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Best Dog Collars

What dog collars are the best?

There are all kinds of dog collars. Some are really functional, Like the training collars, the antiladridos collars or flea collars. Others, although functional, since they serve to restrain our dog when we walk, They have a pretty aesthetic function, leather collars, original, bright, fine even personalized dog collars. It is difficult to choose among such a variety of necklaces, so I've selected the best dog collars each different option, so you have a wide choice for find the necklace looking, among the best dog collars of the market.

custom: Dog collars with name

Jewelry dogs in all kinds of materials, leather, ABS, nylon ... Choose what you want to put on the plate of the collar: your name, dates, phone number, everything that you deem appropriate. No matter the tamaà ± or your dog Buy a personalized necklace, There collars for big dogs or pequeà ± os. Just select the model and record your name.

Hunting dog collars

For some specific breeds of dogs or activities, you need to have very specific necklaces, how are the hunting dog collars. An example, although we do not use for hunting, Greyhounds are. A collar greyhounds It is wider than normal,He, to suit its long neck and thin.

reflectors, glow necklaces

The luminous dog collars, rechargeable battery or batteries, They are ideal if you want to walk around at night with your dog and you like wear loose. Allow your pet to locate easily. They usually have two modes of action, Blinking or solid, its adaptable for all types of dog, tamaà regardless or race or ±.

Leather Collars

If you'll classic, leather collars sure you like. The need of all kinds and for any tamaà ± or dog, from collar for dogs pequeà ± os to large dog collars. You just need to enter the tab for each product and select the tamaà ± or you need. You can also choose colors and diseà± os. I can not forget that in this selection, I have included original dog collars, son dog collars handcrafted leather, handmade by artisans and those who can influence the diseà± or. The diseà± or increasingly being introduced between supplements for dogs, like in the Doggie.

Of steel

Collars are my least favorite, because usually necklaces punishment, with the intention of manage the dog's behavior, but I understand that it may be necessary at times and for which there are need ....

Types of dog collars

Since you have been seen in this pequeà ± a selection, you have all kinds of dog collars. You have from very functional and practical necklaces, how are the antiladridos, training or antiparasitic, up to ± diseàcollars or dog, fulfilling the basic function of them out for a walk, but also fulfill an aesthetic function. The most common materials are nylon, leather or metal. It is obvious that the choice has much to do with race and tamaà ± or the dog, but also with our personal tastes. I hope this selection helps you find what you're looking for.

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