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Best Pond Filters

The pond filters perform the same mission a aquarium filter: keep the water in the pond in good condition for the life of fish and plants. The thought is that the water of the pond look clean at all times and clear, without organic debris that may impair their quality or that give a bad appearance, even smelly., Both basic functions performed by the pond filters son:

  • mechanical filtration. With mechanical filtration the particles are retained larger, fouling water. It is achieved by recirculate water through various filter materials, retaining in each of the processes suspended particles in water.
  • biological filtration. Just as in the aquarium, contain filters colonies of bacteria that help nitrification and decomposition of various wastes to be in the pond: plant remains, biological waste fish and food debris.

The two basic functions of pond filters, They help the water looks clean and clear.

Selection and comparison of the best pond filters 2020

Types of filters for ponds

In the market we can find different types of filters for ponds, depending on where they are installed. The most common are:

  • Gravity filters
  • Pressure filters
  • Filters underwater

We can also buy filtration kits. In this case is that in addition to the filter, The set includes pump water for the pond and other accessories, as the hose.

How to buy the right pond filter

Before making the decision to purchase a pond filter, we must take into account several aspects, that will influence the type of filter and filtering capabilities:

  • small or large ponds. Size Matters, each filter is designed to move a number of different time liters.
  • Pond with fish and plants. Plants are a great ally in the filtering process, because they help keep algae under management, providing oxygen and nitrogen consuming. Fish are the opposite, provide greater amount of waste water from the pond, so we must take them into account.
  • UV-C clarifier si o no. Some filters mounted a UV-C clarifier is of great help to keep the water clean and clear, preventing turns green.

It is convenient keep track of the quality of the water of the pond performing periodic maintenance, adding pond bacteria to help the decomposition of organic matter. A thought that works very well, to keep the water clear and clean pond is adding waterfalls. Besides being a decorative element, add oxygen to the water.

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