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Freshwater Pufferfish

  • Scientific name: Tetraodon Nigroviridis
  • Common name: Spotted Pufferfish, Freshwater Pufferfish, Blowfish
  • Size of the aquarium: one hundred fifty litros
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Temperature: 24ºC a 28ºC
  • pH: 7.5 a eight.5
  • Diet: Carnivorous
  • Length: 17 centimeters


Pufferfish Freshwater, Tetraodon nigroviridis, It is a blowfish brackish water, that can live in a community freshwater aquarium, provided that the right conditions, because despite being a somewhat aggressive and territorial fish, There are species that can live. It is ordinary that the Tetradon nigroviridis, is confused with the Tetradon fluvialitis or Tetradon schoutedeni. The only drawback I can have the erro, It is that the Tetradon fluvialitis, He is living in brackish waters, while the Tetradon nigroviridis, It can be kept in an aquarium freshwater. If you like this fish, you can have in your aquarium for a long time, why It has a life expectancy of about 18 years, although in aquarium she could live a perfectly 10 years.


In the aquarium, They can measure up 17 centimeters. Between the male and female sexual dimorphism there is no apparent, although some reports suggest that the male is larger than the female, and somewhat slimmer, although this difference is only noticeable in adults copies. Morphological have characteristics common to the family of the puffers, with a large head strong, pointed mouth (with four fused teeth so characteristic), and large eyes. His body is devoid of scales, Ventral fins not observed, and pecs are strong as a paddle. When he feels threatened, absorbs large amounts of water to intimidate their attackers. The coloration of the back of the fish, It is bright yellowish green coloration, furrowed with many black spots shaped moles. The back is completely white, although under certain circumstances psychic stress, You can change color and turn gray.

Distribution and habitat

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Pufferfish Freshwater is originating in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. In these places we can find in coastal areas, deltas freshwater, mangroves, streams and areas flooded by rain.

Aquarium conditions

A suitable size for freshwater pufferfish, It should be some 150 liters, wherein the temperature should be between 24 ° C and 28 ° C, pH 7.5 a 8.5 (digital pH meter). Although they are considered a species of freshwater, you should add some salt to the water, to be partially brackish. The aquarium has to have a sandy bottom, and well planted, with roots, trunks and spaces that will serve to shelter. They are quite active, so that should leave enough space, so they can swim freely. They need water to keep in good condition, for what we should do partial water we change every week, as well as remove all traces of food that the fish has not been completed.


On freedom his favorite food are snails, owed provide regularly, and seafood shell, to keep your teeth sharp. Other foods that we can provide are, prawns, prawns, insects, larvae, squid or octopus, into small pieces according to your mouth. What they do not usually accept meals are prepared, as flakes or granules, but if you accept some vegetables or failing, nibble plants aquarium. Must be careful not to over feed, as they are quite gluttonous.

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Behavior and compatibility

In the aquarium, we should not have more than one freshwater pufferfish, because they are quite aggressive with others of the same species. It advised only have more than one (ideally several, to reduce tensions), when the aquarium is good sized and there is room enough for everyone. Nevertheless, there is no problem in keeping with other species, whenever seeking companions strongly built and active, fish weaker or slower, they bite the tail. Some tank mates can be some types of gobio and brackish water species. If you know, which like other Tetrodóntidos (blowfish yellow, for example), They recognize its owner and left to feed her hand, while they are rejecting those who do not know.


Reproduction is not easy, But not impossible. maybe the biggest challenge is in getting a couple, because due to the absence of sexual dimorphism, several specimens should be kept in the aquarium until a couple forme, clashes with the problems we know. To succeed in reproducing freshwater pufferfish, we must increasing the salinity of the water, until it becomes brackish. The aquarium should have flat surfaces of rocks, where the female deposited eggs, to be protected by the male. Once hatched, The eggs hatch in a period of about seven days. Once they born, fry remain protected by the male, It is making a hole in the substrate.

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