The Trachinidae or family Traquínidos It is not routine in marine aquarium particular, rather it is a species that is often displayed in public aquariums. They are not fish that have great appeal for display, no dazzling colors, or they have behavioral habits especially attractive, the opposite, benthic fish are adapted to live hidden in the seabed.


They are fish elongated body, anal fin and dorsal elongated. They have strong spines covering the gills and dorsal fin, all they linked with poison glands, by the Traquínidos they are well known, like other famous fish: Lion fish, Scorpion fish Lack swimbladder, so much they strive to move, and forced to keep much of the time half-buried in the seabed waiting for their prey, usually small fish and crustaceans.


They live at different depths, from the banks, to depths that reach 200 meters. They prefer beds thin area or mud, where it finds its food easily through May.


The Trachinidae family consists of eight species, all live near the coast. Four of these species belong to European shores, for us the best known is the Pez Spider, Trachinus Draco, present on the coast of northeastern Africa, much of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

Spider fish

Description2 the index article1 Morfología2.1 dimorphism Sexual2.2 ¡¡Cuidado!! Fish bite the Araña3 Distribution and Hábitat4 conditions for Aquarium Fish Araña5 Dieta6 Behavior and Reproduction Compatibilidad7 Spider Description Fish (Trachinus draco) It is a marine poisonous fish, belonging to the family Trachinidae. Although not a fish too standard in home aquariums, It requires little care, which it makes it very easy to maintain. No need for an aquarium with many decorations, They are carnivores, sedentary, nocturnal and spend much of the day hidden under the earth. Morphology The fish spider has an average length of 25 ...