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Exterior Eden filter 501. Serie 500

The outer filter Eden 501, Belongs to the serie 500 Manufacturer of Eden. The great advantage and provide the Eden difference filters, it is the reduced space occupied, regarding similar filters from other manufacturers. Despite having a small footprint mount high performance pumps what, with compact structure filters, ensure high performance operation with a very low intensity noise. Its features make the external filter Eden 501, in an exclusive product within the range of aquarium canister filters.

Eden Filter Review 501

Filtrona Eden 501

  • Size of the aquarium: Until 60 liters
  • Caudal: 300 liters / hour, adjustable flow
  • Power: 5 W
  • Prefilter 280 cm3 / bio 450 cm3
  • Dimensions: 15 cm long x 9 cm deep x 16.5 cm high
  • 3 Years warranty

Technical characteristics of the external filter Eden 501

  • The Eden filter 501 meets the needs of filtration and oxygenation of an aquarium up 60 liters, as well as clean of impurities water aquarium, the filter is provided with a perforated bar, which it serves to oxygenate the surface of the aquarium.
  • The perforated bar can also be used as flow deflector, directing the flow of water.
  • In contrast to many filters, It works perfectly in freshwater or saltwater.
  • Due to its small size and rectangular shape, you can install it after the aquarium or aside. It is superb in places with little space.
  • Its noise level is very low, with respect to other filters in its category. It does this thanks to the pump motor is heat sealed. To help lower the noise level, the filter has rubberized feet, that keep in direct contact with the bearing surface, reducing vibration noise.
  • The head mounted filter system with safety, for prevent accidental leaks when performed maintenance tasks.
  • It is not necessary priming guide, It has a self-priming system through the filler cap of the filter compartment.
  • For maximum effectiveness, the filter performs a dual biological filtration recirculation, significantly reducing dirt in the aquarium, and increasing the useful life of other filter materials.
  • It comes with all Admission accessories, hoses and elbows.

Other filters Eden Series 500

Filtrona Eden 511

  • Size of the aquarium: Hasta one hundred twenty litros
  • Caudal: 600 liters / hour, adjustable flow
  • Power: eleven W
  • Pre-filtro de 1250cm3 / bio 700cm3
  • Dimensions: 20 cm long x 12 cm deep x 24 cm high
  • 3 Years warranty

Filtrona Eden 521

  • Size of the aquarium: Until 200 liters
  • Caudal: 800 liters / hour, adjustable flow
  • Power: 17 W
  • Pre-filtro 1500cm3 / bio 2200cm3/Filtro químico 600cm3, filtro was 1400 cm3, Filtro TOT 5700cm3
  • Dimensions: 29 cm long x 18 fondo cm x cm height forty two
  • 3 Years warranty

Filtrona Eden 522

  • Size of the aquarium: Until 300 liters
  • Caudal: 1.000 liters / hour, adjustable flow
  • Power: 23 W
  • Pre-filtro 1500cm3 / 3700cm3 bio / chemical filter 600cm3, filtro was 2100 cm3, Filtro TOT 7900cm3
  • Dimensions: 29 cm long x 18 cm deep x 42 cm high
  • 3 Years warranty

Eden series filters 500 heated

The Eden series 500, on filters 511, 521 Y 522, you can buy with heater. these heaters (not only in this manufacturer), They should not be used to heat water in the aquarium, are an auxiliary for the temperature of the water of the aquarium not drop too much during filtering. When water to submit the filtering process, and the ship outside the aquarium with an external filter, cooled. A returning to the aquarium, It has a lower temperature than the aquarium, generating a flow of cold water. The best filters, They are given the option of incorporating a heater, for that decrease is not noticeable. ¿Puede serve as heater aquarium?…could, but we would have to climb quite the temperature inside the filter, so that the aquarium has reached that fish need.

Installation and commissioning of the external filter Eden 501

all the Serie 500 Eden, It has the same features and parts, all that varies substantially the size of the filter. So this tutorial, It serves for installation and commissioning of any filter series 500 Eden.

The external filter components Eden

Implementation of the external filter Eden 501

As you will see opening the package, It is a real puzzler, but It is very easy to install, since all parts can only fit in one place. Go for it:

  1. The first thing we will, placing the protective rubber of the noise and also make slip (N), at the bottom of the filter.
  2. Separate head filter container. To get it, release clips and pulls them out.
  3. We will introduce all filter materials, But first the current will wash with water, without using any detergent. Will place the filter media (O) within the module designed to perform the biological filtration (I). Bioburden ceramic must have the same orientation as the cap (W) of the filter head, before closing head. The air tube, in the chamber of the impeller, It must be facing upwards.
  4. Close the filter, placing the clips in the locking notch of the container. Press inward, until they are in their position correctaâ € |escucharás a click.
  5. Open the cap (W) and completely fills the water filter. Put the cap back until it clicks into place. Moves the filter using the folding handle in the filter head (Models 521 Y 522).
  6. Fixed input modules and output the aquarium wall (clean thoroughly before attaching). Adjust the clips to the wall of the aquarium, depending on their dimensions, and insert both pieces in the first or second buttonhole of each clip (S). Adjusts the length of the suction tube, depending on the depth of the aquarium (Mod. 521 Y 522). Press and blocks the hoses on inlet and outlet, using the hose adapters.
  7. Connecting hoses on the connecting device (B). It is impossible to mistake you, but check that the inlet hose is IN, and hose output OUT. Blocks using locknuts. Adjusts the flow rate of the filter device using the input module, designed for this purpose.
  8. You can now connect the filter to the current, and start running.

Maintenance and cleaning

The Eden Series filters 500 They are very easy to clean and maintenance does not reverse any complications, If you follow the instructions.

  1. First, disconnects the current filter.
  2. Turning the device connecting hoses (B) with the filter to UNLOCK (to unlock), and remove hoses. Take the filter to a sink, to avoid any water manches. Open head filter, removing the clips pulling them out, until gasket (FROM) of the head is released. You can now lift the head of the filter container.
  3. Remove the prefilter (G) of the rotor chamber (G) pressing the notch of the lock, which it is within the head with the plug (W, models 521 Y 522).
  4. Extract the rotor unit (D). If you need to remove the bearings of the rotor chamber, insert pin of the rotor chamber in its corresponding hole. Clean the rotor carefully, the cushions, the camera, the prefilter and the rotor seat. Prefilters should always be cleaned with water from the aquarium, To avoid losing the bacterial colony that facilitates cycle nitrogen.
  5. Remounts all components, carefully so that everything is in its proper position, especially the air tube â,¬, which must be facing upwards.


The Eden series 500 It is perfect for aquarium mounts, where space is a real problem. As you can see, we are talking about external filters aquarium, at a really great price. Users who have purchased these filters, They are satisfied, highlight reliability and low noise. as observation, those who seem to be really happy are those who bought heater filters, but why (as I mentioned before) They claim that the heater the filter serves as a heater for the aquarium, when it is not their primary function.

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