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Best Cages for lovebirds

What it is the best cage for lovebirds of the market?

The cages for lovebirds They must have specific conditions, adapted to the behavior of this bird, to which He likes to fly, I climb aided by his beak and jumps to pequeà ± os. Not just any bird cage. Lovebirds are some birds that are about 15 centimeters high, and they have a lifestyle completely different from other more common, like canaries, finches or parakeets. One of the reasons why lovebirds have become so popular a bird, is that They are very sociable and can spend part of the time at home soil. Even in those situations, we must remember that most of the time will be spent in the cage, so it is important to choose a suitable cage. To help you make the best decision, We have analyzed and selected the best cages for lovebirds. Use our comparison of cages and find the one that best suits your needs.

Comparison of the best cage for lovebirds 2020

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62.5 x 39.5 x fifty three cm

71,7 x 45,7 x 45,7 cm

52 cm x seventy nine cm x 131 cm

46 x 35,three x one hundred fifty,6 cm

53 x fifty eight x a hundred and fifty cm

Top Value!


62.5 x 39.5 x fifty three cm

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71,7 x 45,7 x 45,7 cm

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52 cm x 79 cm x 131 cm

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46 x 35,three x one hundred fifty,6 cm

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53 x 58 x 150 cm

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What cage inseparable buy? Best Value lovebird cage

Vision cage inseparable

The cages inseparable Imaginative and prescient promise that your lovebird will be in perfect condition, thanks to its good tamaà ± or, certified by independent veterinarians and the Research Institute Avicultural Hagen (DAY). Your lovebird be happy, but you too. The cages Vision have a diseà± or completely different from the rest, the bottom of the cage is transparent plastic, quite tall, as for prevent falling debris outside the cage: seeds, plumasaproximadamente one eighty% less than with a normal cage. The materials used are non-toxic to birds. The wires are low carbon, free paints with lead and zinc, very corrosion resistant, special bird. It has lower grid, if your bird down to the bottom of the cage legs not manche. It also has two feeders, Two drinking fountains and two hangers.

Reviews from buyers of large cages Vision agapones

I bought for my agaponi and I am delighted. It has plenty of room for two birds and I'm considering putting a couple. It has two large doors. Feeders also have independent access. highly recommended.

Tamaà ± cage large bird or Mod. Palacio

If you're looking a bird cage colonial, vintage or retro air, This can be a perfect choice. Diseàis ± ada especially for lovebird parrots and all kinds of parrots pequeà ± os, with special feeding and with very strong bars (like rabbit hutches), They are supporting special shape climbing aid of the peak. In contrast to modern cages, the base of the cage is metallic and keeps lovebirds isolated droppings and food debris. It also has a handy removable tray cleaning. If you got your papilleros lovebirds flying by home alone, It has a side door, with a wooden hanger where you can pose, in and out of the cage. The cage has an optional accessory wheels, for easy transport.

Reviews buyers lovebird cages Mod. Palacio

I have a pair of lovebirds that fit perfectly, along with some of their toys. It is very wide, barred very strong and very authentic diseà± or. By the way, the top opening is great, my lovebird in and out of the cage out there.

Voladera cage for lovebirds

If your intention is to have a number of lovebirds, This is large bird cage, resistant metal, perfect to have several copies and can fly or jump. Everything is designed for your comfort and your birds. The door has good size, 27 x 20 cm, we must not forget that an adult can measure a lovebird 15 cm high, access doors must be wide. Too It has two hangers that run the cage, to hold a number of birds. Feeders for lovebirds are wide, there may be two birds eating at the same time each. For easy handling, the cage comprises spinning wheel 360Ã,º, and to facilitate cleaning, It has a removable bottom tray.

Reviews buyers outside aviary for lovebirds

I have seven lovebirds, they are perfect in this cage, They do not interfere at all. It is a large bird cage, nice and easy to assemble. I have it installed as an outer cage birds in my garden. Delighted with purchase.

Big cage for birds

This birdhouse is perfect for breeding lovebirds, with plenty of room for them to live several copies without bothering. You can place a nest, all toys for lovebirds want and still they will have more than enough space to fly and jump. The cage is divided into two parts, the top would be the cage itself, and lower, provided with wheels and a handy shelf to leave all your bird accessories. For cleaning and maintenance, the base of the cage has a plastic tray. It also has easy access to the feeders. The doors are wide, to manage your perfectly agapurnis, without costing you work, and your birds suffer from stress.

Reviews buyers for large bird cage

Cage is fantastic. Has plenty of room and my lovebirds are delighted. It comes with four feeders and 3 hangers. I would have liked to have drinking fountains for lovebirds, but I guess not put them because it will depend on the bird you are going to put in the cage. Otherwise, all perfect.

Rustic birdhouses for lovebirds

For classic or rustic settings, This is one of the rustic birdhouses most original. With its legs Chippendale, reminiscent of birdcages English style of the seventeenth century. It is a cage whose characteristics, It could be used as outer cage birds, whenever it is placed on a site covered by the cage rain and birds. Everything in the cage is quality, since the very resistant bars, Feeders up the lovebirds, made of steel. The bottom of the cage is metal grid, to isolate the birds of the remains that occur. Under the grid, has a removable tray to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The cage doors are huge. One front and one superior, for birds usually move around the house with whole freedom.

Reviews buyers rustic birdhouse for lovebirds

The cage can not be prettier, I am delighted with it. further, It is practical and easy to assemble. It is a cage for lovebirds with a fantastic value.

How to choose a good cage for lovebirds?

Cages for our birds are very important, Her house, a house for lovebirds. They have to be comfortable and leave enough room to move, jump and fly. You've probably seen many cages, some are elongated, other high, It is even possible that you've noticed parrot cage evidently typical round, each bird has a different life habits and why, There are bird cages adapted to each. To purchase a suitable cage lovebirds, follow my advise:

How should a cage for lovebirds?

The shape and size of cages for lovebirds is the most relevant point, since the lovebirds are pequeà ± os parrots, that need dimensions and proper environment, to be developed in Pure. Parrots make short flights and jumps. But most important is that they spend much of the time climbing trees, therefore agapornis cages must be high and not elongated, to simulate their way of life in freedom.


We found that for sale, there are all kinds of cages for lovebirds with diseà± odern, classical and rustic, to fit into any decor: cages type villa or palace, among some of the most popular diseà± os.

The ceiling

The roof and its shape, It is one of the most striking and original points of cages inseparable. We can see they have different heights, geometric figures, ceilings that open to facilitate lovebirds can out of his cage


As for access is an important point. Not only because the lovebirds can get in and out easily, a cage with a good gateway, let us freedom to access the inside, placing toys lovebirds, clean and work inside. There are many types of doors, but should choose one with large, high, wide and large. Best if doors have accessory, for pets and out of the cage by themselves.

Cleaning trays

Sooner or later we have to clean the cage. Cages have the best cleaning trays, where debris falling from the food, droppings and feathers. They are removable base, for easy removal of debris, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of the cage.

Legs and wheels

As you will have checked, There are cages all tamaà ± os, medianasjaulas large cages and pequeà ± as for lovebirds we should not raise, are birds that need space. Larger cages incorporate wheeled legs, for moving it from one place to another. It is ordinary that these large cages, used as bird cages outside, depending on the weather may be on the terrace or garden, but after passing them to the inside, in a protected area of ​​the cold.

Tamaàof ±

The minimum or ± tamaà lovebird cage should be 60 cm long, 40 cm wide and 45 cm high. This is to keep a single copy. As we know, lovebirds are very sociable birds, to which They are called inseparable, because they choose a partner for life. Is a bit merciless keep a copy just in a cage, it is recommended a minimum of two or more. So, as we increase the number of lovebirds, the cage should be more tamaà ± or.


In addition to the diseà± or, one of the factors that influence how much it costs a cage for lovebirds, is the material that is made cage. Prices are not arbitrary. If a cage for lovebirds is cheap, chances are that the quality of materials and resistance are not adequate. The best cages They are made of iron or steel structure, lacquer paintings to the furnace, free of toxic materials such as lead or zinc.

Structure and assembly

The structure of cages for lovebirds should be metallic, mesh or wire, strong and resilient to hold the birds climb using their beaks and do not bend easily. An optimal distance between bars can be 1 centimeter, enough for papilleros lovebirds escalate the trouble. Currently all cages are removable. It is important that are easy to attach and it is not necessary to use any tools or special accessories, and if necessary, the manufacturer to include them facilitate mounting and assembly.

Accessories must have a cage lovebirds

Accessories that should not be missing in any cage lovebirds, son feeders and waterers the. There is a wide variety of models, tamaà ± os and diseà± os, which they are best suited to each of the types of cages. It is recurring the cages and feed troughs, but rarely include waterers for lovebirds, The reason is easy, the manufacturer makes them useful cages for many types of birds and each requires a specific bebedero.

Toys for lovebirds

Another interesting addition, but not essential, son toys for lovebirds. Toys are diseà± ados for birds distracted, release stress and stay active, mentally and physically. Among which they include all cages are hangers rest, but it is good idea to incorporate swings and ladders. Look after they are made of materials that are not toxic, since constantly peck, the best are wooden toys.

Where to place the house for lovebirds

lovebirds are some exotic birds, pequeà ± os African parrots, a very striking plumage colors, intelligent, carià± fun and bears. Humans can get to establish rapport with them, They are friendly and we can train to be part of the free time. For choosing the right place to locate the house where his cage we must consider:

  • need a place cheerful, with good ventilation and plenty of sunlight, although it should be not too hot. If you hear other birds Street, You will be very pleased and hear the song of the agaponi.
  • It should not be a transit area. People racking constant and excessive environmental noise, you can cause stress.
  • A lovebirds like be high, dominating the situation. We must not forget that they are birds, pets are not usually move along the ground, further, We will keep you away from other pets, how gatos O dogs.
  • Must be a site easily accessible. Every day they have to clean their cage, Proportional food and water, so that does not suit the chosen location is difficult to access.
  • We must also remember that they get dirty much: leftovers, plumasque the location of the cage but also constitute a nuisance.

How to use a cage lovebirds

Health and welfare of lovebirds, It depends largely on who we provide adequate food, We keep your cage with proper hygiene and well acclimated. We have already discussed the tamaà ± or suitable cage for good health of lovebirds, but there are other details that should be taken into account.

Perches and toys

Perches to rest primarily serve them, but the hangers like toys, they serve to keep their uà± as in good condition, the peak is sharpened and scratching. Veterinary experts, should place them perches at different heights, with different textures and thicknesses, to prevent them suffer from osteoarthritis and exercise their legs. Toys serve a similar function, well serve as entertainment. Avoiding toxic materials. In times of extreme heat, les can put one baà ± era for lovebirds. They refresh themselves and play with water.

nests, breeding cages for lovebirds

In captivity, the birds do not build nests, They do not have the usual materials to make them, so it is important to provide artificial nests, where they will hide and lay eggs during the breeding season.

Ordinary cleaning the cage

Although it seems that in a cage indoors, your lovebird can not suffer from diseases, you're wrong. Most of the illnesses suffered birds in captivity They come from poor maintenance of its cage, so you should make periodic cleaning of recurring form. If the cage you have chosen does not have grid, must place a bed bird special enviornment. Cleaning should be very frequent, better daily, to prevent the proliferation of all kinds of parasites, Virus and bacteria.

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