Surgeonfish, acanthurids

The acanthurids or surgeon fish are Marine fish, They have a morphological feature that makes them unique, two cutting scalpels located on either side of the flow peduncle, which can cause serious injury to an expert € |incluso principianteâ acuarófilo. Precisely, the presence of scalpels is what gives acanthurids the nickname surgeonfish. This species of fish, They have other common morphological characteristics, how a small mouth, serrated teeth filled equally dangerous. Although in nature they are fish They eat plants and small crustaceans, They would be able to devour large dams if necessary. They need a good-sized aquarium, since they are tireless swimmers. The guide must be well filtered, well aerated and the aquarium should have good lighting, favoring the appearance of green algae. They are aggressive with other species, even among individuals of the same species.

Blue Surgeonfish

Acanthurus coeruleus Although they can measure 75 centimeters at sea, in aquariums do not exceed 20 centí­metros. As the name suggests, It is light blue shade. It is a difficult fish acclimation, but once achieved, It is tough enough. Your diet should be vegetarian: began, vegetables, even some shrimps. See file: Blue Surgeonfish

Yellow Surgeonfish

Zebrasoma flavescens It's about a herbivorous surgeonfish, native to the Hawaiian Islands and the region of the ocean I ?? ndico. It is a bright yellow shade spectacular. As with most fish surgeon, It is hard to acclimatize, but once we got very resistant fish. You can swim in the group without problems, for we need a tank 2.000 liters, 800 If we talk about a single fish.

Surgeonfish Real

Paracanthurus hepatus ¿Recuerdas the famous Dory, Dory fish drawings Disney? You are right, period real surgeon, As Nemo, period un clownfish. The actual surgeon is a native of t ?? acantúrido East Africa and it is possible to find in the Philippines. Their colors are their hallmark, is blue coloration with yellow fin. It's not like the rest of surgeons, It is much more peaceful and can live together in a large pond with others of the same species. In aquariums, usually grow to 18 centí­metros. We need an aquarium at the least 800 liters.

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