Freshwater turtles

If you are considering have a freshwater turtle as a pet, You have chosen a good partner. However, It is essential that you know well these reptiles, so that you can provide the right conditions for it to develop healthy and happy. First, You should take note They are cold-blooded animals, so it is important common body temperature. Habitat should mimic your home turtle as far as possible the Pure habitat in which they are. Understand the characteristic behavior of these animals will help you better understand your pet turtle, and thus be able to identify if something is not quite right for the.

Types of turtles freshwater aquarium

When we talk about Fresh water turtles aquarium, There is a wide variety. Nevertheless, We tell you the three most popular types:

Florida turtle or red-eared slider

They are the most common species in homes, type semi aquatic. Measuring an average between 12 Y 20 centimeters, although in some cases can reach up to forty cm. They spend most of the time in the water, Nevertheless love sunbathing on rocks or trunk so common body temperature.

Tortoise yellow ears

This species of turtle It has marked lines of yellow color on its tail, legs and head. Its shell has toned brown and yellow stripes, with a flattened shape. females differ from males, since the latter have wider legs and longer tail. Their average size is 20 a 30 centimeters.

Tortuga de Cumberland

This subspecies of tortoise shell has an oval, with a olive green coloration specific supplemented with yellow spots. The neck and head are darker yellow keeping this time as lines. Its size is on average between 17 to the 21 centimeters long.

Recommendations for care of domestic turtle aquarium

You wanna know how to care for a turtle water? Below we will share information on relevant turtle care and attention. First Important is very important to consider that small pet turtles, They are aquatic. This means that they spend most of their lives underwater, so it will be necessary Leave a home tortuguero that gives your pet the space you need. On the other hand, It is key to understand that buy a terrapin as a pet is a responsibility which requires specific care.

Terrariums turtle

A being an aquatic animal, It is important that sufficient habitat containing water, Therefore it is important to acquire a fishbowl or turtle aquarium, also known as tortugario. Additionally, your fish tank water turtle must meet certain requirements important that give all comforts your pet. In the sure you meet these requirements will be ensuring living conditions conducive for your water turtle.

Features of the aquarium for turtles

As we mentioned above, your aquarium turtles pair should have a number of specific qualities, to imitate Pure habitat of this species. Consider some requirements:

  • Size: taking into account that some species of aquatic turtles can grow up to forty centimeters, it is ideally suited to have an aquarium large enough to allow her to swim comfortably. Likewise, the depth of the water is between perfect 15 Y 20 centimeters.
  • Land area: in addition to the aquatic space, the tank must have an area without water so that the turtle can dry and sunbathe comfortably.
  • Ramp: It recommends adding a small ramp to allow the turtle move from the water to the dry area where it will rest. Complements the aquarium

For the purpose of keep absolutely clean and the perfect temperature for your turtle aquarium, It is essential to have some accessories that complement the operation of the fishbowl.

  • First, It is important to note that water turtles need an exposure time of approximately 2 from 3 hours of light photo voltaic. If that is not possible, It is recommended to install a lighting system with a UV-B lamp on the dry zone, plus a bulb that provides heat to this area.
  • On the other hand, the temperature of the water is also important, and should be between 25 ° and 28 °. To maintain the appropriate temperature It recommended the use of a termocaentador terrapins.
  • Finally, cleaning the fish tank will be key, so it is important having a filtration eliminating all debris and impurities from the water.

Cleaning the tortuguera

First is recommended to check the space every time you eat turtle, so you make sure to immediately remove debris. Additionally, Periodic cleaning is necessary, it is supreme turtle move to another space as you do. Remove all accessories and, Y washing space using a sponge or brush. Use unscented soap and let dry in the sun all accessories. Fill the bowl again, and wait two hours before returning the turtle to your space.

ÀWhat water turtles eat?

these animals They are carnivores, although they can also eat vegetables. Nevertheless, Splendid what they feed it feed water turtles, designed to provide nutritional support they require.

¿Cuánto time live turtles?

This type of pet animals in condition They have a lifetime of between 10 Y 20 years, Nevertheless, their life expectancy is directly affected by food, conditions of your aquarium, temperature, and so forth.

HOW TO FIND buy turtles?

If you want to have pet turtles we recommend you visit specialized stores places like turtles, and pet stores specializing in aquariums. In this way you can even purchase all necessary accessories for your space. further, You can seek advice from the characteristics of the Children turtles If the little ones are those who have this pet.