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Best birdfeeders

What is the best bird feeder market

Birdfeeders there are many, the difference is that type of feeder seek, If a homemade birdfeeder, that is, a feeder for cage or feeder wild birds on freedom. Feeders for birdcages are usually made in most of the occasions plastic, very easy to clean material, but not well resist being long outdoors. While, wild bird feeders are made of all kinds of materials, very resistant to inclement weather and outside: metal, cristal, Wood often even have systems to prevent food from getting wet and unusable. Whatever the type of birdfeeder you're looking for, We have analyzed and chosen the best bird feeders for you.

What bird feeder buy? Best Value bird feeder

Feeders for birds home, cage

One of the few accessories that typically include birdcages, are feeders. Not usually bad quality, but not always fit our needs or our tastes. For example, for better cleaning can always decantarte birdfeeders steel, they also have very good price and They are adaptable to all kinds of cages. Definitely, automatic feeders for birds are the most practical. They have a full hopper and serves several days, best for voladeras cages with many birds to feed.

Feeders wild birds, on freedom

The birdfeeders garden, wild and free, They are much more fun than Feeders cages. One reason is obvious, They occupy much space and get one of these feeders for canaries, it would leave the cage out of space. All are diseà± ados to withstand the ravages of time. They are not easily oxidized, They maintain long free seeds from moisture and in the case of wooden birdfeeders, They are made of green wood and products that are not toxic to animals. You will see that some can also be used for dispensing fat balls.

Tips for buying the best birdfeeder

As you may have seen, There are birdfeeders to meet different needs or desires: Feeders cages and wild bird feeders.

Types of birdfeeders in cage

The main thing for choose either a cage feeder, is obvious fit the cage. If you do not have this precaution, we can find an accessory for cages totally unusable. We can find various types of feeders for birds home:

Steel Troughs

If we are to replace a plastic feeder, we can always find an identical, a replacement, but what little money they cost, the best option is to opt for a steel bird feeder, easier to clean and maintain.

Dispensers and parrots Feeders, cockatoos or agapornis

A point to consider is the type of bird that we. The parrots, cockatoos and lovebirds They have very specific peaks, they need spacious feeders and allow them access to food well.

Feeders for canaries

Canaries on the other hand often eat seeds pequeà ± as, pecking, peeled and cleaned with its beak. Your feeders are covered, leaving only his head access, to prevent throw many of the seeds to the soil, while they burrowing are looking more like.

Automatic dispensers and birdfeeders

They are ideal if you have little time. At the same automatic feeders that there canaries, You have them available for parrots and other birds. The advantage is that the full and forget. Only you have to check two or three times a week, to see if they have enough food. Some are transparent, so that a look if you know you need to fill or not.

Birdfeeders released

The birdfeeders outside They are completely different, and the first thing to decide is where we will put. Each garden bird feeder is different, There are many available diseà± os that vary depending on the place we have chosen to place: Feeders windows, hung on trees, walls or garden birdfeeders with foot. If in addition to the practical function, we want something nice, we have to push yourself a little. The best Garden bird feeders they are standing, which often also they function as birdbaths.


Materials outside feeders are often resistant, but all are not the same as its price. You will see that There resistant materials, like plastic, but aging badly and after a while the will be shown ugly. While, the best materials like glass and steel, They will remain long in perfect condition. Important, While sure to withstand sun and rain, keeping food safe from birds moisture for a long time. If you're looking buy a cheap bird feeder, thinks that if the price compensates. Bird feeders are nothing expensive, and perhaps for a little more money, You have a feeding trough for a long time.

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