Fish and Aquaria

Accessories and food for aquarium fish

Not if you're a fond of aquariums beginner or expert, that is the great magic of the Internet, I write for anyone interested in the aquarium and fish, or aquarium fish, Find what you need. There are many types of aquarium fish. The classification of aquarium fish You can meet many views, although the MIAs ordinary and accepted by most of those who love aquariums and fish, It has to do with the water where they live aquarium fish: freshwater fish (tropical fish Y cold water fish), brackish water and sea. Each of the types of aquariums, with their fish require different care, and I'll help you get to posible.í have the best aquarium,

The aquarium

An aquarium no longer a big fish tank, a glass where introduce fish, acuíáticas plants and in some cases some other invertebrate. Simple truth í,¿Suena? Actually, having and maintaining an aquarium is somewhat complicated MIAs. The important MIAs an aquarium is getting maintain the quality of the water, so that life and biotope aquarium we're playing, Do not run any danger. So that the quality of water is correct, we must ensure that all paríámetros: hardness, alkalinity, salinity, temperature and nitrate levels, they are correct. Equilibration requires surround yourself with the right accessories: a good aquarium, a good filter assembly, adequate lightingand of course constant vigilance, to solve at all times, any problems that may arise and prevent our fish sick. I'm sure not think the aquarium is only as a tank with water, and embark on the adventure of aquatics requires responsibility.

Products for your aquarium

Types of freshwater aquarium fish

Freshwater fish are sold without a doubt MIAs. The accepted classification, difference between warm water fish and cold water fish. The difference between the two types of fish, Estía logically temperature water. While warm water fish require devices, to heat and maintain the water at a certain temperature, fish aquarium cold water, They need not heat the water, the temperature is sufficient.

Tropical fish hot water

Species cíálida water fish aquarium, Mias defendants are undoubtedly. The reason is obvious, tropical aquarium fish are colorful and spectacular MIAs. This demand drives the fish farmers, to concentrate their efforts on getting those species, who were already attractive in their natural environment, become spectacular. Hot water fish You come mostly from areas of the planet cíálidas, between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. In this area there have been recorded around eight.000 species of freshwater fish, of which MIAs 1.300 They are fish of the Amazon. by comparison, only in Europe have been recorded 200 fish species. Small freshwater fish sold for aquarium, son mayorí­a. We are not talking about colorful, we are talking about biodiversity, and it is clear that there MIAs fish that can be incorporated into an aquarium water cíálida: guppy, molly, tetra... among the MIAs known.

Types of cold water fish

I'm sure you remember those aquarium fish red shade, They are appearing in many old movies Television, They are one of the ciprí­nidos Mias known. These are cold-water fish, although I do not recommend them in these aquariums are nano aquariums. Not the place splendid, and have a fish in these situations is at least Merciless. Cold water fish are recommended for MIAs starting with an aquarium. Several reasons can be put forward, The first is a question of price. Many cold-water fish live well in small aquariums. Acclimation needs of cold-water fish is minimal, to say no, ademíás need not buy at first no heating system for the aquarium. Fresh water fish cold, They come from many areas of the planet, even some tropical areas. Belonging to the types of cold water fish, depends on the temperature of the water in which normally live. Do not think that cold water fish are limited to the typical tents, or goldfish, the variety of cold-water fish to buy is wide, not as much as hot water, but enough to put on a good aquarium.

Types of marine fish

Marine aquarium fish, They come mostly from coral reefs in tropical seas, where the waters are crystalline and temperatures are between 24í,º and 26í,ºC. Probably the spectacular MIAs of these reefs is The great coral barrier, in Australia, but we can go to Caribbean, Maldives (Océano it is ??) or to the Red Sea. Techniques and current knowledge, They allow us to take our marine aquarium, fishes, plants, even corals and anemones that were unthinkable a few years ago. The big difference between freshwater fish and marine fish, commercially, is that marine species for sale have not changed from those found in freedom. obtain copies, Nor is it a big problem. You can get marine fish online, MIAs from stores specializing acuariofilia.

Saltwater fish

Species saltwater fish or brackish They are very few and Estian formed by fish living in the estuaries of major rivers, as well as some asiíáticas and American lakes. Fish living in these areas are called eurihalinos, supporting large variations in salinity. Some genera belonging to these fish are Scatophagus, Monodactylus, Toxotes y Periophthalmus. Saltwater fish aquarium, They present their own difficulties that make them inaccessible, expensive and only to the extent of highly skilled. They are not fish which habitually live long if they fail to reproduce their híábitos and way of life, They are difficult to reproduce in captivity, plants for the aquarium are very fríágiles, not to mention the aggressiveness of these species among their peers and with other species. Definitely, brackish water fish are not suitable for beginners.

Invertebrates types of aquarium

The invertebrates marine and freshwater They are an ultimate complement to some of the aquariums, in which, the aggressiveness of the fish or the need for space, You can not share the same aquarium with other fish varieties. There are several types of marine invertebrates, on the one hand the Estian anemones (inseparable companions of clownfish), we molluscs, crustíáceos, worms and echinoderms. In most cases, possess marine invertebrates poses no extra effort, except meet the nutritional needs, as fíácilmente are adaptable to different conditions of temperature, pH and salinity. Fíáciles that are caring, does not mean we do not have to pay any attention to them. All marine species of the aquarium, They have their own needs and it is our obligation, know what the biotope of origin and how they can adapt to our breeding in the aquarium.

Plants for aquarium

An aquarium is mini híábitat, in which attempts to recreate a specific natural area (Biotopo). In freshwater aquariums, not only live fish of different species, too They incorporated acuíáticas plants, with the intention of creating a greater sense of naturalness. But the importance of plants in the aquarium is not limited to a purely decorative function, fulfill a biological function which it influences the balance of the ecosystem of the aquarium. Plants in the aquarium:

  • Allow additional absorption of oxygen and water mashed
  • Reproduce the original híábitat of different species of fish, resulting in greater health of the fish themselves
  • used and transform carbon dioxide, to convert oxygen
  • Absorb nitrates and improve the chemical conditions of the water
  • Compete with algae, preventing their proliferation
  • Sometimes, They are part of the food chain in fish
  • And finally, delimit territories for adult fish and serve as protection for fry

Amphibians and reptiles aquarium you

Not only you can fish aquariums, there are plenty of interesting aquariums, in which the main attraction are other animal semi-acuíáticos, as turtles, frogs or newts. A As with the care of fish, enough to meet their needs, maintain adequate vegetation, paríámetros correct the water and in some cases, provide an area for sunbathing.