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    • Scientific name: Scaridae
    • Common name: Parrotfish, Parrotfish
    • Size of the aquarium: From 300 liters
    • Temperament: Quiet
    • Temperature: 24ºC a 26ºC
    • pH: 8.2 a eight.4
    • Diet: herbivorous
    • Length: Between 15cms and 1200cms


You can not talk specifically about Parrotfish, as if it were a single copy. Parrotfish are a subfamily of the Lábridos they collect about nine genera and 80 different species of tropical marine fish. Their presence has a big environmental impact, because of its power. Even if They are primarily herbivores and juveniles often eat invertebrates, to facilitate digestion usually ingest pieces of coral and rocks, that crushed his throat, creating large amounts of sediment as enviornment.


Your name or Parrotfish Parrotfish, they receive from its beak-shaped mouth and striking coloration, somehow reminiscent of parrots or macaws. They have a second set of jaws in the throat, to help them grind, cut and grind food as the process. The dorsal fin is provided with nine and ten soft rays thorns, anal fin has three spines nine soft rays, while the pelvic fins have a single spine and five soft rays. Their size varies from one species to another, can find copies from 15 centimeters in length, until the 1,20 meters. Their coloring also is varied, exist copies ranging from red, verde, blue, purple, pink or yellow, also they vary in intensity and coloration, depending on whether we are dealing male or female specimens Parrotfish.

Distribution and habitat

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Copies of Parrotfish son tropical fish They are living in the Atlantic, Ã ?? ndico and Pacific. We can also find some examples in the Red Sea. They can be found at any depth between 1 Y 30 meters, but also there are some species prefer to live at greater depths, reaching 80 meters. Fond of seabed covered by algae and coral or rocks where they find, they use in their digestive process.

Aquarium conditions

Depending on the species of parrotfish that we will introduce in the aquarium, This has to be large, although we should from a minimum aquarium 300 liters. The temperature of the water should be between 24ºC and 26ºC, con pH between eight.2 eight.four y, with a density of water between 1.023 Y 1.026. The aquarium should reproduce the conditions of their natural habitat, for which we must add a sand substrate with sufficient depth so that they can hide if needed. Rocks must be added, of which they have a need for food or dead corals, although this may be somewhat more complicated.


They feed primarily on algae, They are herbivores, although juveniles can include in your diet invertebrates and small shellfish. In your diet They include consumption of dead coral or rocks, except for doffing head parrotfish, that consume live coral. All food process it through their pharyngeal jaw, make a fine paste that ingest and decompose. Feed often form groups, even partner with other fish. This special form of coexistence aims to deter predators.

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Behavior and compatibility

Something very curious and distinctive of some species of parrotfish, is the capacity to the evening came to secrete a kind of cocoon shell, in which sleep until the next day. It costs about 30 minutes to create the cocoon, which it is open at the front and rear, to facilitate the movement of water. It is believed to serve as a protection to discourage their nocturnal predators who are guided by the scent of their prey, because it shows bad smell and taste. These are not easy fish to keep in an aquarium, for its great symbiosis with coral reefs.


Parrotfish is hermaphrodite, female is born and throughout your life can become a male, It is a phenomenon known as sequential hermaphrodites or proterogínicos. This change tends to be socially influenced sex, when the dominant male disappears or dies, It is replaced by an adult female, changing her sex to replace the male. The process is irreversible, Once Parrotfish becomes male. These changes are usually associated morphological changes and colorful, males exhibiting patterns and coloration more intense and striking. There are several ways of mating within the species of parrotfish. When females lay eggs, I usually do considering the tides, to disperse eggs. Hatching occurs about the 25 hours of fertilization. The fry begin to feed three days out from his egg.

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