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Apple snail

  • Scientific name: Pomacea bridgesii
  • Common name: apple snail, snail mystery
  • Size of the aquarium: 10 liters per snail
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: 20ºC a 26ºC
  • pH: 6,5 a 8
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Length: 4,5 a 7 cms.


The name of apple snail It is often used to refer to the whole genus Pomacea, although one of the best known is the acuariofilia Pomacea bridgesii. It is also notorious for its invasive aspect in Spanish rice in the Delta of the Ebro, as It is a species very resistant to adverse situations (why it is so easy to care for in an aquarium), and in turn it is very voracious. Invasive species detected is Pomacea maculata, considered one of the hundred most harmful invasive species in the world, and it is now banned marketing.


The apple snail (Pomacea bridgesii), which usually can be found in aquariums It is colored orange-yellow or gold, although there are other varieties of apple snail ivory tones, purple, rosa, blue, jade and a variety called wild, which it is dark coloration striped. His body is very pale in color varieties gilded, but in others the snail can have a dark body, fucking black. Another aspect that keeps him as a very attractive aquarium snail, is the fact that in the adult can measure up 7 centimeters. They are considered one of the snails for freshwater aquarium larger. Pomacea bridgesii snails They have lungs and gills, allowing him to live outside the aquarium water, withstand periods of drought or water not containing the proper amount of oxygen. They possess an organ called the siphon that serves to breathe. It is a skinfold, located on the left side of the neck and they use when they are submerged in the aquarium.

sexual dimorphism

Most are hermaphroditic snails, no sex, but in the apple snail if there are differences: apple snails are female and male. It is easy to appreciate the difference between the sexes, except in light shade (yellow, or chestnut cream) where you can see differences between the spirals of shell, when they have a 2 centimeters in diameter. In the female of the apple snail the first turns of the spiral is dark brown shade, and it is where is located the ovary. Males have a uniform shell, without color deference.

Distribution and habitat

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The apple snail It is native to Central America, Southern US and South America. It can be found in all types of freshwater, provided they do not have much depth and are slow: rivers, marshes, irrigation channels, ponds and pools. They are able to adapt to many situations. If they find a very low temperature or outside water, They can overwinter without any problems.

Aquarium conditions

They are not too picky about the quality of water, but for a perfect acclimatization, the temperature should be between 20 and 26ºC, with a pH between 6,5 y eight (pH meter for aquarium). They can be adapted to live in coldwater aquarium without any problem, inactive but remain at a temperature below 18 ° C, Conversely, more active at higher temperatures will be displayed. Water should be rather acidic and hard, to maintain its shell in perfect condition. As for the size of the aquarium it is not very important, provided that available some 10 liters per adult snail. What if is important is to cover the aquarium, because they can easily escape and live perfectly out of the water. A good idea is to place areas where they can feel safe, if they share space with fish. This effect can be placed logs or ornaments. The aquarium can have abundance of Plants for aquarium, although they are very voracious and can end all. Aquarium gravel should be fine, to avoid damage to the reptar for it.


They are omnivorous, They eat almost anything they can find, but they prefer to feed on plant. Aquarium plants, and any green vegetable algae serve them food: chard, € Pepinosa | We can supplement your diet with bloodworms and brine shrimp, as well as food dry and flaked fish pills background. They are also able to eat other snails, or their eggs if they find no other food. We may be tempted to use a lot of food (They are slow eating), and pollute the aquarium quickly.

Behavior and compatibility

They are very peaceful, They can coexist with any species of freshwater fish. They are these fish, which can cause problems for the apple snail and not the reverse. Given this recommendation, it is best to keep him away from the fish with more territorial how habits cichlids, Tetras, Angel fish…. They are nocturnal, generally they show more active in low light.


Apple snails to breed in the aquarium is necessary to have males and females. If we are not sure sex (quite difficult to know) it is best to have a few copies in the aquarium.

  • Facilitate playing with water at 24ºC.
  • We know which is the male, because placed on the female copulate and for several hours.
  • When fertilization is over, the female can take up to two months to make the first start egg. It will seek an out of the water to start.
  • It is convenient leave a space without water about 10 centimeters to the top of the aquarium. The night usually be set, which is when their activity is higher.
  • The eggs are pink color, passing white when cured. The female placed one to one, forming a small cluster.
  • Hatching takes place in a period of between one and four weeks, depending on temperature.
  • At the beginning they are very small, and we really be fed in can chew soft smooth.
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