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Rasbora Galaxy

  • Scientific name: Denmark margaritatus, Celestichthys above margaritatus
  • Common name: Rasbora Galaxy, Microrasbora Galaxy, Celestial Pearl Danio
  • Size of the aquarium: Minimum 30 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 22 ° and 28 ° C
  • pH: Between 6 Y 7.5
  • Diet: Omnivoros
  • Length: Between 1 Y 1,5 centimeters


The fish Rasbora galaxy o microrasbora galaxy it is scientifically known as Denmark Margaritatus, It is a fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family (ciprínidos). His name is because your skin has an attractive design that looks like stars in a distant galaxy. It is an endemic species of Inle Lake, a Myanmar (Burma). This is a lake destined to pasture cattle, It is located 884 meters high and is between 2.10 and three.6 meters deep. Has several gated channels used for irrigation and livestock water The Galaxy Rasbora is a relatively new species, as hardly it was discovered in mid-year 2006, what makes a recent species in the aquarium. Their discovery was published in the British magazine Practical Fishkeeping and quickly became a sensation in the US and Europe.

Danio Margaritatus endangered ¿En?

It was the impact of such a commercial success, the same magazine announced its discovery, public in May 2007 that ... they face the threat of being eliminated by the acuariofilia ". Habitat damage was such that the Myanmar government banned their trade at that time. Nevertheless, He was fortunate that their habitat was ignored by collectors and had not realized it was a fish species Denmark, which they are very easy to breed. And the Galaxy Rasbora is no exception, and there are many successful experiences of offspring in captivity. Nowadays, to have them in aquariums is simpler, but man's greed leads almost to extinction.


These are the main physical and morphological characteristics of the Danio Margaritatus:

  • Size: It has small dimensions, is elongated ellipsoidal, and reaches a maximum length of 1,5 centimeters in adulthood.
  • Head: It is flat on the sides, Y the body of the fish He is short and pudgy.
  • fins: The anal and dorsal fins are very symmetrical, finding somewhat delayed in the body. They are transparent, with horizontal stripes are orange, crossed by other bands narrower, black and blue
  • Color: The body is metallic blue, which is dotted with white spots or yellow, to resemble a starry sky. Colors vary in intensity according to your mood, light intensity and quality of water.

Sexual dimorphism

It is very easy to differentiate sex when they are in good health.

  • Females tend to be slightly larger than males and they have a more rounded body shape, especially when they go to spawn, since they have more belly bulged, They have a greenish blue coloring, and stains the body are cream to golden color and do not extend in front of the stomach.
  • Males have more intense colors, the color of the body of a metallic blue deep, bands and rays are very intense reddish orange coloration. The spots on the body are white shade náautomobile.
  • Males have pelvic fins reddish shade with two black strips, while females may have a black stripe, but not two as in the case of males.

Distribution and habitat

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They are endemic to the lago Inle located in Shan State, in northern Myanmar (Burma).

Aquarium conditions

Because of their small size, You can be quietly in a small aquarium or nanoacuario, We stay away as long as the Galaxy Rasbora larger fish can see you as prey. The experiences of breeders and lovers of aquarium fish, indicate that They prefer water well oxygenated or current, in well planted aquariums. The ideal aquarium should have minimum capacity 50 liters, even if They can live alone in an aquarium 20 liters. It recommended are 30 liters for a minimum place of un cardumen 10 copies, and that is an aquarium with many plants so that they can hide, because they are usually shy and skittish. Parameters water should be the following:

  • temperature 22 a 28 °C
  • pH: 6 a 7,5
  • gH: 3º-6th


It is an omnivorous fish their habitat and feeds mainly on small invertebrates, algae and zooplankton. If you are in an aquarium you can eat fish food small dried flakes or scales. Small live animals such as daphnia, Artemia newly hatched microworms and oats also serve you food.

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Behavior and Compatibility

It is a very peaceful fish, asset and something scary. Lives in shoals, so if it is kept in aquariums, so perfect is to have at least 6 copies and maximum 10, depending on the size of the aquarium. Males can be a little territorial between them spawning period. His best mates are often the shrimp aquarium, small snails, American cichlids and small fish.


It is preferable that in the breeding aquarium there are more females than males to reduce fights and stress, preferably overgrown or java moss spawning. The relationship is ideally suited 1 male for 3 females. After spawning, it is advisable to remove the vegetation and moss with eggs to an aquarium-paridera, prepared for this function. Hatching will occur to 3 O 4 days. four days later, fry consume the yolk sac and begin to swim. From the moment they were fed three to four times a day, with very little food, size range 5 Y 50 micron diameter. Later you will be provided with Artemia nauplii.


If you are considering for your aquarium Galaxy Rasbora, You will be making a great choice, which will give a lot of eye candy and originality to your collection. It is very easy to maintain, and it is one of the most beautiful fish we can get.

Pictures and photos of Galaxy Rasbora

Video Danio Margartitatus, Rasbora Galaxy

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