distributed more uniformly over the surface of the aquarium. Lamps lighting focused much. On the other hand, These screens led aquarium usually mounted mechanisms, As the intensity control, lighting day or night, types of lights, etc. Details that tend not mount LED lamps.

LED lighting types according to biotope aquarium

We all want buy the best product possible, at the least price, Logic is not?: Good, pretty and cheap. Nevertheless, When we talk about products such as LED screens aquarium, we must bear in mind that It is necessary to know the type of aquarium we have. So, each aquarium will have a lighting needs (lumens) different. From there, There are several LED screens, I consider of great quality and I consider are the best you can buy.

LED display for planted aquarium

When we are installing a new lighting using LED screens, usually assail doubt If you are placing the lighting it is adequate or not. The amount of lumens required in an aquarium will depend on several factors, as they are the amount of fish and plants that have included.

Aquarium with low light requirements, Low-Tech

A low lighting requirements are some 20 lumens per liter. Are aquariums with plants with low requirements, how the Anubias or the Java Fern. The fish population is also low, for example, some 10 parts of four centimeters each 100 liters of water (Make your calculations). Nor they have alternative sources CO2, only providing plants, so that plant growth is not triggered.

Aquaria with high light requirements, Hight Tech

They need an LED display capable of providing 50 lumens per liter. Consume lots of resources and not just lighting. They are densely planted, with species that require aà ± add CO2, fertilizer and constant monitoring of the quality parameters of the water. usually they use ground cover plants, red plants, some robust porte In between the two options we have acuarios Medium-Tech, they need a light requirement for a 50 lumens per liter. For training plants are used lighting needs medium to low. No need aà ± add CO2, but depending on the plants it may be desirable.

Marine Aquarium LED display

To choose a good LED display for marine aquarium, you should know that They must have a certain power and be able to provide the light spectrum suitable for corals and marine fish. LEDs for marine aquarium must have enough power to feed the zooxanthellae of marine animals. In practice we must rule out any LED screen with less than 3W. Certifies that can operate at a voltage and higher amperage those 3W. further, marine aquariums need actinic light, present in marine ecosystems and coral need to survive. Most corals are photosynthetic, because they possess symbiotic algae that generate most of their nutrients, and of course, They need light to survive.

How to choose the best screen LED aquarium

If you already decided to buy a good LED display for your aquarium, then you should know that criterion used, to choose from the wide variety of screen market. Must take into account that involve a greater outlay of money than other methods of lighting aquarium, so that, you have to know how to choose well. You should not spend your money on something that may not be what you need, or you do not have the quality you want. Given the above discussion, these are the points you have to check before buying a screen:

What tamaà ± or LED display suits me?: Tamaà ± or aquarium

Must take into account aquarium LED screens that they must emit a certain amount of lumens per liter of water. Lumina is the measure used to measure the light intensity of the LED screens. The average range in this case round between the 15 Y 20 lumens per liter. Thus, You need to know the measures of the aquarium (width, length and depth) for calculate water capacity of the same.

Type of plant

Very import this aspect. Consider that the aquatic plants They require a certain light intensity, to perform photosynthesis. There are certain aquatic plants that require more light than others. As a guide, Here are some aquarium plants well known, with the intensity of light they need:

  • Low light intensity: the cyptocorine, the Vesicularia, anubias, bacopa, echinodorus y nymphoides.
  • Medium intensity light: ceratophylum, hygrophila, Sgitria, Phil, hydrocotyle, salvinia, egeria and pistia.
  • High light intensity: alternathera, The nymphs, piluaria y la lilaeopsis.

Based on the type of plants, LED displays that give the amount of light that each case merits are chosen.

Intensity and spectrum of light

They are two extremely important criteria. Thus, it is necessary to leave clear:

  • Intensity: It shall mean intensity to the amount of luminous flux emitted. This intensity is measured in lumens, It is one as indicated in the aquarium lamps.
  • Spectrum: It is the wavelength of light. Aquatic plants need two to ¢ â,¬â "¢ â,¬Â Paresa ??, these being of 380-450 nanometers (violet area and blue light spectrum needed for green plants with chlorophyll) and the 650-750 nanometers (orange-red zone of the light spectrum, Reddish used by plants using carotenoids).

With the above said, already you have a criterion for choose the shade and the spectrum of sound Led display aquarium.

Functions and control modes

It is ideally suited for LED screens are highly automated aquarium. You can configure them to simulate hours of light and night. further, if they use a large voltage then they need a cooling system. Sometimes, This system is with fans, although there are also the water itself of the aquarium. Good screens of this type They must be easy to use and install in the aquarium.

Ventilation and waterproof

It has to do with the above. Ventilation is required for cooling. The components of these screens need to aerate, if they are highly compressed usually reheated. They are usually placed fans to avoid the latter. On certain occasions (depending on the diseà± or aquarium) happens that aquarium LED screens are placed inside the tank, or very near the water. Obviously, in these cases they should be isolated from water to avoid creating electronic short.

LED displays aquarium Are easy to assemble?

Finally, I pointed a practical approach to make the final decision. LED screens should be placed easily aquariums. In certain cases, must be installing or removing for maintenance. Thus, They should be easy to locate, as well as out of the aquarium at certain times. Ergonomics plays an important role. further, not recommended you have complex electrical systems. It's best to be simple, that they do not require too many technicalities at the time of being placed in an aquarium.


We must be very attentive to the characteristics of each aquarium explicit. Do not be put off only by the diseà± o options allowing particular screen. Look not only price, because if you buy a screen that does not meet the needs of your aquarium, You've thrown your money. Each aquarium is different in terms of tamaà ± or, fish and plant species. All this influences the type LED screen to choose!

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