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Zebrafish, Denmark Rerio

  • Scientific name: Brachydanio rerio, Denmark rerio
  • Common name: zebrafish
  • Size of the aquarium: 80 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: Between 18º and 25º
  • pH: Between 6 Y 8
  • Diet: omnivorous
  • Length: 5 cms


Zebrafish, Denmark rerio or zebrafish, It is a fish of the family Cyprinidae, suitable for beginners acuarófilos, and that can cope with many of the mistakes of novice. Is a ovíparo easily reproduced in an aquarium, which is also a plus for those beginners, you will find that raising aquarium fish is a challenge. Its quiet and gregarious temperament, makes it ideally suited to a community aquarium, in which you can live with other fish species.


The zebrafish is a small fish, It is about 5 centimeters. They have a golden or silver color, with five to nine dark blue longitudinal stripes, what qualifies them as zebrafish. It is not easy to distinguish males from females, except when they reach sexual maturity, then one can observe the female acquires a more rounded shape, It is slightly larger than males and lose some color. In the spawning season, when the female zebrafish are pregnant, males intensify their coloration. Another sexual dimorphism is in stripes, males alternating blue and gold bands, while females are blue and silver.

Distribution and habitat

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Unique distribution is somewhat confusing, as It is possible that originally, he mistook the other danios Danio rerio. It is now known that They are present in India, Eastern Ghats mountain ranges and western, Y Bangladesh Bhutan. It is located in fast-flowing rivers and shallow, with silty funds and abundant vegetation. Some recent information on their life cycle, It assumes that adults living in streams and small rivers, looking calm and shaded areas, until the rains and seek marginal ponds and rice paddies to spawn.

Aquarium conditions

The size of the aquarium should be in the vicinity of the eighty liters, where it is desirable to add a dark substrate and a good amount of plants, some of them floating, to diffuse the light and emulate their natural habitat maximum. No filtration is required strong, although we may see that have a preference for swimming near the outlet of the water pump. As to the water's temperature, between 18º and 25º C They should be ranges in which zebrafish are comfortable. The pH of the water should be maintained between 6 y eight, with a hardness between 90 Y 357 ppm.


They are omnivorous. In its natural state it is usually feed on bloodworms, small crustaceans and other invertebrates. For food at the aquarium, we must provide a diet that includes dry food, along with small larvae live or frozen brine shrimp, you can even add to your diet, small pieces of boiled vegetables. During the mating season, Ideally we should increase the presence of live prey.

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Behavior and compatibility

It is a peaceful and sociable fish. We can use it in a community tank, in combination with other small cyprinids, tetras, rainbow fish and catfish. As a gregarious fish, we have a small group in the aquarium of no less than eight to ten fish. In this way you get are calmer, besides enjoying the spectacle of seeing them swim synchronously, and its colors, that will be more alive.


Like many other cyprinids, Danio rerio demonstrates the not too careful parental, and often spawns a large aquarium, It will be difficult to establish a proper management. We can surprise occasionally, find a small group of fry swimming, without having had time reaction. If we have a number of small zebrafish, we must prepare a breeding tank. Proceed as follows:

  • The breeding aquarium, must be dimly lit.
  • At the base, will mesh, marbles or some type of carpet, so that when eggs are deposited, fall outside the scope of adults.
  • It is convenient passing water from a slightly acidic pH, neutral. With a temperature close to 25 ° C.
  • We must lead a couple of fish to the breeding aquarium, when we are certain that female zebrafish are pregnant and full of eggs.
  • To force spawning, should add small amounts of cold water, every few hours.
  • We must also add small amounts of live and frozen foods.
  • When we have evidence that they have laid eggs, a few hours we withdraw adults, since the eggs they find will eat.
  • Once the female has laid eggs, small fry should appear between the 24 Y 36 following hours.
  • They eat food fry very small, we can find dry food suitable for fry ready. Once you start growing, and we can add them brine shrimp larvae.


The zebrafish is very in style, as it is peaceful, durable and cheap too. The price has fallen zebrafish much, thanks to that breed in large quantities easily. This also has its problems, because inbreeding is present in such fish, we can find some examples, develop morphological deformations. Another big problem is the Danio rerio one of the most common diseases, the Neon Tetra Disease (of Neon Tetra disease) this caused by a parasite. It can be recognized by the appearance of white spots on the skin, and attacked fish is separated from the group. This disease has no cure. The best thing is to remove any fish present symptoms.

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