▷ MATERIALS FILTRANTES aquarium 2019 【】 Types and Utility

▷ MATERIALES FILTRANTES Para Acuario 2019 【 Tipos Y Utilidad 】

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Filter materials aquarium

If you are unsure that are filter materials and function meet, You have come to the right place. If there is an element of the aquarium to which we should pay attention continuously, it is the filterâ € |sobre all if we find that is not properly performing its function. The proper functioning of the filter depends most of the time of the state of the filter materials from within. Aquarium filter materials have a finite useful life. Depending on the population of your aquarium, should be changed every four or 6 weeks.

advice: do not change all the filter media at the same time. Lose much of the colony of nitrifying bacteria and consequently, we would have a little mess up.

Filtration in the aquarium and the filter materials

Life inside the aquarium depends largely on the quality of water. Among the essential elements to maintain that quality, They are filters and filter materials. The filters perform three types of water leaks:

  • mechanical filtration. Through filters remove much of the solid waste in water, besides favoring the appearance of nitrifying bacteria.
  • biological filtration. Biological filtration favors the appearance of nitrifying bacteria. Bacteria are responsible for removing and transforming harmful substances in water, and which arise through the breakdown of food fish and also by the physical waste of the fish themselves.
  • chemical filtration. With chemical filtration we eliminate other types of waste in water, such as chlorine and heavy metals. Chemical filtration is also necessary and indispensable, after using drugs in the aquarium, aimed at eliminating any kind of health problem. Another function of the chemical filtration, it is modify the parameters of the water, as pH or hardness.

For each of these filtering processes, the filter needs a number of filter materials, they are the ones who will retain the various elements or substances that we want to eliminate.

Function and order of the different filter media within the filter

So that the filters do their job properly, We must also place the filter materials in the proper order, You see that it is completely logical:

Dirty water flow, originating in the aquarium


mechanical filtration (first filter) Sponges foamex, first filter materials. Its mission is to retain the coarser particles in suspension in water: leftovers, hecesâ € |


mechanical filtration (second filter) The second filter is composed of PolyWool wool Perlon. The objective is to retain the finest particles present in the water, and unable to retain the previous filter.


biological filtration Biological filters are composed of bio-balls or beads of ceramics, where bacterial colonies are established. These bacteria feed on detritus from the aquarium, ammoniac and nitrites, making them no substances harmful to fish: nitrates.


chemical filtration The last filtrate is the chemical, which it is carried out using activated carbon or peat, among other materials. Its function is to remove all kinds of odors and harmful substances for fish, as chlorine, heavy metals and drug residues.

⬇�? At last, water will clean at the other end of the filter

mechanical filtration in the aquarium

Mechanical filtration It is the first barrier performance of a filter, which aims to remove particles present in suspension in water. Among these particles we will have leftovers, dregs, dust from the sustratoâ € |

Some of these items, if they are not eliminated, They are rotting and end up affecting the quality of water. Occasionally we have to perform maintenance, eliminating all waste from the filters and proceeding to change the filters with new ones. This task must be performed at least once a month. ¿Y which materials are used for mechanical filtration? Well sponges or foamex aquarium and wool Perlon:

Foamex aquarium, sponge filter

Filters containing materials to be changed to the least once a month, other elements may not need to change them so often, how sponges, you can hold in good condition for much longerâ € |puede more than one year. The foamex should be cleaned once a month, always using water aquarium, never tap. Take some water in a bowl and proceed to clean the € |no filtroâ not ever clean in the aquarium.

Perlon aquarium

The filter is a material perlon positionable in place sponges or in combination with them. This is a filter materials related to touch cotton, what It is responsible for filtering smaller particles that pass through the sponge. Although you can clean and better durability, it should be replaced frequently.

biological filtration

Biological filters are always placed after mechanical filters. His physical function not retain any substance present in the aquarium. Your mission is promote the development of nitrifying bacteria and Nitrobacter, which are responsible for ammonia and remove the nitrites present in water, converting nitrate, much less toxic to fish and aquatic plants beneficial. Biological materials are porous filter, for bacteria can nest inside. Some of the biological materials used are usually:

Balls aquarium filter aquarium canutos

Its function is maintaining an active bacterial colony within the filter (biofilter). They are very stable materials and rarely deteriorate, so you do not need routine changes so.

chemical filtration of the aquarium

Chemical filtration of the aquarium to improve the quality of water, focusing on elements that the previous filter materials have been unsuccessful. Chemical filter materials They are mainly used for:

  • Remove substances that should not be present in the water, how are the heavy metals, chlorine and drug residues.
  • Acting on the parameters of the water, for example modify their pH or hardness of the water. Also to remove tannins released by wood, If we have placed a new trunk in the aquarium.
  • Remove yellowing of the water (Maybe for wood) or also remove undesirable odors.
  • End suspended dustâ € |que can cause the moving the substrate.

Chemical filter materials, always They should be placed last in the filter. There are some chemical filter media can be maintained continuously, as active charcoal, but those designed to modify parameters, as they are the adificantes peats or absorbent resins, They should limit its use to achieve the desired effect. Chemical filter materials most used are:

Activated carbon

Activated carbon has the function to remove very small particles, and also It is very useful for retaining remnants of drugs and chemicals we use so recurring in the aquarium. Should change it to the month once, as it loses its power saturates and filtration.

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a company acidificantes

Acidifying mobs basically They have the function of influencing the pH of the water down levels. Tannic and humic added to the aquarium water.

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