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White Point Disease in Aquarium Fish

All fish ever had contact with the microorganisms that cause disease white point, as is present in the water. But do not get sick if they have high defenses. Is It is a deadly disease, highly contagious, but treatment can cure effectively and swiftly. Therefore it is elementary know if you own a home aquarium to take preventive measures, since it is one of the diseases of aquarium fish common.

ÀWhat it is the white spot disease?

The white spot disease, a Ictioftiriasis, lies in freshwater aquariums since it is intolerant of saline water. It may appear due to fungi by the poor condition of the water. It is recognized by start developing small white blisters barely half a millimeter in diameter, skin and gills. It is caused by a ciliated protozoa called Ichthyophthirius, which are some bacteria in moist environments. Once the fish is caught, if you have low defenses, the parasite uses to reproduce reactive and vertiginously. As a defense mechanism of the body reacts fish forming an inflammatory mucosa around the bacterium, to try to isolate it and prevent its evolution. That's when your body are those little white dots.

ÀWhat you have the white spot symptoms?

  • The main aspect that characterizes this disease is the appearance of small white spots.
  • Before protozoa appear, the fish begins to have behavioral changes: nervousness, They swim quickly and get irritable.
  • In cases where the micro organism already been seriously developed throughout the animal, This begins to rub against any object to scratch and relieve itching. This indicates that the parasite broke the mucous membrane and now affects you directly.
  • Once the fish has no appetite and breathing difficulties, the disease can lead quickly to death, so we must act quickly and treat, even before his health decline.

Treatment of white spot

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Before knowing how to treat white spot on aquarium fish, it is necessary know the life cycle of the parasite to understand the appropriate times when I attack him.

Life cycle of the parasite Ichthyophthirius

The parasite Ichthyophthirius It is always present in the water and staying at the fish, remaining dormant until it has a chance to reproduce. Depending on the state of the aquarium and fish defenses, This may or may not sick animal.

  • It is housed in the mucus of this in a state called trophont, once this period ends, breaks letting out millions of parasites.
  • When the parasite is spread on the substrate water, It is called Tomonte. At this stage they seek a fish in which to stay, not finding a living organism in 48 hours, the parasites die. At this stage it is suitable attack.
  • With 10 Deg parasite can complete its cycle Important 5 weeks. Conversely, if the temperature of the water is 21 O 23 Deg take only about four days. Hence It is recommended to apply the treatment after increasing the temperature, for this to favor their extermination.

After taking into account how it develops this bacterium, we can determine the states of vulnerability in which treatment will take greater effect. Chemical treatment is ineffective when the parasite is encapsulated in the skin of the fish.

Process to cure the white dot on aquarium fish

To proceed with the cure, after thermoregulation of the aquarium, should be kept off the light, the filter carbonless, increase oxygen and stable temperature 30 °C. With this thermotherapy can be used a puree treatment requires the administration of aquarium salt. When the water rises in temperature, cysts fall from the fish and become vulnerable, it is then that one may employ a teaspoon of salt aquarium (no table) For each 4 liters. Nevertheless, there are also some effective drugs, to treat white fish point:

  • Malachite green
  • Formalin
  • Methylene blue
  • Mercurocromo
  • Quinine sulfate or hydrochloride
  • metronidazole

Among others who may prescribe an expert, along with their specific dosages.

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Against white spot and other ectoparasites

Remove the white dot on marine fish

The ciliated protozoa Ichthyophthirius not withstand salt water, so part of the treatment to remove the white point consist of salt to add sea water aquarium, then ... ¿Como is that there is a white spot on marine fish? The white point of marine fish is caused by another parasite, the Cryptocarion irritans, which it is deadly against our aquarium fish. To combat it is necessary to know the level of stress suffered by the animals. After correcting this obstacle, It will apply the corresponding treatment, taking into account that in case of disease in marine fish, This type of process can take more than a month. Clarified this point, the use is recommended of copper sulfate, which it is a very effective antiparasitante, but causes the death of all invertebrate and hard water, therefore it must be administered in a quarantine tank. The Ektomarin is also a drug that fights infections, with which animals have more tolerance as it releases oxygen when administered. However it is less effective against Ichthyophthiriosis.

Tips to prevent the occurrence of white spot

It is important to always take precautions, not only with respect to the white spot disease, but with any disorder that can affect the health of our pets. In this case, as we have mentioned, The aquarium should receive constant maintenance. When we acquire a new fish, a preventive measure to not infect the rest with illness, I'm having it quarantined for a less 2 weeks, ruling out the possibility that infected come from another aquarium or pet store. Thoroughly clean and boil the accessories introduced in the fishbowl, not make sudden changes in temperature, ammonia levels, GH O pH. You have to feed the fish quality food, and vitamins.

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