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When we talk about pez Killi, peces Killis o Killisfish, We are not talking about a particular fish, we talk about a family of fish, specifically we talk about the Cyprinodontiformes ovíparos, leaving aside the livebearers Cyprinodontiformes, the famous Mollies, Platys O guppies. This division is not very orthodox, from the scientific point of view, but nevertheless Killis fish associations exist around the world, or whether there is a real fever for the fish Killi.


When we talk about a group of fish, as varied as are the fish Killi, we can find a variety of sizes, appearance and coloration of fish. Los Killis They divide at the least 10 fish families, with sixty five genera and some over 100 different species of fish. Killi sizes of fish, They can measure up 7 centimeters, although there are species of fish Killi much smaller and others that can overcome these dimensions. There is also no uniformity in the forms of their body, There Killis with elongated cylindrical body and, while others show a bluff body laterally. There is a really curious variety, caudal fin which has a spear-shaped, while the vast majority caudal fin is more rounded. A common morphological feature, is that They have a mouth protráctil, in which small teeth are arranged, walking the jaw and pharynx. As they match most Killi fish and what has given them great popularity undoubtedly, is its colorful, They are very attractive fish, vibrant colors. We can tell that there is sexual dimorphism, quite evident between males and females. It is easy to differentiate males from females, why They have a greater number of colors, or they are present in a more intense than in females. Another useful for distinguishing morphological appearance both sexes, we have it in the anal and caudal fins, much more pointed in males. Not to mention the size, males differ because they are larger.

Distribution and habitat

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Los Killis They are distributed almost worldwide, with a huge variety of habitats. They are absent in Oceania, North Asia and North America Northwest. We have the desert pupfish that lives in the California desert and that withstands temperatures up to 52 ° C, while we have the Barrens living in Canada and withstands temperatures below zero. Killifish produce eggs able to withstand drought periods up to two years, even more in some species. this feature, You may also explain the phenomenon Killisfish, as these fish lovers, Eggs can be interchanged with a simple parcel.

Aquarium conditions

Following the thread of the article, the wide variety of fish existing Killis, You would need to adapt the aquarium to its correct habitat. Nevertheless, We can venture some general characteristics, which could be used for a variety of species, the commercial. As we talk about small fish, we do not need an excessively large aquarium, with 50 liters would suffice. There are species with trends saltarinas, in this case the aquarium should be covered, to avoid greater evils. It's a great thought to include within the aquarium enough plants, to generate natural refuges, and that the fish can hide. The temperature of the water should be in the range of 18 ° C and 26 ° C, with a pH between 5.5 Y 7. Killifish like the water of the aquarium frequently renewed. We must eliminate the least 50% of water from the aquarium, once a week.


They are fish that They feed almost exclusively on live prey wild state, but in the aquarium support not only prey alive, too you can feed them with frozen, as larva roja the artemia. some fans, They include in your diet chicken liver very chopped, which it is usually to your liking. You have to be careful, and leftover food, It must be removed to avoid problems and diseases.

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Behavior and compatibility

Most species are annual Killis, or is that just a year living. When fry and very small, They are sociable and have no problem sharing space with other copies. As your biological clock is activated, some species become more aggressive, try to ensure their survival and that of the species. At the time of arriving Spawn, males try to protect their territory from other congeners, They are become more aggressive.


Playback of Killis must distinguish between annuals, they bury their eggs in the substrate and no annual species, which they lay their eggs on plants glued. Spawning annual species occurs in an aquarium 15 a 20 liters, where several couples are introduced from the same species. The bottom is coated with boiled peat, which will serve as a nest for couples. Females typically lay a few eggs each day. the substrate, every two weeks is removed and placed in bags, to be maintained at a temperature between 15 and 25, until the aquarium's place in final. Once a month checks as are developing and how much lack to eclosionar. You can find missing little, when one can distinguish the black eyes of the fry. The fry have consumed their yolk reserves, are fed Artemia nauplius.


The variety of existing Killis offer concrete advice makes it very difficult. Perhaps the best advice I can offer, is that if you are interested in learning more about the fish Killi, you head to the Spanish Society of Killis, Wed: www.sekweg.org.

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