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Pez Volador Zorro

  • Scientific name: Epalzeorhynchus kallopterus, bearded kallopterus
  • Common name: Fish flying fox
  • Size of the aquarium: 200 liters
  • Temperament: Territorial and aggressive towards their own species
  • Temperature: Between 20 and 26 ° C
  • pH: Between 6 Y 7.5
  • Diet: Omnivoros
  • Length: 15 cms


Fox Flying Fish (Epalzeorhynchus) It is a fish warm water aquarium, Family cyprinids. This is a very active fish, which usually shows indifferent to other species, although it is quite territorial with others of the same species, becoming aggressive in adulthood.


It is a very elongated fish (fusiforme), You can measure 15 centimeters in length. On the part of the belly is slightly flattened, although the basic aspect is that is fairly cylindrical. In your head , the most characteristic is the mouth is slightly ahead, and it hang two pairs of small barbells. His eyes are on the sides.


Its most outstanding feature, and that makes this fish very attractive for the aquarium, is the black band that runs through your body, which runs from the eye to the caudal fin its ultimate. Above the band, fox flying fish, It has another line delimiting the golden shade above. There is some confusion with fish related aspect, partly attributed to there being trade names may be misleading, as false or flying fox flying fox siamese. Compared to other species, This fish is easy to differentiate, why its fins have white edges, red and black, besides having two pairs of barbells.

Distribution and habitat

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They are fish originating in southern Thailand and the Greater Sunda Islands (Malaysia): Borneo, Java and Sumatra. In natural state, They found in streams and rivers with rocky or sandy substrates, with high amounts of oxygen. They have certain migratory habits, moving to the flooded areas in the rainy season.

Aquarium conditions

The Flying Fox are very resistant, but do not support what is a small aquarium. need an aquarium at least have 200 liters of water, in which we retain 20C and 26ºC, with a pH between 6 Y 7.5 (value near Impartial), a water hardness of the water hardness from 5 Y 12 Â ° GH. The size of the aquarium is indicative. You may need a larger size in a community tank, where several species of fish coexist different. An advice. When we are buying a new copy, we introduce the bag into the aquarium, so that the temperature of the water to go acclimating.

Aquarium decoration

The aquarium should mimic its habitat Pure, a stream of river. The substrate should be composed aquarium gravel, some sand and larger stones, which they can serve as a refuge and as markers of its territory. It must be complemented by the addition of roots and plants floating. It is a fish that is usually fed algae, so bright lighting will be ideal, to encourage the growth of algae. They do not tolerate the accumulation of organic waste, so we must ensure a good cleaning of the aquarium, along with a high level of oxygen and moderate water movement, something that mimics the stream coming.


Fox Flying Fish is omnivorous, or whether they can basically eat all kinds of food, proteins, vegetables and dry food. even so, It is recommended to maintain a specific diet, to maintain the overall health of the specimens.

ÀWhat eat fish Flying Fox?

In the aquarium you can offer them all, even if Your diet should revolve around algae, which it is their main food in its natural state. Diet that is provided in the aquarium, he should add small crustaceans, insects and larvae. To maintain its better color and in order to prolong his life, should be offered regularly live foods and if not possible frozen, as worms, Daphnia y Artemia. Too We can accompany specific dry food, flakes and granules. As like the vegetable food, It is good thought Accompany your food with fresh peas shelled, spinach, Lettuce leaves, even chopped fruit, always in small pieces. They are sensitive to infections, so the vegetables that offer them, They must have previously been blanched.

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How to feed

Once established diet, must be you plan a schedule in which proportional food, it is advisable twice on. When we add the food to the fish tank, the fish will rise to consume. At this time They may be more aggressive, fighting each copy to appropriate as much food, To avoid spreading the food recommended by the surface, removing that Uneaten. In mating season should increase their protein intake, adding as many worms and Daphnia. Once mating season passes, we must progressively reducing the consumption of proteins, which aim to encourage Spawning. If you know that the life expectancy of the fish Flying Fox, directly related to their diet, coming to live up 6 years with a diet rich in vegetables. They are sensitive fish aquarium conditions. If we find that they stop eating, or eating less, It is that something happens, the aquarium conditions are not right and notice.

Behavior and compatibility

When they are small, fox sailfish shown a little shy. It is customary to hide among the rocks. As far as an adult, it is becoming more aggressive and territorial, especially with species of comparable appearance and in tight spaces. Females in spawning season, They can get to grips with males, since they are substantially larger. As is usually a fish swimming along the bottom of the aquarium, if we seek to share space with other species, it is splendid avoid fish that have a comparable behavior. It is a very active swimmer, so you can get to annoy other varieties that are quieter. To the top of the aquarium, we can to choose ciprínidos who are active and strong. Their life expectancy under normal conditions is between 4 a 6 years.


Although commercial level, if it is a fish that can be played, in the aquarium still has not managed to reproduce successfully.


Although it is a very in style fish aquarium, it is not easy to maintain your ideal conditions, not to mention his temper somewhat aggressive. They tend to sell well, by the argument that They feed on algae, keeping the aquarium clean of Mimas.

Diseases fox flying fish

It is a fish that not sick easily, but as with all living species, under certain circumstances may suffer physiological disorders. If detected that is kind, which may suffer varying degrees of stress, If the aquarium conditions are not right. For example, if you have no partner, It has inadequate nutrition, the temperature is not correct or share the space with too many fish aquarium, You can get sick. You can detect that something happens, when the black band so characteristic, begins to lose color and becomes paler, although it may also change color if they get scared, although there is in these cases give greater importance. In any case, the best thing is to maintain a sufficient space and monitor pH conditions (use a good pH meter) and suitable temperature, In this way we prevent the emergence of any kind of illness.

Types of flying fox

As I commented before, They may occur misidentification, because there are three fish belonging to the same genre, with morphological features similar, but in the background they are different. It is important that we learn to distinguish, because stores may be labeled incorrectly.

Fish Siamese Flying Fox

Siamese flying fox fish, It is the less sociable of these thresher sharks, He likes to swim alone and is much more aggressive and territorial, also do not like eating algae, especially red bearded and filamentous. morphologically, It differs from the fox flying fish, why the black stripe running through it, It decreases its thickness to the caudal fin reaches, while the fox flying fish, the thickness does not decrease.

Fake fish Flying Fox. Garra

Flying fox false, If you eat algae, but not red. Territorial and aggressive, like other fish flying fox, too is aggressive even with females, except in mating season. It is distinguished morphologically, why no black band in its longitudinal fin, while in the other two, reaches the ultimate of the fish. If we mix them in the aquarium, They could fight to death.

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