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Best Pond Pump

A pond pump, along with filters, They are two of the essential accessories to keep our garden pond in good condition. We must distinguish within different pond pumps, If what you want is a pump to feed the biological filter or want a submersible pump water to create a fountain or waterfall.

Selection: Best pond pumps 2020

Guide: Pond pump to buy

You may feel overwhelmed you the number of options available on the market, and do not know that pond pump should buy. Like I said at the beginning of the article, the first thing to distinguish is between a pond pump to feed the biological filter, which in this case will be very important liter flow and pump power, or if you want to install a submersible pump for a fountain or waterfall inside the pond. The two are complementary and not mutually exclusive, and Quea € |si want to have a perfectly clean pond, we are going to need mounting a filtering system, but if you also want to make it decorative and enjoy the murmur of the water, we will need to mount a waterfall.

Water pump biofilter

To choose correctly one water pump biofilter, we must consider two factors: consumption and flow.


The flow is able to move a pond pump is measured in liters per hour. If we have a system pressure filtration, the typical filter that keeps the flow pump sends and assuming no leaks, the minimum flow rate required for the pump should be enough to move all the water from the pond every two hours. It may be that my filter is not pressure, in this case the pump flow must be equal to the size of the pond. For example, if I have a pond 1.000 liters, the pump should have that how minimum flow.

  • Load loss. Maximum capacity pump head

    If our pond has unevenness, or we have to raise the water from the tank to the filter, we must bear in mind that the pump flow decreases, height as far as having to carry water is greater. It is important to note this detail, as many filters and germicidal lamps operate with a minimum flow and if not satisfied, not work properly. Each pump is different and among its features we mark the flow that gives the pump, depending on the height of the water column.

  • Section of the tube

    Another factor influencing the water flow coming from the pump to the filter, it is section tube connecting the pump with the filter. If the tube exits the pump is not adequately diameter, we will throttling the flow of the pump, not letting the gallons pumped for which it is designed. This point is essential, as we will be worsening the filtering capacity, but also the engine overheating and shortening pump life.

  • Hose length

    Another factor influencing the flow of water coming from the pump to the filter, it is the distance you have to wade through the water. Not the same as the filter is to 1 underground pump, You have to go 10 meters and a vertical drop of ridding 1 meter high.

The best pumps incorporate flow regulator, so that, If the pump exceeds we bought our real needs, we can always reduce the flow pump that sends the filter. All these details on the flow are what we consider to choose the right pump.

Consumption-power pump

In most cases, Pond pump must work 24 hours a day. This steady performance influences energy expenditure and obviously, in the consumption bill. Lower consumption pumps are submerged, also called Sunken. Pumps run dry have greater energy consumption, and they are leaving use. These submerged pumps need little current, In addition we should not worry because you are in the water. They are protected so that the rotor is not obstructed and are very quiet. In the market we can find very low consumption pumps, but at the same time they are capable of having a high water flow.

Submersible pump water fountain or waterfall

Submersible pumps are hermetically sealed sources, to prevent the pump from being damaged by oxidation. One of the particularities of these pumps, it is the ability to raise the water flow. Some may raise up to eight meters without any problems. Another point to consider is if they have incorporated or not water level sensor. Pumps that incorporate maintain the fluidity and the height of the water automatically.

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