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Co2 in the aquarium

Carbon dioxide (CO2) It is a highly water-soluble gas and is involved in the process of photosynthesis of plants, This is an essential nutrient for the living beings to plants since they take this fuel Carbon they need to grow and form tissue. If we are to mount a planted aquarium, we must know what are the requirements and demands that plants need to grow and develop.

¿Para What does the Co2 in the aquarium?

CO2 is very important in an aquarium as well as being one of the essential elements for optimal plant growth, It helps the stability of the system while maintaining the pH kH and balanced. If you have in mind to install an aquarium with lots of plants it is important that you consider that require a higher level of CO2 than normal. In an aquarium, plants absorb CO2 during the day and produce O2, This can be seen in easy view when bubbles around plants, which means that and releasing oxygen are being carried out photosynthesis. But plants not only absorb carbon from CO2, also they extracted from the water carbonates, which can destabilize the ecosystem of the aquarium if there are many plants. Carbonates in water are generated by the respiration of fish and bacteria. In an aquarium with few plants these carbonates are sufficient to meet the demands that they require to grow, but they limit their growth by lack of nutrients. In an aquarium with lots of plants carbon requirements will be higher, so they will consume a high rate carbonates in water, causing dangerous sudden changes in the pH of the water.

Why Book is necessary to add Co2 in the aquarium?

Injecting CO2 into the aquarium is important to prevent changes in pH and kH of the water, which can affect fish. Add CO2 enables plants to extract the carbon that require an easier way, saving energy to grow in all its splendor and form tissues. If you want your aquarium plants grow explosively must add good lighting, a good substrate Y fertilize with CO2, further, must exceed the height of half a meter and be profusely planted.

¿Cómo add Co2 to aquarium?

CO2 deficiency in an aquarium, results in the most demanding plants die because of lack of nutrients, and that there is a decrease in the kH of the water to the plant extract at a faster rate, thereby causing destabilization of the pH. There are many ways to add CO2 to your aquarium, there are natural methods and supplements that give good results in small aquariums and medium, but in a large aquarium most convenient is add CO2 by a professional team that diffuses the gas constant. To find out how much CO2 we add to our aquarium, it is advisable to use a Drop Checker we allow to know what the amount you need our aquarium, because everyone is different and has different needs. In all cases, You should check that the addition of this fuel in your tank does not harm fish, monitoring their behavior once added this fuel, but most likely eventually be beneficial for oxygenation of the aquarium.

Co2 professional team

Adding CO2 by a professional team It is the best choice since each time have knowledge that amount and you are adding to regulate it according to the needs of plants in your aquarium. exist equipment nano-aquariums and larger aquariums, and although it is a more expensive option is safer, more controllable and more customized to the needs of each aquarium.

Co2 kit for Aquarius

These are the elements needed to install a professional team CO2:

  • Rechargeable CO2 bottle: It is a steel or aluminum cylinder containing CO2 in its inside, when the gasoline is terminated can be recharged.
  • Pressure reducer: This allows to regulate manually or automatically CO2 pressure which is sent to the aquarium by including two manometers.
  • Solenoid valve: It allows to regulate the addition of CO2 automatically with the aid of a pH controller.
  • CO2 diffuser: allows optimum dissolution of the bubbles so that they may mix with the water of the aquarium and not lost in the surface.
  • Bubble Counter: although not absolutely necessary permits to control the CO2 which is added to the aquarium in order to adjust the pressure gauge.
  • timer: this is used to automatically common the amount of CO2 which is added to the aquarium by solenoid valve.
  • Computer common pH: This team monitors the pH and kept constant by regulating the addition of CO2 in the aquarium.

Co2 home aquarium

Too There is a simpler and less expensive way to add CO2 to your aquarium, but you must be careful to know what time to replace and calculate your needs aquarium plants at each stage of development. You should also monitor any problems that arise, how to watch out for avoid possible poisoning excess CO2 and destabilization of the pH. This method is recommended in small aquariums and is made by yeast fermentation, for this we will need:

  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Distilled water
  • 2L bottle of soda, and a small half-liter bottle
  • Dropper hospital system
  • check valve
  • Cotton
  • Silicone

Dissolve 200g Sugar liter of distilled water and then dissolve the 6 8gr yeast to 600ml of cold water, then all mixture in a bottle 2L.Bottle 2 liters communicates with a small half liter bottle of water is added in, to decanter and bubble counter. It places the system, joining the two bottles, and sealed with silicone. In less than 24 hours a curtain of bubbles should appear in the aquarium. It is necessary to measure the CO2 entering the aquarium using pH meters, because it added to the excessive amounts of the gasoline pH destabilizes.

Equipment for controlling the pH and Co2

  • Control easy and safe values ​​aquarium water. permanent direct measurement of the content of carbon dioxide and optimum pH value…
  • For management of fertilizer: Add reagent test kits and attach to the disc with permanent teats in the aquarium. (PH = 6.4 – 7,8),…
  • JBL online-laboratory: Regular Management for a healthy aquarium with natural conditions. for each water analysis
  • JBL offers Quick tests as you try and change coloration in the test water. Test the aquarium water healthy

chemicals to increase Co2 aquarium

exist other ways to add CO2 to our planted aquarium, While the above options are more effective and efficient.

  • CO2 tablets
  • Commercial liquid fertilizers
  • substrates nutritious
Co2 pills add to the aquarium

  • To supply CO2 to aquaria 60 hasta one hundred twenty litros
  • CO2 CO2 addition via tablets
  • CO2 practical and simple system dünges
  • CO2 tabs are simply in the bay of the CO2 diffusion reactor given

Here are some other ways to add this fuel to our aquarium, solo You must follow the directions of the manufacturer and monitor your plants and fish. Finally remember that the main idea of ​​all these systems, it is naturalize the effect that occurs spontaneously in natural habitat of each plant.

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