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Pez Molly, Poecilia

  • Scientific name: Poecilia
  • Common name: Molly
  • Size of the aquarium: 80 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 24º and 26º
  • pH: Between 7 Y 8,5
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Length: eight cms, males. 12 cms, the females


Molly is a fish of the family poeciliids, which in turn they are included within the group of Cyprinodontiformes. Surely you have noticed, who they are close family of the pez Guppy, with gender and family sharing. There are many varieties of fish Molly, some from nature and other fruit of numerous crosses between different species.


The Molly adults They can measure between 5 Y 12 centimeters, depending whether they are male or female. have a algargado body, with a head and mouth slightly pointy, where teeth are sharpened. Their fins have soft rays. The coloration of the fish is very diverse Molly, the result of different crossings done by aquarists. In its natural state this fish is black and mottled yellow, however we found Molly sale of black color, orange, I marmoleado, White, Red, dorado, Dalmatian, albinoâ € ¶The amount is large and occasionally, We surprised us with a new hybrid Molly fish. To distinguish Guppy, the Molly have a thicker body and fins are not elongated, rather rounded.

Mollys distinguish males and females, sexual dimorphism

In the fish Molly, It can be differentiated from the sex 2 the three months to live. This is great information, If we want to establish a breeding program Mollys, or maintain a good balance in the aquarium. These are the main morphological differences between males and females Mollys:

  • anal fin. The anal fin is located near the tail, in the ventral (down). Molly males, They have the elongated fin and tube shaped. This is his reproductive organ, the gonopodium. In females, the anal fin is fan-shaped.
  • Size. Males usually measure between 5 and eight centimeters long, while females can centimeters.
  • Shaped body. Females have a body more rounded than males, sleeker, thin and elongated.
  • Coloration. Molly males have brighter colors and more striking than females.

Types of Molly

When we talk about Molly fish we are generalizing, and including the Molly fish name a good choice of poeclilias. Some of the best known and can be found in aquariums around the world are:

Molly fish ball

Molly ball, It has the same characteristics as the rest of the Mollys, but it is more rounded and with a paunch. The colorations of these fish, They are similar to the rest of the Mollys.

Molly Molly fish tail sword or sword

This is a fish of which there are many varieties to choose from, In addition, all equally striking for its colors and veils. It is unusual, but sometimes this fish changes sex, transforming a female in male.

Dalmatian Molly fish

This is a very striking Molly, full of black spots on a silver background, which it has served him the nickname of the Dalmatian breed of dog. This is a variety of poecilia it coming from Mexico, quiet while active. Ideally, it must have a male for 4 females.

Dalmatian Molly fish

Black Molly

Molly Black Molly or short-finned It is the most original for their color, completely black in the male. It is a very quiet fish, which can coexist with other poecilias, even at the risk of hybridizing, because they breed easily.

Distribution and habitat

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In the wild it can be found in many parts of the world, even if They are originally from the southeastern United States, Venezuela and Colombia to Mexico. It is known from isolated populations in some islands of the Caribbean. They are fish that usually live in river mouths, so they are enduring some degree of salinity in the water. Not that we buy one recurring Molly servant released, which we find in pet stores, son fish raised in China or Eastern Europe, only for marketing.

Aquarium conditions

The aquarium You must have a minimum of 80 liters, if greater Molly fish will be perfect. They are fish that need enough room to swim, and they also need plenty of vegetation and surface plants. The temperature of the aquarium You should be in the range of 24º to 26º, and although not too demanding composition of water, They are in a perfect environment with a water pH between 7 Y 8,5 and a hardness 15-30 dH.


Molly is omnivorous. In the wild feeds on worms, crustaceans, insects, algae and plants. In the aquarium they willingly take the dry foods prepared, but sometimes, You need a good supply of algae or spinach, to which we must add Artemia, mosquitoâ larvae € | It is recommended feed them two or three times a day, but in small quantities.

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Behavior and compatibility

It's a fairly peaceful fish, even if adult males can become somewhat territorial. In stores it is easy to sell us a couple of fish Molly, a male and a female. It is supreme keep between three and five females per male, since you can atosigar. In nature, each male is surrounded by several females. A good tank mates could be some rainbow fish and tetras, to be tolerant to hard water.


If the conditions are suitable, Molly playing is simple. As I commented before, It is convenient to have several females per male. Fish gestation lasts about Molly pregnant 8 weeks, at the end of which we can find more than one hundred small fry. About four weeks before the arrival of the new minnows, when we clear that the female is gestating (you'll notice the size of your belly), we have to put in a separate aquarium (Paridera), to not be disturbed by the male and monitor delivery. At the time the female has given birth, the withdraw of the pond and return it to the aquarium. It is left to fry alone, to prevent the female will eat.


Molly fish very well-liked for aquarium, especially they reproduced easily. Wild fish are silvery coloration, lightly sprinkled with black specks, however we can find a variety of fish with different colors Molly, dorado, verdeâ € |, even the defendant, the black Molly. Many of these specimens, They are the result of the Cruze and the sphenops Poecilia Poecilia latpinnis, which they are easy to cross, even if we have them in our aquarium. If you do not want them to cross, it is best to keep only one of these species in the aquarium. We should remember, what They are fish that are best found in slightly brackish water, if the water is fresh and has conditions suitable hardness and alkalinity, You will be exposed to a larger number of diseases.


viviparous, fish are likely to suffer from fungal attack, white point and a number of diseases associated with parasites. Nevertheless, the most common in Molly is called of the disease Molly, Columnaris caused by bacteria, Flavobactetium columnare, causing deformation in the column of fish. It can detect the fish have been attacked, when we see a change in the skin, with small white spots, Other symptoms are suffering from tremors or stop moving, stay dormant. There are treatments using potassium permanganate and Terramycin. In any case, we must isolate the affected fish and consult our fish shop.

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