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Best External Filters

What is the best external filter for aquarium market?

Use external filters for aquarium, It offers many advantages for your aquarium. Among the most important:

  • Water cleaner, thanks to high levels of filtration
  • It is a perfect ally for maintain the parameters of the water at the right levels
  • Life inside the aquarium, fishes, plants remains ... much healthier

There is no excuse for having an aquarium in perfect condition, there is external filters that take up very little space, they just make noise and have an affordable price. To help you find the best filter for your aquarium, I have been searching, analyzing one by one many candidates, offer the best external filters for aquarium.

Comparison of the best external filters for aquarium 2020

NÃ,º1 sales


Top Value!

Tamaà ± or aquarium
aquariums up 1.000 liters

Acuarios de forty a one hundred twenty litros

aquariums up 200 liters

Aquariums to four hundred liters

aquariums up 400 liters

aquariums up 500 liters

2.650 l/h

450 liters / hour

680 liters / hour

1.000 liters / hour

1.100 liters / hour

1.200 liters / hour

Type filtration
Mechanics, biological and chemical

Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Lampara UV

NÃ,º1 sales


Tamaà ± or aquarium
aquariums up 1.000 liters

2.650 l/h

Type filtration
Mechanics, biological and chemical

Lampara UV

I'm interested!!


Tamaà ± or aquarium
Acuarios de forty a one hundred twenty litros

450 liters / hour

Type filtration
Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Lampara UV

I'm interested!!


Tamaà ± or aquarium
aquariums up 200 liters

680 liters / hour

Type filtration
Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Lampara UV

I'm interested!!



Tamaà ± or aquarium
aquariums up 400 liters

1.000 liters / hour

Type filtration
Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Lampara UV

I'm interested!!

Top Value!


Tamaà ± or aquarium
aquariums up 400 liters

1.a hundred liters / hour

Type filtration
Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Lampara UV

I'm interested!!


Tamaà ± or aquarium
aquariums up 500 liters

1.200 liters / hour

Type filtration
Mechanics, Chemical and Biological

Lampara UV

I'm interested!!

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What aquarium filter outside to buy? Better external aquarium filter for money

External filter Fluval FX4

The for example, the series Fluval is for the most demanding and have an aquarium large tamaà ± or. The pump power shows a flow 2.650 liters per hour with an effective filterability, once the water passes through the filter materials, liters of time. The filter has unique features: double water outlet ¢ â,¬â "¢ â,¬Â multidireccionalà ??, to guide to where we like it more or water inlet telescopic and anti obstruction, so we can take water from the aquarium to understand is more interesting. further, It features advanced security systems, a valve aquastop click-fit on. Also of note is that you may be aà ± Add a sifonador accessory à ¢ â,¬Å called "FX â,¬Â ¢ ?? gravel VACA , pressure operated pump and used to clean the bottom of the aquarium.

Technical specifications of the external filter Fluval Fx4

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical, with the possibility of aà ± add a 4 stage
  • Less frequent maintenance. Additional drain valve, to connect a gravel cleaner
  • It includes all necessary filter materials
  • too quiet
  • Filter for aquariums up 600 liters (real)
  • Measurements: 42 x 40 x 40 cms.
  • flow 2.650 l/h
  • Consume of 30 W

Reviews from buyers of the external filter Fluval FX4

For me, filter is the best market you can buy now. It has many positive points: ease of installation and use, easy to clean, not to mention effectiveness in filtering and water flow offers. I recommend it.

Filtro JBL CristalProfi e402 greenline

As I wanted to present different options of external filters, I chose this filtro JBL Cristal Profi e402 greenline, because it's him suitable for aquariums forty to 120 liters, for those hobbyists who want external filters, despite having an aquarium of small dimensions. Despite his pequeà ± or ± or tamaÃ, He is able to debug 450 liters per hour. The filter allows the installation of two mechanical systems, sponge filter and wool Perlon. These filters they are aà ± can add a biological filter (canutillos) and a chemical filter, for specific problems of the aquarium. With this same configuration, You have available several filters of different tamaà ± os and filtering capacity, to suit any aquarium, how great is.

Technical specifications of the filter e402 greenline JBL CristalProfi

  • Three types of leaks, mechanics (with pre-filter, two levels of filtration), biological and chemical
  • Kickstart, without priming
  • Silent
  • Filtering materials included
  • Para acuario de forty a a hundred and twenty litros
  • Filtering capability 450 l/h
  • Measurements: 18x20x29,5 cm
  • Consumo four W

Reviews buyers filter CristalProfi JBL E402

So far I was using a filter Eheim Classic, a filter which is very, but very good. The big difference between Eheim, and JBL, is as simple assembly. After testing the two, JBL prefer. In addition to power, that is fantastic, I prefer the ease of assembly.

External filter Fluval 206

The outer filter Fluval 206, It is indicated for aquariums up 150 liters. The filter, shaped glass and is composed of several modules that can be modified, Add to aà ± type filtration interests us. This form is called filtration Multi-etapas: filter materials are in separate compartments, to be replaced easily. Does not require priming guide. It has an intelligent system called Good-Pump, that it takes care of everything automatically. It comes equipped with a system AquaStop, so that if any water leak is detected, the filter to. The motor, too quiet, High performance is, prepared to withstand heat well: ceramic axes and perfect balancing. The cover protects the filter is of a thermoplastic material, that also is diseà± ado to absorb vibrations.

Technical specifications of the filter Fluval 206

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • Silent
  • Ready for launch to the receiving equipment
  • Sistema AquaStop, that for the filter when it detects a leak
  • Closures engages the motor housing. Closures are very safe and fast
  • Filter for aquariums up to hundred and fifty liters
  • Measurements: forty six x 18 x 20 cm
  • flow 680 l/h, to a maximum height of 1 m forty five.
  • Consumption 10 W

Reviews from buyers of the external filter Fluval 206

I have three months and since the water is crystal clear. It is installed in an aquarium 100 liters and power response is very good. It costs nothing to get it going, and the only downside is that I wish there was more space for filter media.

Filtro UV acuario Sunsun HW-402B

El filtro externo Sunsun 402B 1000L/H, It is designed for aquariums up 250 liters. Cup shaped and is prepared with a handle which facilitates handling. It is equipped with three levels of filtration, They can aà ± add two mechanical filters, a thicker (Foamex) and another fine (perlón), a chemical filter and other biological, so we got a à ¢ â,¬Å filtration "Total â,¬Â ¢ ??. But this filter It incorporates a Uv lamp, which it is very useful to avoid the appearance of algae. It comes in handy compartmentalized, to change the filters is very simple. It does not require much maintenance, but when you have to clean it really easy. The price of this external filter for aquarium is really unbeatable, It is the best you'll find less than 60A ¢ â € sì

Technical specifications of the filter HW-402B Sunsun

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • UV lamp mounted 9w, It is a sterilizer to avoid the appearance of algae
  • Quick Install
  • All filter materials included
  • Baskets independent filter materials
  • For aquariums up 250 liters
  • Filtering capability 1.000 l/h
  • Measurements: 35 x 26 x forty four cm
  • Consumption 18 W

Reviews buyers abroad aquarium filter SunSun

What I liked about this filter is how comfortable it is to manipulate, along with its highly effective in filtering the Aquarium. I was a little sick of filters pequeà ± os, that did not quite give me a good result, and after seeing this price filter, I decided. Charmed, There is a good quality price relation.

Filter Sera fil bioactive 400 UV

El Sera wire bioactive 400 + UV, It is a filter indicated for aquariums up 250 liters, able to move 1.a hundred liters per hour. Has 4 different containers, where include types of filtering routine, two mechanics, one chemical and other biological. They are prepared so that access to the different layers is very simple, both to change filters, to perform cleanup tasks ... the inlet and outlet valves water "with water cut ', also facilitate cleaning work. But this filter It is equipped with a UV-C lamp 5 W, eliminating algae, parasites and any pathogen that is in the water. They are extremely quiet, and are diseà± ed to support a high workload, so its durability is assured. The value, It is the best. The equipment offered is above average.

Technical specifications

  • It allows mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • It has four different containers where the filter material include. Two of them are designed for mechanical filtration; prefiltration and filtration
  • UV lamp mounted, to avoid the appearance of algae, remove parasites and bacteria daà± inas
  • too quiet
  • It includes filtering materials necessary for its implementation
  • external filter for aquariums up 250 liters
  • Filtering capability 1.100 l/h
  • Measurements: 50,3 x 29 x 29 cms.
  • Consumption 36 w
  • Uv lamp 5 w

Reviews buyers aquarium filter sera fil bioactive

this filter, It has not only helped me to keep the water clean and clear, It has also been helpful to handle parameters, who always had decompensated. I recommend one hundred × 100.

Tetra Filter EX 1200 Plus

For those who already have an aquarium of considerable dimensions, I selected Tetra Filter EX Plus, for aquariums up 400 liters. Although according to the manufacturer, It is ready for aquariums 500 liters or more, It seems to me that the flow is more suitable for an aquarium of four hundred liters. The filter is prepared with a valves, regulating water flow depending on our needs. These same valves are diseà± tuples so that any error is committed in the assembly, and filtration malfunction. Various 5 filtering materials: ceramic ring, Organic sponges filtration, synthetic wadding, active carbon and a filter balls. Is a filter very powerful and silent, which it comes equipped with the most stringent security measures.

Technical specifications of the filter Tetra EX 1200 Plus

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • Five different baskets aà ± add the filter material, two for prefiltering and filtering
  • It includes all necessary filter materials
  • too quiet
  • Regulating and adjusting the water flow
  • Filter for aquariums up 400 liters
  • Measurements: forty nine,5 x 26,3 x 26,3 cms.
  • flow 1.200 l/h
  • Consume of 19,5 w

Reviews from buyers of the filter Tetra EX 1200 Plus

He was tired of keeping my internal filters, requiring cleaning every three or four days. With this filter I am delighted. It has a lot of power and filtering power. I have it in Tortuguero as I said, previously required cleaning every three or four days, now they spend more than 18 without doing anything. I am satisfied with the purchase Tremendous.

Buy external filter for aquariums up 60 liters

In the list of external filters for aquarium, I tried searching filters that could be useful for a wide variety of aquariums. It is logical to think that there is more good external filters for aquariums 60 L , one hundred L o 200 liters, but a list that looks for the best of the best, there is always a certain limitation. These are the filters for aquarium 60 liters, that without being in the list of 5 better filters, They have a very high degree of satisfaction among buyers:

External Canister Filter Prime 10

Although the manufacturer says is a filter for an aquarium of up to one hundred fifty liters, It should not take it to the limit, and works better with smaller aquariums or ± tamaÃ. It is a very practical external filter, which has some very interesting details, as a indicator saturation level of the filter, avoiding unnecessary maintenance tasks. As we are talking about a filter or tamaà pequeà ± ± or, mounted a rubber cushion that provide stability. Another detail is that quality keys input and output are orientable, to avoid having to force the gums and to place the filter in the location that we like more. Has Anti overflow system, secured by closing clicks and seal. Right now It has a discount of almost 50% of their usual price Are you going to miss it?

Technical specifications of the Prime filter 10

  • Three types of leaks, mechanics, biological and chemical. With filtering materials included
  • Anti overflow system security
  • Monta autocebado system
  • Easy to handle and move, thanks to its carrying handle
  • Keys input and output orientable
  • For aquariums up 60 liters
  • Filtering capability (flow) 350 l/h
  • Measurements: 17,4×19,8×30,1 cm
  • Power 9 W

Reviews from buyers of the external filter Prime 10

although the filtering material It has only average quality, the filter if it is very well managed. It does not just noise, almost did you learn that is underway, except for noise water. Installation is fairly simple.

Filtro Pecera Waldbeck Clearflow 6UV

This pequeà ± or external filter for aquariums, surprised by some own details of other higher quality, like what UV lamp mount, to avoid the appearance of algae. It has a separate baskets, that can be removed individually, for aà ± add all kinds of filter materials. As it is diseà± ado may include two filter materials mechanical, one foamex and wool Perlon, enhancing the utility of the filter. Subsequently he can add a aà ± canutillos for biological filtration and any filter materials for chemical: activated carbon, Peat The truth it is that it does the job very well for the tamaà ± or has, and the price or talk, cheaper than you will find in external filters.

Technical specifications of the filter Waldbeck Clearflow 6UV

  • Three types of leaks, mechanics (with two levels of filtration), biological and chemical
  • Valid for marine and freshwater aquariums
  • UV lamp mounted, to prevent the proliferation of algae
  • too quiet
  • For aquariums up 60 liters
  • Filtering capacity four hundred l / h
  • Measurements: 19,5x26x32 cm
  • Consumption 6 W

Reviews buyers canister filter Waldbeck Clearflow 6UV

A filter is quite powerful, for the pequeà ± or it is .In addition, 'With UV light!!, it certainly has little power, but what are you going to ask for the price it has? I kept the aquarium in perfect condition.

Buy an external filter for aquarium one hundred L

The aquariums 100 liters They are among the most popular. It is an intermediate step, which is not an overly large aquarium, but neither pequeà ± or. You have a variety of external filters for this tamaà ± or, since you can take advantage of even more grades for aquariums. These are the filters that drove in the original list, they also have great quality and great reviews from buyers who are using:

filtro Fluval 106

The external filter Fluval 106 It is a large filter for aquariums up to hundred liters, with a really good performance. This is one of the most efficient in the market in its category and tamaà ± or, can keep your inside between 35% and a 50% more water filters related or round ± tamaÃ. In practice, This means greater dirt holding capacity of the water, improving the quality of life in the aquarium. One point that I think is remarkable, is that It has a very quiet rotor. This model also improves existing one of the same brand, in which the motor has improved, to increase flow and lifting height of the water. Within the security section, Notably Aqua-mount valves Cease, that keep us safe from unintentional leak.

Technical specifications of the filter Fluval 106

  • Three types of leaks, mechanics, biological and chemical. With filtering materials included
  • It contains a 35% a 50% more water than round or filters tamaà ± like.
  • Aqua-valves Cease, to prevent water leakage problems
  • Cleanability and Custom configuration of the filter materials
  • Aquarium up to a hundred liters
  • Filtering capability 550 l/h
  • Measurements: 20x15x38 cm
  • Power 10 W

Reviews from buyers of the external filter Fluval 106

Buenísimo, It works very well. I have an elongated aquarium 300 liters, where you have to install two filters to keep the aquarium in good condition. I bought this to replace a Eheim, because he had the 206 and I worked luxury. It is very easy to install, I recommend it.

Buy Aquarium external filter for a hundred and fifty liters

Traditional Eheim External Aquarium Filter 350

The range of filters Eheim Classic, forgive the redundancy, It is a classic range within the aquarium filters. Probably It is one of the most aquarium external filters sold and used, which it gives us the assurance that has been tested for a long time, with great satisfaction of users. The performance of the pump and filter are excellent, with a very smooth operation without noise just, provided that it is properly installed, because you have to do a guide priming to remove air from the system. The filter pump is very strong, being able to increase water flow to 1.8 meters high, so that it can be installed perfectly hidden, in a cabinet under the aquarium.

Technical characteristics of the filter Eheim 350

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • Great value for the price
  • Very low power consumption
  • Supports any type of filter material
  • Filter for aquariums up 150 liters
  • Measurements: 37×18,5 cm
  • flow 620 l/h, to a maximum height of 1 m eighty.
  • Consumption 15 W

Reviews from buyers of the external filter Eheim Traditional 2215

I had read reviews about how quiet it was now that I have, I am delighted, It is true, does just noise. The filtrate is very efficient, I've never had the aquarium so clean and that it had mounted two filters cascaded to an aquarium 80 liters. I am delighted.

Buy external filter for aquarium 200 liters

Eheim Ecco Professional 300

The use-efficiency of this filter is the highest in the market, as, with very pequeà ± consumption or energy, It is able to perform a filtration. All without losing its potency, as It is able to raise water to a height of 1.90 meters. In addition to the filter, with three types of filter media, install prefilter with a capacity of 300 ml, able to remove much of the large particle ± tamaà or aquarium. It is a very quiet filter, thanks to its shaft and ceramic bearings cap, which they are the quietest in the market. Some of the filters Eheim Traditional range not mounted stopcocks, but if Ecco Professional mounts, being out much easier and comfortable to carry the typical maintenance of the filter.

Technical specifications of the filter Eheim Ecco Pro 300

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • independent baskets aà ± to add all kinds of filter materials
  • It includes filtering materials
  • Asa multifunctional: transport, opening / closing and self-priming
  • Keys rotating closure
  • Filter for aquariums up 200 liters
  • Measurements: forty one,6 x 20,5 x 20,5 cms.
  • flow 750 l/h
  • Consumption of eight W

Reviews buyers external filter Eheim Ecco the Pro

My experience, this filter is very silent, although it is sure to leave out below the level of the water, to reduce even more noise. As for filtration, works like a charm.

External filter Fluval 306

The Filtros Fluval the range 6, They are certainly very good and are having a great reception. Stress that has a very powerful engine, with a very quiet operation by riding a high precision bearing housing and the rotor, which eliminates much of the noise that might cause. It is able to lift water to a height of 1.75 meters, which it is pretty good and enough to place hidden under the aquarium, without the flow is affected. The Fluval filters They offer a guarantee 3 aà± os, exceeding the required by law, so that is an extra guarantee offered by the manufacturer. The filter has some technical features notables, how aquastop system valves and quick start guide without priming. It is another way to prevent undesirable noises.

Technical specifications of the filter Fluval 306

  • It includes prefilter, besides mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • It has three independent baskets which allow use any filtering material
  • It includes all necessary filter materials
  • No need priming guide, its implementation is very simple
  • good protection against accidents, mounted stopcocks and closing adjustments Raise&Lock
  • Filter for aquariums up 200 liters
  • Measurements: 46 x 25 x 18 cms.
  • flow 780 l/h
  • Consumption sixteen W

Reviews from buyers of the external filter Fluval 306

I was looking for a filter for my aquarium 100 liter and I think I have hit with purchase. The operation has exceeded my expectations, further, Tremendous quick to install, in just half an hour. After taking some time with him, I'm delighted. Cleaning is simple and quick.

Buy External Aquarium Filter 300 liters

JBL Filter CristalProfi E902 Greenline

For my taste, This filter JBL falls a little short for an aquarium 300 liters, could serve, provided it is not very densely populated country, since the maximum flow are 900 liter would be the minimum for an aquarium 300 liter barring so theoretically loses the material pass filter However, the CristalProfi greenline range is very efficient in terms of consumption, so it deserves its pequeà ± or space in these reviews. Like most search filters, and JBL filter CristalProfi E902 greenline, It has prefilters, to improve the quality of filtering. Performance is also quite high, with a volume of 7.6 liters. Servicing routine exchange of filter or cleaning material is very simple and safe, as It has patented filter tubes with safety return valves, to prevent leakage of water. Definitely, German manufacturing a filter following the strictest quality guidelines, at a competitive price.

JBL filter specifications CristalProfi E902 Greenline

  • It allows three types of filtration necessary: mechanics, biological and chemical
  • No need to be primed, has built fast start
  • More energy efficient than other filters of its range
  • Filtering materials included
  • For aquariums up 300 liters
  • Filtering capability (caudal) 900 l/h
  • Measurements: 18x21x40,5 cm
  • Consumo eleven W

Reviews buyers JBL external filter Cristal Profi E902

I am happily surprised at how easy it has been mounting. The noise is nonexistent, It has an exceptional filtration capacity, with many possibilities of including filter materials. It looks very robust, with an excellent finish. I'm very happy.

Eheim Filtro Pro4 + 350

Their filtering capacity reaches 1.050 liters / hour, we know is not current, as tests are performed in vacuum, but more than enough for an aquarium up 300 liters. A differential having this filter, it is su system à ¢ â,¬Å "¢ â,¬Â Xtenderà ??. If we find that the filter material is saturated and the flow of water does not correspond with the need of the aquarium, à ¢ â,¬Å we can "if urgenciaà â,¬Â ¢ ??, turn the system Xtenders, which diverts part of the flow of the aquarium (always passing the biological material), to gain some time, We performed while cleaning the filter. As with high-end filters, It has different accessories and systems we help with the maintenance of the filter and cleaning the aquarium. Filter materials are easy to handle, prefilter mounts, safety hoses for leaks.

Eheim filter specifications Pro4 + 350

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • Autocebado, Safety hose adapters, silent
  • unique system à ¢ â,¬Å "Xtenderà ¢ â,¬Â ??, which extends the life of the filter materials
  • Filtering materials included
  • For aquariums up 300 liters
  • Filtering capability 1050 l/h
  • Measurements: 23,eight×24,4×39,eight cm
  • Consumption 16 W

Reviews from buyers of the external filter Eheim Pro4 + 350

I am happily surprised at how easy it has been mounting. The noise is nonexistent, It has an exceptional filtration capacity, with many possibilities of including filter materials. It looks very robust, with an excellent finish. I'm very happy.

Buy Aquarium external filter for four hundred liters

External filter Fluval 406

The Series filters 6 de Fluval, It is one of those with more prestige among aquarists. To have a competitive price, its performance is pretty good. The pump power is remarkable. Not only He is able to send 1.450 liters / hour, You can also raise the water up 2,25 meters high, what it allows us to filter farthest from the aquarium. The filter has all the elements common to the series 6 (filtration multistage) we've seen over Article: prefilter, three baskets aà ± more to add all kinds of filter materials, check valves, very simple and practical cleaning system, Elevate closures & Lock. It is a great option, without a doubt.

Technical Specifications Fluval filter 406

  • mechanical filtration, biological and chemical
  • 4 filtration steps, more prefilters
  • It includes all necessary filter materials
  • Super simple maintenance
  • Security systems, to prevent leaks
  • Aquarium filter up to four hundred liters
  • Measurements: 50,8 x 25 x 20 cms.
  • flow 1.450 l/h
  • Consume of 20 W

Reviews buyers filter Fluval 406

Very good filter, note that is well built and is resistant. The filter comes standard materials seem scarce, but as you can change smoothly, I have configured my way. As for flow and power, no fault. summarizing, I think an excellent buy. I recommend it.

Buy external filter for aquarium 500 liters or more

Hydra external filter Filtron HY 1800

I think the Hydra filters They should be in this relationship the best external filters aquarium, because they incorporate a new technology, It comes to improving the quality of water substantially. Is about its unique Hydro-Pure system. What makes the filter is ionize water, to get eliminate ¢ â,¬Å "totalmenteà â,¬Â ¢ ?? ammonia and nitrites in water, so that cleaning water is complete, even shortens the period of cycling the aquarium. It is a fourth filtration, since the rest functions as a completely normal filter, with mechanical filtration, biological and chemical. This particular model, since Hydra recommend for aquariums up 800 liters.

Technical specifications of the filter Filtron Hydra HY 1800

  • 4 types of filtration: mechanics, biological, química and Hydro-Pure
  • Completely removes the ammonia and nitrites
  • Filtration plates catalysts include ion
  • Tremendous simple maintenance
  • Shutoff valves with whole extraction, to prevent leaks
  • Filter for aquariums up 600 liters
  • Measurements: 44,three x 30 x 30 cm
  • flow 1.800 l/h
  • Consume of 32 W

What it is an external filter for aquarium?

An external filter for aquarium, is an accessory used to make recirculate water from the aquarium through a series of filter materials, in order to remove impurities from the water, subsequently returning the clean water back to the aquarium. They are the mechanical part of the filtering system for aquariums. It called external filter, why the filter is placed à ¢ â,¬Å "fueraa â,¬Â ¢ ?? of the aquarium, instead of inside the aquarium (internal filters) or on the side of the aquarium (bag filters). It is also often know them as aquarium filter basket or filter canister, because it has some similarity (physics, no real) with the filters of the same name used in gasoline engines.

How external filters work?

The operation is relatively simple:

  • A pump draws water from the inside of the aquarium, through a hose. It is called output jack.
  • Once extracted water, reached by the rubber to the filter. The pump itself, water recirculated through various filter materials (Atpas), with the intention to clean water impurities.
  • After passing through different filter materials, Clean water is returned to the aquarium through the return jack.

The different filtration steps that occur in an external filter are:

  • mechanical filtration. Filter materials (sponges, foam), stop impurities higher tamaà ± or.
  • biological filtration. Within the filter media (porous beads or comparable), present a bacteria that are responsible for reducing toxic biological waste from the aquarium, to convert them into harmless matter. Filter materials biological, favor the appearance of these bacteria.
  • chemical filtration. Water passes finally through filtering materials (activated carbon), eliminating the chemical moieties in the water of the aquarium, as traces of drugs.

How to install an external filter for aquarium

The first installing an external filter generates doubts, especially when you open the package and see many pieces: the filter, pipes aquarium filter, filter materials No need to worry, really not very complicated. We split:

Parts of an external filter

As an example I will use installing the External filter Eheim 2213, one of the best-selling market. These are the parts that comprise this filter:

  • Pump head
  • Filter vessel
  • The coupling, pressure side
  • The coupling, suction side
  • Basket filter materials
  • Aquarium Filter suction tube
  • Artichoke
  • Suction cups with retaining clips
  • Lead out of the aquarium filter
  • Nozzle tube

Assembling hoses aquarium filter

  • Connect the diffuser bar (Eyelet) the output arc, to do so we need to cut the hose filter aquarium in pequeà ± os pieces, we will use as a sleeve.
  • Diffusing bar is what will à ¢ â,¬Å "¢ â,¬Â cast ?? the filtered water within the aquarium, and output arc is the rigid part that is placed on the side of the aquarium, and connect with another piece of hose to the water outlet of the filter.
  • Then, we hold the shower head to the aquarium, by cupping. Using the hose, We connect to the input jack of the water filter canister external.
  • Hoses enter the aquarium filter pressure in different tubes, if necessary the we can warm up a bit, to make them more flexible.
  • Connecting hoses to the filter varies depending on the model. some have valves aquastop, to prevent accidentally spilling some water and manipulate the filter for cleaning without dismantling anything.

Assembly of the filter materials

Essentially all filters to work just outside fishbowl, but there should be established which is the direction of flow of water into the vessel. Usually water flows below, upwards. The order of the filter materials is as follows:

  • First, load biological filter media, where conditions will be created for colonies of nitrifying bacteria appear.
  • If the foam holds up well foamex weight, It could alter the order and start as Foamex and later canutillos, but never put grommets on the perlón as it crushes, it is compact and does not let the water circulate properly.
  • And then placed mechanical filter media, foamex and gurnard, They are having the function of retaining particles larger and smaller tamaà ± or suspended in water aquarium.
  • By last, post the chemical filter materials, As the activated carbon. We must always check that all filter materials in contact with the walls of the filter, for greater efficiency.
  • If we have a separate filter baskets, the order of some of the filter media may be altered, since they are not in contact with each other: for example, foamex, gurnard and bugles..

Priming of the outer filter

priming It is one of the operations that can be confusing, for that reason there are filters that already include a self-priming system. This operation is necessary, because the filter is under the level of the aquarium water. We will proceed to maneuver, as if we were to cebar Filter Heißen 2213:

  • We locate the elbow output circuit filter and disconnect.
  • We take the hose out and leech all hard. If you get some apprehension, There are some gadgets that do it for you, but I think it's unnecessary to spend money on something as à ¢ â,¬Å "little prácticoà â,¬Â ¢ ??. The idea is to go from the aquarium water entering and filling the circuit.
  • Keep the outlet hose up, above the level of the aquarium until you notice that starts out water hose.
  • We connect the elbow we let loose, and give a margin of about 15 a 30 minutes, for what any air bubbles that are left between the filter media release.
  • We launch the filter. There may be some initial noise because there is still some air in the glass.

How often you have to clean aquarium external filter

One of the great advantages of external filters for large aquariums, it is the little maintenance needed. According to fans of acuariofilia, cleaning the external filter need not be routinely, every three months or six months, rather it is when a decrease is seen in the flow. Obviously, maintenance of the filter outside the aquarium are very personal, but what is clear is that does not require frequent cleaning.

Precautions or tips to clean an external filter

  • If we are to replace some of filter materials, never replace more than one at a time, to prevent loss of bacterial colonies.
  • To clean the foamex, always do it with the aquarium water, to avoid the same: losing colonies of bacteria.
  • Grommets are not required to change last aà ± os. If we wanted we saw very dirty and clean, The same operation, always with water from the aquarium. Simply rinse.
  • Should be strengthened bacterial population common form of. Every time we make a clean, aà ± add new bacteria with any of the products recommended for this purpose.

What is better, internal or external aquarium filter?

All aquarium filters are good, always they do their work effectively. The big difference between internal or external filter for aquarium, not only is its installation inside or outside the aquarium, It has to do with efficiency, ease of handling and cleaning. It is obvious that, in this unequal battle it is always best to use an external filter, even for an aquarium pequeà ± or. The external tank filters are much more efficient, for the simple reason that they have space enough to incorporate a greater amount of filter material in its inside. Too They are much simpler to handle and clean, to being out of the aquarium. Another big difference from the internal filters, is that They do not take up space inside of the aquarium.

Reducing stream flow or aquarium filter

One option available on the external filters and it is almost never available on the internal filters, is the possibility of reducing the flow rate of the filter. The current aquarium filter is sometimes excessive for fish, they need calmer waters. External filters have a regulator, we can reduce and adjust the flow rate depending on the population of the aquarium, as simple as turning a key.

Advantages of external filters for aquarium, compared to other types of filters

There are some technical characteristics that convert external filters in one of the best possible options to maintain quality of the water in the aquarium:

  • Providing a much higher filtration

    To maintain quality parameters of water optima, a filter should be able to recirculate water from the aquarium at least 3 times the complete volume in one hour. It is what is known as water flow, that is adjustable external filters, if there is a need to increase or decrease the flow. As an example aquarium one hundred liters, You should have a filter with a water flow 300 liters / hour. This is a minimum requirement, as, If your aquarium has a very dense population of fish, You must have a filter that has a higher performance. Also keep in mind that in many cases, water flows referring to manufacturers are theoretical and not real. à ¢ â,¬Å to the "filter â,¬Â ¢ ?? Water, recirculate by making different filtering materials, capacity flow filter is usually reduced by 35%. These and other details, as the amount of actual liters has your aquarium, you will need to decide to buy filter.

  • More efficient filtering capability

    Clearly, its filtering capacity is much higher than in internal filters O the cascade. While the first, for its tamaà ± or, They are not able to store many liters of water in its inside, external filters can reach retain up to one liter of water. This may seem inconsequential, but is not. Imagine a bag filter is capable of filtering 600 liters per hour, with a capacity to retain water in its inside of 200 ml, while an external filter filtering the same conditions, retiene a thousand ml. The first has to recirculate the water at full speed, while the second is done at a slower speed. In practice, the filter that retains more water inside, It is also able to retain a larger amount of particles, resulting filtration much more efficient.

  • maintenance and cleaning are reduced

    Maintenance of the filters are necessary and recurring. Occasionally we must clean the filter materials, removing the debris removed from the water. These tasks are much easier to perform in external filters in internal, because they do not have to put your hands in the aquarium. The tamaà ± or external filters, also justifies They do not require as much attention as the internal filters, some can be cleaned every three to six months without any problem. If you're wondering how to clean an external aquarium filter, you should know that They are easily dismantled, access to all materials is much simpler than other filters.

  • Customizable settings the filter media

    External filters have much more space inside, so let us more freedom to configure the filter materials that will form part of the filtrate. In the internal filters or backpack, is very ordinary brands possess their own filter cartridges, without leaving much freedom configuration. They can accommodate up to five stages of filtration, two mechanical, a chemical and two biological, getting a more complete filtration than any other type of filter.

  • They are very quiet

    External filters They are much quieter than backpack, although it is difficult to compete with internal, producing filtration within the aquarium and therefore, the noise is completely hidden. If we analyze the effectiveness of filters and compare with the noise, without any doubt, external filters are the best choice.

  • Aesthetic improvements and space: Where and how to place an aquarium external filter

    You will find that there are all kinds of external filters for aquarium. Some, as belonging to the series Eden 500, They can be placed right on the side of the aquarium, if you have little space, You do not want or can not hide the filter. Most are designed to be removed from the aquarium, usually at a table under the aquarium, so that it reduces noise, is improved aesthetics (No filters in sight) and space is gained in the aquarium.

What is the best external filter for aquarium?

The best external filter for aquarium, It is the one that perfectly fits the needs of your aquarium. Each filter is different, not only because each brand has its own diseà± os, Also each has own performance, to suit different aquarium tamaà ± os and to the specific needs of biotopes elected. I personally made a selection of what I consider some of the best external canister filters:

Buy an external filter How to choose among many?

Choosing is always difficult. If we had two options would actually be A or B, à ¢ â,¬Å but "afortunadamenteà â,¬Â ¢ ?? is not it, there is a variety of filters for aquarium, different brands, with tamaà ± os and prices to fit all needs. even so, I wanted to highlight what are the main features you should analyze a filter, to determine if it fits your aquarium:

Caudal: volume of liters filtered per hour

To determine whether a filter is suitable for a particular aquarium, we have to know its flow or volume of liters filtered per hour. Manufacturers always give the doctored figures, so, it is splendid buy a filter with a higher flow we need. And what we need? It is logical and recommended that the chosen filter is able to move at least three times the whole volume of the aquarium. If you have an aquarium of a hundred liters, it is advisable to buy an external filter for aquarium that has a flow 300 liters / hour.

Water capacity of filtering material

There are many ways to measure the efficiency of an external filter, one of them is the amount or volume of filter material that can hold in its inside. A filter the last is simply a pump that draws water from the aquarium, the recirculated through a filtering material, then eject it again clean the aquarium. We must analyze the tamaà ± or filter, the amount of filter material that fits inside and the volume in liters of the vessel. The reason is very simple, if the glass is tiny for the amount of flow (liters / hour) which is capable of filtering, That means that the water passes through the filter full speed, without the filter materials have a chance to perform their duties: filter.

Material filter and filters Multistage

One of the advantages that external filters on internal filters or bag filters, It is that the content filter media is easier to modify to our liking. In acuariofilia, Like almost everything in this life, each has its own tricks to improve the parameters of the aquarium water, and that the filter has its importance. aà ± They can add all kinds of materials, as peat, conchaspara pieces raise or lower the acidity, pH if the chosen filter has enough space, or better, is a multistage filter baskets for different filter materials, these practices are easier to carry out.

Filtration needs aquarium, depending on fish and plants

They have spread (I myself do) a number of parameters or measures ¢ â,¬Å "básicasí â,¬Â ¢ ??, to determine which is the minimum need for filtration of aquarium, so, to determine the tamaà ± or the filter must buy. One must understand that these filtration needs: move the volume of the aquarium, at least three times an hour, They are a reference. If the aquarium is densely planted or type of fish we have in the aquarium (goldfish, for example), They have a high need filtration, I should also take this into account to choose the right filter.


The main aquarium filter brands are increasingly aware efficiency and energy expenditure of your appliances. Each filter has among its main features, your spending. A similar performance filters work, We should choose the least devour. Always filter is always plugged in and drawing power. May not involve excessive spending the month, but if you combine all the months of aà ± or, à ¢ â,¬Å the "facturaà â,¬Â ¢ ?? change.

Value for money

This is another point that we should consider before buying a filter, That's why I've bothered to create a comparative table, why often the cheap, sale caro. We can buy an external filter for Perfect Fish tank cheap!!, provided that the quality corresponds to the amount paid. We should know, what the durability of an inexpensive external filter, probably less than a higher quality filter. Choose brands, Technical having attention. That's always a mark of guarantee.

Other external filters

Since a time ago, In addition to the treatment plants for basic outdoor aquariums, They have emerged some new external filters, They are seeking to address some of the common problems in the aquarium. These filters are:

External aquarium filter UV sterilizer

incorporate a Uv lamp, emitting a ultraviolet radiation, with the intention of removing bacteria and viruses in water. A large part of eliminating the microorganisms present in the water of the aquarium, back is scale or eliminates the presence of algae.

External filter with heater

External filters heater do not eliminate the use of the Heater in the aquarium, Its basic function is removing the temperature change that occurs in the water during filtration. Water entering the filter is within the temperature aquarium, but when it comes out he has lost a few degrees. Some very sensitive fish may notice these changes in temperature, what with the use of an external filter with the heater problem is completely eliminated, as the water returns to the aquarium to the proper temperature.

Best brand external filters for aquarium

Although there are many manufacturers of outdoor aquarium filters, Really are a few firms that we provide products with whole warranty and reliability, and almost all are German. There are a few American firms, but usually in the hands of the Germans, who control much of the market for the care of pets.


Is a German company 70 aà ± os of activity (1.949), actively making products for aquaria and treatment of water in the aquarium from aà ± os 60. At present It has the range to filter aquarium wider market, not only external filters, also internal and backpack. The reliability of its products is beyond doubt, It is the European market leader in the manufacture of filters for aquarium.

Will be

also German, It works as company from 1.970. It is not so important in the manufacture of filters as Eheim, as They are strong fish food (They introduced the lyophilization process). Nevertheless, It will manufacture all kinds of products including aquatics and, magnificent aquarium filters, with some pretty good prices in relation to quality.


Fluval It belongs to the German group Hagen, which it is the dueà± or turn big brand products for fish and other pets. As curiosity are the dueà± os Marina (American), one of the manufacturers that sell more Aquarium Kits. Another of its brands is AquaClear, which also produces filters aquarium. The AquaClear bag filters They have very good reception.


Also of German origin, started in 1.960 as a pet shop. That hobby of his dueà± or, He has given the passage of time one of the largest companies engaged in acuariofilia. JBL sells everything and is present in 65 countries around the world. The range filters JBL CristalProfi is not as wide as other manufacturers, but offer high quality, well above the average.


I could not end this review of the best brands and manufacturers aquarium filters without reference to Tetra. Tetra also manufactures almost everything. It is very popular for its Aquarium Kits, but filters are also of exceptional quality. A the same as the above, It has its origin in Germany. In this case, to the same Sera, It began as a company dedicated to the manufacture of food, highlighting for registering a number of patents on production processes. Your filters offer a quality assurance, as all selected.

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