Pomacentrids (Pomacentridae)

The Pomacentrids They are a family of marine fish, we all know under the name clownfish and damselfish damselfish or. They are fish that They are living in tropical seas, in shallow water, near the rocks where they find shelter. They are usually small fish, short body and bright colors. They are marine fish recommended for beginners, why They are not problematic in their acclimation, eat everything and can share with other marine aquarium fish are not large. Another interesting point with Pomacentrids, is that They are among the few tropical species that breed successfully in captivity. For a novice who begins, This will be quite complicated, but an amateur marine aquariums with experience, You can get reproductions successfully.

Clown fish common

Amphiprion ocellaris The Amphiprion (Clownfish) grouped fifteen species for marine aquarium. They are easy to acclimatize and do not need a huge and complicated installation. With a pond 50 l can have a pair of clownfish and anemone. Common clownfish is the most popular marine fish, and if we play marine fish in aquarium, It would be the most appropriate. The female can be between 9 Y 11 centí­metros, the male is smaller. If we decide to have a pair of clown fish in an aquarium, We must accompany an anemone, where they seek refuge. The aquarium should be maintained at a pH greater than 8, a temperature of 27ºC and a density of 1.025. Water must be renewed frequently for the welfare of fish, and to stimulate egg laying. See: Clownfish

Clownfish dorsal side

Amphiprion acallopistus This clownfish You need a larger aquarium, about 200 liters. Although no problems for spawning, is not easy to get to successfully carry out the fry, because they do not accept artificial foods. They measure between 7 Y 10 centí­metros, Males are smaller.

Clownfish red

Amphiprion frenatus This clownfish It is native to the islands Filipipnas and South China Sea. Only has a white stripe, near cappings, it retains throughout life. It's a fairly peaceful fish, you can share space with other clownfish, but if we combine several species of clownfish, relationships can become aggressive. They have a size between 12 Y 15 centí­metros, and they need a large aquarium. They must have an anemone that protect, around which usually swim.

Green damselfish

Chromis viridis The Maiden fish It can be kept in an aquarium with other species, not aggressive, although they are territorial. During the spawning season, the male defines its territory and mates with several females, so it must have its own space within the aquarium. Grow to about eight centimeters, and they need an aquarium of about 200 liters. See: Green Damsel fish

domino fish

Dascyllus trimaculatus It is a very original fish in coloration, formed by three white spots on black background. It is a kind resistant, that it is acclimated well to a marine aquarium, ideally suited for inexperienced amateurs, who they want to enter the marine aquarium. It is possible to raise them in captivity, since they have no problems for spawning, although if we are to succeed, it is necessary to provide a proper diet to fry. are about 10 centimeters and are ideal for an aquarium invertebrates.

Blue damselfish

Pomacentrus caerulea They have a very spectacular bright blue shade that makes, striking and easily recognizable. further, It is not an expensive fish, it appropriate for beginners in the hobby of marine aquariums. Son originating in the tropical zones of the ocean ?? t ndico and Pacific, where you can find near the rock formations. Although sometimes it displays aggressive attitudes, it is possible to keep an aquarium with other fish of the same family. are about 10 centí­metros