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carp Perla

  • Scientific name: Trichogaster camp
  • Common name: carp Perla, gurami mosaic
  • Tamaà ± or aquarium: 100 a 150 liters
  • Temperament: Peaceful and shy
  • Temperature: 22ºC a 27ºC
  • pH: 6 a 7.5
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Length: Until 12 cm


El carp perla It is an aquarium fish, which is also well known by its scientific name: Trichogaster camp. It belongs to the species of Belontiids (pez Betta, pez Paradise ), familia Trichogaster. We are facing a fish popular and well known among aquarists, for being easy to acclimatize and play, being at the reach of any beginner. If we can complain about something is that It is a fish that is somewhat timid, so that in a community tank must share space with other species related character.


In the aquarium rarely exceed 7 u eight centimeters, but released can measure up 12 centimeters. They have a flattened elongated body and, but gives the feeling of being somewhat wider than they really are by their anal fin, that runs through the belly of the fish and practically meets the caudal fin. Pectoral fins are transformed into barbells, that they serve as sensory organ to orient themselves in situations murky waters.

Coloration of the Pearl Gourami

Color silvery brown background, with certain shades of violet, covered with spots of a lighter color. Her body, It is crossed horizontally by a zigzagging band of dark brown coloration that goes from the mouth, to finish near its tail fin. A the same as most Trichogaster, It has a black spot on the base of the tail.

sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism is often seen as the fish ages. When young specimens, It is more difficult to appreciate the difference, but as time passes can be seen as the male has a dorsal fin and anal more elongated than in the female, ending slightly tapered. At the time of spawning males intensify their colorful and take on a tone orange on its ventral area. The coloration of the female is duller, with colors brownish and whitish belly. Also usually a tamaà ± or slightly smaller than males, and fins instead of ending in a point, rounded.

Distribution and habitat

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They are present in many locations, although their home countries are Malaysia, Borneo y Sumatra. They live in ponds, streams, swamps and rivers of quiet streams, with densely vegetated.

Aquarium conditions

They need a spacious aquarium, densely planted in which we must include floating aquarium plants. At the same happens with Bettas, have an organ called labyrinth breathing surface, so he must try a relatively warm surface moist environment. There are aquarists covering the aquarium with a movie, to provide this environment. As fish are calm waters, we must ensure that the flow within the aquarium is rather weak. The temperature of the water must be maintained in the vicinity of the 22Ã,ºC to 27Ã,ºC, with a pH between 6 Y 7.5. They prefer soft water, slightly acidic.


We will not give feeding problems, because they are omnivorous. The basis of the diet must build from quality dry food flakes, granulos Ideally there be supplemented with insect larvae. Personally I prefer to use artemia or any other lyophilized product. You can also use frozen. They should feed the least twice a day, with food they can eat for a few minutes, without ending up in the bottom of the aquarium.


They are very peaceful fish, shy and reserved, they need to live in an aquarium or large tamaà ±, with a profusion of vegetation and hiding places of refuge. It can coexist with other fish species, having similar habits and above all, quiet.

compatible fish with pearl Gurami


The popularity of the Pearl Gourami is based on that are easy to acclimatize, they are quiet, but are also relatively easy to play for a beginner. They can breed in a community aquarium, but it is recommended to put an aquarium start, you must have a 50 liters for an adult couple Gouramis. to spawn They need the aquarium has a lot of surface plants, and background in dark tones. Around plants surface, the male construct his bubble nest in which the female will deposit a 1.000 eggs. It is important that the male is kept separate from the female until the time of mating, but there must be visible contact. Once the eggs are laid, the female will retire from the aquarium. The fry will be born last just over forty-eight hours, remaining in the bubble nest for about four days. Then the male should withdraw. The fry will feed at first infusoria, as they grow older they can be given brine shrimp.

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