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UV lamp aquarium

The UV lamp aquarium, It is one of the most useful accessories that have appeared in recent years, to help us maintain the quality of water from fish tanks and aquarium tanks. Although not yet used massively, both amateur and professional start to give it the importance it deserves. Many manufacturers filters for aquariums and they incorporate into their filters, although it is not clear whether it is the best choice, since professionals do not agree on their continued use or only for a few hours.

Eheim Aquarium UV lamp

Among the different UV lamps aquarium there for sale, which seem to me and ensuring more effective use They are the Eheim:

Aquarium UV lamp which serves ¿Para?

UV lamps aquarium They are very useful for remove suspended algae, and to prevent and treat some of the diseases of freshwater aquariums and saltwater. basically, UV lamps kill all bacteria cells, viruses or algae. You can kill any bacteria, even nitrifying which are very useful for the cleaning of the acuarioâ € |pero that we see now, in operation.

¿Cómo ultraviolet lamp work in the aquarium?

UV lamps produce ultraviolet radiation or UV radiation. One application of ultraviolet sterilization is (UV lamp aquarium). In certain wavelengths, damages the DNA of the microorganisms present in the water of the aquarium, as bacteria or viruses, without leaving any residue and preventing their. Ultraviolet lights are often isolated aquarium, so that only water is affected by its radiation. It is important to remember that we should not look at the light directly, as we could see affected.

UV lamp Sunsun

  • Potencia UV 36W, max pond. 35m³, hose connector 20 a 32mm, cable 5m
  • max flow. 4500l/h, for max. 0, three bars.
  • Protect your fish diseases. Safe and good for fish and plants.
  • Ensures clear water, clean water from the pond without using chemicals.

¿Cómo install a UV lamp in the aquarium?

UV lamps for aquarium, They operate independently to the filter. They have their own cable, to plug and unplug in our sole discretion. Aquarium filters UV lamp, also they have the ability to turn on or off the lamp independently of the filtrate, that we may be we who decide the amount of time that we keep burning.

In any case, if we install a UV lamp for aquarium, it must be done at the outlet of the filter. There are two reasons for the lamp is installed at the outlet of the filter, not input:

  • Filtered water is free from impurities at the outlet of the filter, so that It is much more effective. You will not have any type of particle that can make screen and hiding bacteria or viruses.
  • The second reason is that ultraviolet radiation does not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, you eliminate all microorganisms that afectaâ € |incluidas the nitrifying bacteria. As most of the good bacteria for aquarium are within the filter, if we install the lamp before filtering, the filter gradually be without bacteria.

¿Cuántas hours must operate the germicidal lamp aquarium?

This is an open debate, there is no single criterion. Professionals, fans and manufacturers have different opinions about the time you should be running a UV lamp for aquarium. While some value that daily operation of three to 4 hours is sufficient, others think that there is no problem all day work, it does not affect the balance of the aquarium. I am in favor of the work lamp 24 hours when we have a problem of algae in the aquarium, it will help us to disposal. The days must be running, It will depend on the degree of invasion. Have it running against the 24 hours, They are fans who think it creates a bubble in the aquarium (free whole bacteria), and the minimum infection can cause a collapse of the aquarium.

The recommendation of the manufacturer: power / hour / liter

At the other side are the manufacturers, they have their own recommendations concerned or not, must be taken into account. According to most manufacturers of UV lamps, recommend a step of 10 a 15 liters per watt lamp, by passing the entire contents of the aquarium water once a day (As minimum) by the germicidal lamp. We can only make three corresponding rule, depending on the water to go through the lamp and the size of our aquarium.

¿Cada how long to change the bulb UV lamp?

Each bulb has a certain lifespan, expressed in hours of use. Manufacturers often indicate the time of life that has the bulb, so we have a thought of how long we will last. To get a concept, If a bulb has medium, nail 1.000 Hours Lifespan, If we connect three hours daily, It would last us a few 333 days. In the case of UV bulbs, as used lose effectiveness, so that should change before the end of its useful life, even without have melted.

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