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Best Dog Food Brands

Today is not very complicated I buy dog ​​food, there is a huge variety of brands of dog food that we get very fíácil. Just have to choose a brand of dog food, deduct the amount of food recommended that needs our dog and díársela to try, If you like we continue with the same feed, but like we can choose between different recipes of the same brand (chicken, ox, vegetables) or switch to another brand of feed. I told MIAs 60 dog food brands, and I do not include white markings with all commercial centers and chain grocery stores. Obviously choose is something MIAs complicated than it seemed at first.

Feed quality high-end, medium and low

Brands of dog food are divided into three bíásicamente, depending on the quality of their feed:

  • Premium dog food. Manufacturers usually small, using quality meats, They concoct your recipes thinking about the health of your dog and flee chemical additives.
  • Mid-range. In this range we find the brands best known and recognized by all. Are large companies that manufacture dog food quality, although improvable.
  • I low range. It is cheap feed dogs, typical supermarket, where the price is important MIAs. In its preparation of its animal feed use products, all kinds of dyes, flavorings and preservatives, regardless of their benefit (or prejudice) for your pet.

Ranking of the best brands of dog food 2020

As we are not a shop dog to use, but what we do is compare qualities and products, I decided to divide the rating of the best brands in three: marcas premium o extremely premium, what are you offering Pure dog food, Brands medium and low-end brands range, They are offering cheap food and good dog, although obviously not of the best quality.

Acana Y Orijen. Pure think for dogs

Acana and Orijen have become the dog food brands recognized premium MIAs. They belong to the same manufacturer Canadian feed: Champion Petfood. Can find the prices Acana feed Y Orijen in Amazon. It may seem that they are expensive, but in reality it is not so, Estias saving a lot on the health of your dog. piensos estíán Sus awarded as í ¢ â,¬Å "Biologically Apropriateí ¢ â,¬Â ??. Their recipes Estian animal feed made as dictated by the natural evolution of dogs. They are rich in meat and protein, using meat, birds, eggs and fish sustainably obtained at their optimum and local suppliers. Ensure that the meat free of hormones Estian, and come from farms that raise animals in the wild. In recipes do not include cereals, Pure think it is for dogs.

Almo Nature

Almo Nature is an Italian company It offers unique premium feed. It has four different lines: HFC, BioOrganic, Holistic y Daily, you can find by visiting their store in Amazon. HFC. In its elaboration meat and fish used premium, unfit for human consumption. It is the same meat or fish the same as you would eat you. Holistic. Orgíánicos uses quality ingredients, in which the main ingredient is protein of animal origin. Holistic dog feeds, meet all the nutritional needs of the dog. BioOrgíánico. All ingredients are from animal and vegetable organic farming or Estian bred responsible criteria environmentally. Daily. Moist dog food, made from natural ingredients.

True Instinct

All brands of premium feed have a philosophy or less common MIAs, perform balanced feed based on natural dog nutrition. True Instinct makes their feed formulas from the holistic philosophy that í ¢ â,¬Å "are you that comemosí â,¬Â ¢ ??, obviously our pets too. Therefore are used only natural and healthy ingredients, with the intention to meet the physical needs and preferences of our dog. Cereals used in their feed (rice, barley and oats) They are integral. No artificial dyes used, or preservatives and saturated fats or sugars course. The meats (main base of their feed) are small mammals: lambs, rabbits, chicken, turkey and fish, where they include viscera and bone, which are highly valued by dogs. You may see the wide product range True Instinct, in his shop Amazon.


Offers one of the best qualities of feed, inside of the middle segment of dog food. Discover the best prices for feed Eukanuba in his shop at Amazon. It is one of the signatures of feed for older dogs MIAs, the company has already completed fifty, which gives a concept that does pretty well and has the confidence of consumers. The proteins used in their feed are of high quality, ajustíándose all food for human estíándares. It has a wide variety of feed, adapted to the stages of life of the animal and size, to maintain the best physical condition of the dog.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a French company that manufactures one of the wide ranges of feed for dogs MIAs, with all kinds of diets veterinary: Diabetic dogs, castrated, gentle, Puppies is the leader of the sector, which MIAs dog food sold in Europe. It feeds their middle segment have very good quality, ademíás including feed veterinary diet, specific feed adapted to different breeds of dogs. It is worth discovering Royal Canin offers on Amazon.


Hillí,Â's is the manufacturer of dog food precursor of Clinical Nutrition, feed specifically prepared to treat a particular disease. Discover full range of feed Hillí,Â's in his shop Amazon. Mias feed their famous are those of the gama Sciencie Plan, balanced dog food based on the nutritional needs of each pet, depending on their age, size and nutritional needs. Although we are talking about a segment quite commercial, It has no natural feed grains and as, all kinds of dietetic feed for dogs.


Here we enter the range of Cheap food for dogs, but good. What they do well and have an acceptable quality MIAs. Purina feed Estian conducted with the assistance of nutritionists and veterinarians. In preparing its feed use products suitable for human consumption. They worry that their recipes are tasty, at the same time provide nutritional balance that every dog ​​deserves. Discover All Purina feed: Professional Plan, Veterinary Diets, One

Spanish brands feed dogs

In Spain we also have dog food brands that do well, and he wanted to break a lance for them, opening an exclusive section for them. Mias popular of all is Affinity, which makes very commercial dog chow, Mias important being the manufacturer of Spain and a benchmark in Europe. Then there are a number of small businesses, doing piensos premium, fighting for a place among the top brands of dog food, which it is not fíácil. highlight two: Lenda and Natural Geatness, now I tell you that's what they do.


Affinity is one of those companies that lead MIAs 50 years manufacturing pet food, ademíás many other dog foods. They have a very strict quality policy. In its feed use quality ingredients, with high nutritional value and always seeking to improve the development and quality of life of our pets. It has a very wide range of feed, to ensure food and balanced diet, depending on the age of your dog and your preferences. Your feed Estian distributed through five different brands: Advance, íƒÅ¡ltima, Brekkies, Libra and Bon Menu, you can find on Amazon.


Lenda is a trademark of pienso para perros í ¢ â,¬Å "super premium â,¬Â ¢ ?? and is ademíás Spanish, Galician signs for MIAs. you can discover All products of Lenda in his shop Amazon. In recipes use ingredients fit for human consumption, natural and top quality. Its products are proximity, Galician meat and fish, we all know that are of excellent quality. They do not use any chemical, as colorants, preservatives, flavorings or flavor enhancers the synthetic, Estia shown that can be the source of some of the intolerances and allergies suffered by our dogs. Also in recipes They include natural prebiotics, to protect joints, urinary tract and skin of our pets.

Natural Greatness

Natural Greatness is a Valencian manufacturer, which manufactures premium pet food range. Discover full range of feed for dogs Natural Greatness. Her recipes inspired by nature Estian, as the best premium feed. They use natural quality products and as not use any chemical additive, They are hypoallergenic. In the like Lenda, natural prebiotic used in the composition of their feed, for improve the health and appearance of our dogs.

I think for puppies

Puppies have completely different nutritional needs of adult dogs, so the feed puppies have to bring you all the healthy nutrients essential for it to develop and grow strong. I think the best puppy you consider that It is very important to develop your immune system, muscles, bone and joints. Ademíás all these details, it is important not to forget that all puppies are not equal, It is not the same a labrador or pastor alemíán, a beagle or a cocker.

Best puppy foods

Sterilized dogs feed

Neutered dogs They should consume adequate feed to their new situation, to avoid weight gain. When dogs are neutered, decreased physical activity and increased appetite, which it makes it fíácil they finish taking the desirable weight MIAS. The neutered dog food It is not too different from the rest of feed. Still have a major contribution of proteins, but stresses that have less caloric intake, decreasing the amount of fats containing fibers and increasing. Initially it needs not be necessary to change the brand and type of feed. The vet would tell you to go down the amount of food that devour, and you increase the exercise habitually carries. If after these changes, check your dog gains weight, then you have to opt for I think light for sterilized dogs.

Best feed for sterilized dogs

Feed diabetic dogs

A the like in human beings, dogs can get diabetes. It is a disease in which the body does not produce insulin or can not use the insulin it produces. In these cases a specific diet is necessary to take, caring much what you eat our mascot. Not all brands of dog food have feed diabetic dogs, only those who have diets feed clinics: Royal Canin, Hillí,Â's also feed diabetic dogs Feed diabetics They are high in fiber and whole grains, which help regulate blood glucose level.

Best feed diabetic dogs

Feed dogs with heart failure

Typically, heart disease occur in older dogs, but it is also possible that some animals are born with congenital heart problems. When we talk about adult dogs, you may be overweight and have híábitos ¢ â,¬Å power of í "cuestionablesí â,¬Â ¢ ??. In these cases serve as a preventive food, so that those diseases do not get worse. Feed for dogs with heart failure are low salt and great contribution of taurine, one aminoíácido present in the proteins of animal origin and which promote the proper functioning of the heart.

Best dog with heart problems

Feed dogs with renal failure

Renal failure occurs when the kidneys do not work properly, and the dog is not able to reduce waste in your body, that inevitably they end up in the blood. It is common in adult dogs MIAs certain age, but it also may appear in young dogs MIAs. Its origin is diverse, But, the result is the same, must be properly treat and among the options, the veterinarian includes a renal diet, aimed at curbing the disease and reduce symptoms.

The best dog with kidney failure

Overweight Dog Food

As we have seen so far, overweight for dogs you can get to cause serious illness and infirmity. Therefore it is very important that your pet follow a healthy diet and exercise do so common. If we have reached the point that being overweight is evident and need to do something to respect, on the market there are a number of Gentle feed for dogs, low in carbohydrates and sugars, but with high protein content help us lower our pet MIAs those extra kilos that you can spare.

Best Dog feed mild

How to Choose a Good Dog Food

The best dog They are those that are suitable for your pet, either by age or health, that's obvious. The health of the dogs has a lot to do with the dog food they eat, along with other details as the dog bed or sleeping in the house in which they live. But if we talk generically, í ¢ â,¬Å "cuíál is the best feed for perrosí â,¬Â ¢ ??, serí­a who more faithfully replicate of the Pure dogs diet, use good products and ademíás does not contain any chemical crap. So that is all very nice, but it is not always possible to buy these feeds, because sometimes soar in price and if we have several dogs at home, the bill may be inasumible. Fortunately there Feed Midrange, they are pretty good and with really reasonable prices.

I should and should not have a good feed for dogs

This will seem like a defense of premium feed, but actually the best dog food is that:

  • It contains no dyes artificial, preservatives and artificial flavors. You can puree them home, that is admissible, since in theory should not be detrimental to the health of the dog.
  • a high percentage of protein is used in its preparation, mínimo between a 30% and a 35% of the whole of the feed. Dogs based diet proteins of animal origin, so it should not come from animals and vegetables.
  • Estian free cereal. If a wild dog, for example a wolf, passes through a field of wheat or oats, have much hunger would not stop to eat í,¿No? for that, sugars and fibers of vegetable origin containing feed, They should come from fruits and vegetables.
  • It is essential condition the meat used in the production of feed is í ¢ â,¬Å "carneí â,¬Â ¢ ?? and not derived cíárnicos, such as feather meal or similar, they bring little benefit to the health of the dog.
  • By last, it is desirable that the products used are of good quality, of those considered unfit for human consumption.

The best complete feed for each dog

Every dog ​​is different, not only because of their race (which influences their food), also because of his age and physical problems that can drag. Therefore it is important to choose the age think corresponds, also by race or weight. It's not the same to feed a bulldog, a chihuahua, whether adult or puppy. The feed weight loss plan or diet clinics Estian indicated to alleviate certain disorders physical, but It must be a veterinarian to tell us the convenience of use.

Where to buy feed for dogs

You could say that you can buy feed your dog in any store, not even in especializadaspero not. Feed they sold in most supermarkets, son feed dogs for cheap and low quality, of those who have to fleecomo from over. There are feeds trademarks, maybe they are not fantíásticos, but always be better than these. If you ask me advice, I would say any of the ten brands of dog food would be good analyzed, although preference for dog food brands high-end, by offering quality. Always look for specialty stores for dogs. Seller is to buy I think Amazon, which brings together in one place thousands of different feed, for you to choose from the comfort of your home and with the guarantee of the largest online pet store.

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