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Best Jerseys For Dogs

What it is the jersey for most beautiful and original dogs of the market?

Jerseys for dogs, along with good dog coat and a oilskin, They are the basic garments wardrobe that any canine pet should have. The advantage is that dog jerseys They are very comfortable and practical, ideal to carry at all times, both to be home to a walk down the street, provided that no rain, Clear. If you want this winter your dog does not get cold, You must make with any of the best jersey for dogs We presented here. You will find that the diseà± o and size are not a problem. There are jerseys for dogs pequeà ± os, medium and large, with all kinds of materials, lana, crochet point, diaper, roma

What sweaters for dogs buy? Best Value jersey dog

Jerseys for dogs pequeà ± os

Both puppies and the dogs pequeà ± os are very sensitive to the cold of winter, It is therefore important that you protect them from the cold using warm clothes. Indoors as comfortable is to use a sweater for dogs pequeà ± os, knitted or wool, depending on your tastes and your pet. Are also some clothing for very comfortable dog, when salts walk first or late maà± ana, when it gets colder.

Original and beautiful wool sweater for large dogs

some dogs, especially the older ones also have problems common body temperature. older dogs and short-haired breeds, They need an additional protection against cold. A good example is the jerseys for greyhounds, a race of short hair and also it has a very special body structure. Do not forget that you also have Christmas sweaters for dogs, ideal for cherishing them at this time so seà ± you winged.

Types and models of jerseys for dogs

Variety, types and models of jerseys for dogs It is so broad, as existing for anyone. And they are also subject to fashion can check that this aà ± or wool jersey takes dog, with prints and valances, but they are less classic jerseys eights. Fashion is always the swan neck. The hooded jerseys They come and go, there is always some diseà± ador of clothes for dogs which keeps some in his collection, as they are very warm and protect them from the cold and ears of the dog.

How to choose a sweater for dogs

When choosing a jersey for dogs, You must consider several details that I consider important to avoid mistakes:

Size of jersey

The Carvings on Clothes They are not too relevant, what is really important are measures. Each jersey has its own sizing, so you know that you must ask. The most important steps you should take son:

  • Contour of the neck
  • Long whole of the dog, from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail
  • Contour chest

With these measures, and you can decide which size your dog needs jersey.

materials: wool sweaters or dog

The basic materials for making jerseys for dogs are wool and point. The wool jersey dog ​​is the most calentito, indicated especially to go for walks when it's cold, but no rain. Nevertheless, the point is somewhat lighter, for days when not so cold or pets who already have enough hair.


This is a relevant point, you must take into account buying or before washing the jersey of your pet. While wool should be hand washed, any synthetic jersey machine washable without problem, even it is dryable. If we have not taken the precaution of examining the material the jersey before buy, be aware follow the washing instructions, not to take any surprise that your dog sweater will shrink.

Diseño: beautiful and original jerseys

Our dog is safe that fashion does not care, given the same if the jersey is red or blue, is a corchet jersey for dogs or point bee. But obviously it is splendid Choose beautiful and original jerseys. They are usually better made than others, because when someone bothers to diseà± ar a garment for dogs, also often acompaà± arla with materials according to the quality of the diseà± or.

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