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Anubias Nana

  • Scientific name: Anubias Barteri, Nana variety
  • Common name: Anubias Nana
  • Temperature: Between 22 and 28 ° C
  • pH: Between 5.5 y eight.5
  • gH: Between 6th and 12th
  • Difficulty level: Easy care
  • Increase, height: You can reach 15 cms.


Anubias Nana, They are aquatic plants of the family Anubias, which in turn they are a species that is derived from the barteri Anubias, It is one of the smallest specimens. They are very popular in the aquarium hobby for their particular characteristics increase, very slow (1 sheet may take a month to develop) and extended, which it makes them magnificent plants to the foreground of the aquarium. Nor should we neglect the fact that they are a all-terrain, suitable for any amateur who begins his first aquarium and still does not have much control over the quality of the water in the aquarium. Perfectly grow totally submerged, even if also it admits that part of the plant is outside the aquarium, what it makes it a desirable plant for acuaterrario.

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  • They are very small aquarium plants, not exceed 15 centimeters high.
  • They grow compact, you could say that are shrubby.
  • They have a very grateful coloration ranging from light green to bright dark, when plants are adult. The undersides of the leaves is clearer.
  • Its leaves are leathery, oval and are between three cms 5 cms wide, and ones 6 cm long.
  • its rootstock must be fastened to a rock or a log, for the plant to start compacting. Should not completely bury, to prevent rot.
  • You can reach flourish, although within the aquarium it is not too frequent. Doing so, its flower is creamy white, with stigma yellow.

Distribution and habitat

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  • Mide el pH de 6,four a 9,zero.

The genre of Anubias It is endemic to tropical Africa: Senegal, Angola, Zaireâ € | Growing at the edge of rivers, with roots and rocks snagged remains of trunks, under the shade of trees.


Have a rhizome extending laterally. When new leaves appear, This rhizomes can be divided and obtain new plants. As is a plant that can live and flourish out of the water, it would be possible sexual reproduction, by pollinating flowers. This form of reproduction is very complicated and not worth a try, It is faster and more effective division of the rhizome.


No need for extra fertilizer input, They are able to survive perfectly with nitrates that come from fish excretions. It seems that if you subscribe so common, and lighting is higher, You can increase flowering, but in return the plants can be attacked by algae. Nor is it necessary extra contributions of CO2, even if done its growth would be much faster and vigorous.


Pure in its environment They live under the shade of trees, so thank dim lighting. My recommendation is that you use LED screens, which you can more easily regulate. It's not that do not support strong light, in this case the plant growth will be higher, although at the expense of a greater amount of algae. If we fish in the aquarium designed to remove algae, It would not be major problem.


Anubias Nana They are very strong and resistant plants, with a very slow growth. We can expect a sheet appears to month, under conditions suitable for iluminaciónâ € |puede grow, If the lighting is strong. Rarely have problems, though one may arise.


One that we can find is that leaves amarillen, what is called chlorosis. If we look at the leaves get yellow, it is possible that we are passing us reduce lighting, but also it may be due to missing nutrients. Fish in an aquarium does not have to happen, but in a planted aquarium It may be that situation, if you do not get enough light and nutrients are absorbed by larger plants.

Attack by algae

Another situation that we can find is the attack by algae. When filamentary, Typical aquarium, They are easy to remove and if we peces otocinclus, and surely we realize. There is some seaweed, how seaweed green dot that can attack. These algae are not pleased algae eaters, and its appearance is due to strong exposure to light. In these cases it is best to move the plants to a place with less light, or lower the light output of the aquarium.

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Anubias barteri, nana variety

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