Vallisneria It is a group aquatic plants only live underwater, although sometimes it can emerge above the water line and flourish. Its leaves are acintadas, denticuladas in their limbs and measure, from a few millimeters up to four centimeters wide, Y length can reach two meters in the case of the Vallisneria gigantea. They grow very quickly, They reproduce easily and good resistance to different conditions water quality, so they are a superb plant for novice aquarists, placed on the back of the aquarium.

Distribution and habitat

They are plants from tropical and subtropical areas, but adapts well to other types of weather situations, so you can find anywhere around the world. It is easy to find in fresh waterways forming true prairie.

Aquarium conditions

Although it is a very resistant plant, to withstand adverse conditions, If we want to grow well, the aquarium should provide the following conditions:

  • Temperature: Between 15 and 22 ° C
  • pH: 6 a eight.5
  • GH: between 4 ° to 20 °

It is advisable to make regular pruning, to keep the Vallisneria within an order.


They are plants that lighting need medium to strong, because in the countryside in the central part of watercourses. It will grow better illumination between 0.5W / l and 1W / l, rising to become an invasive plant. A lower illumination, O,5W/l o menos, will grow smoothly, but it will cost spread naturally. They can be grown with other plants, provided that we place on the back of the aquarium, where not detract prominence to the rest.

Substrate and fertilizer

Not need a substratum specific, even if we provided one of good quality, As the Manado JBL, growth will be much more lush. As for the payment, Nor is a plant specific or subscriber need special contribution Co2, but if we offer it will have a much faster growth and abundant.


The simplest reproduction is through stolons, although it could also be the case of sexual reproduction through their floresâ € |aunque this situation within the aquarium is quite rare. The plant will produce small plants that arise through their roots. We'll see how a small side branches that grow over time have their own roots. We can separate them when they have a height of a few centimeters, having a completely separate plant.

Vallisneria varieties

There are several commercial varieties we can buy. Perhaps the most fashionable of all is the Vallisneria gigantea, but not the only:

  • Asian vallisneria. biwaensis variety This is a variety of Vallisneria with twisted leaves and grow quite slow, compared to the rest of the other Vallisnerias.
  • Vallsineria gigantea It is a plant native to New Zealand, with sheets measuring up 4 centimeters wide, Y 2 meters long. It is the variety of larger, only suitable for the back of the aquarium.
  • Vallisneria gracilis It has a rather small development, reaches only measure between 25 and forty centimeters high.
  • Vallisneria spiralis Vallisneria is a very well-liked among aquarists half the world. It reproduces too easily by stolons.
  • Vallisneria tortifolia Vallisneria is more desirable when the aquarium is small.

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