▷ Pez Avispa, Brachygobius Xanthozona Care Guide 【one hundred% Useful】

▷ Pez Avispa, Brachygobius Xanthozona【 Guía De Cuidados one hundred% Útil 】

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Avispa fish

  • Scientific name: Brachygobius Xanthozona
  • Common name: wasp fish, Goby golden rings, wasp goby
  • Size of the aquarium: 80 liters
  • Temperament: Quiet
  • Temperature: 25ºC a 30ºC
  • pH: Between 7.5 Y 8.5
  • Diet: Carnivorous
  • Length: 5 cms


The Fish wasp, Brachygobius Xanthozona, It is a relatively quiet little goby, although territorial. It is part of the family gobies, fish that can live in freshwater although They prefer brackish, so it is advisable to add a few tablespoons of sea salt in the aquarium. They are always tropical waters. The oddest thing about this fish is their coloring, with yellow and black vertical bands that resemble a wasp, hence its name well-liked: Goby fish wasp or hornet.


The Fish wasp It is quite small, in the aquarium and will measure between 4cms 5 cm long. They are lightly compressed laterally, somewhat rounded and give the feeling of being very compact. Like all gobies, They have flanges that are welded curious ventral and make suction, so we can see that from time to time is literally stuck to the side of the aquarium. This feature allowed subject to any smooth stone or substrate, when it is moving between strong water currents. Lack swimbladder, which gives them the advantage to move very quickly between different profundidadesâ € |no we forget that we are before un predator, which feeds on invertebrates and small fry. The dorsal fin goby wasp is divided into two distinct parts. As for coloring, as I commented before, It is yellow with four black vertical bands of color, you start at the height of the head and tail end. There is no obvious sexual dimorphism, we'll just which is the male and which the female, when the time comes |que the reproducciónâ € btw, in the aquarium it is not exactly simple.

Distribution and habitat

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They are fish originating in Southeast Asia: Java Island, Indonesia, It is also possible to find it in Borneo and Sumatra, although it is suspected that these individuals might belong to another similar species. Their habitat corresponds to the mouths of rivers, where fresh water mixes with the salt: estuaries. It is also possible to find them in mangroves Y estuaries, areas always slightly salted water and abundant vegetation.

Aquarium conditions

The size of the aquarium can range from 50 liter 80 liters, which they occupied the bottom of the aquarium. As they are brackish water fish, appreciate that water is lightly salted, so that it is recommended to add two tablespoons of sea salt per 10 liters of water. require planted aquariums, with lush vegetation and places that serve them hiding. Optimal water conditions are:

  • 25 ° C to 30 ° C
  • pH between 7.5 Y 8.5
  • GH unos 15 °


The Fish wasp prefers feeding live prey or frozen, how, tubifex, Artemia, worms, bloodworms, Daphnia and pieces of mussels. Do not tolerate dry food. We can try, but the experience is not good concept. Although they may be quick to go down between different levels, the truth is that swimming is not very good and do not compete well for food. Should entertain the rest of the fish in the aquarium with other foods, to give the fish the opportunity to feed wasp quietly.

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Behavior and compatibility

The Wasp Goby It is a territorial fish, although quiet. You can live well in a community tank. Their habits are rather nocturnal, it will be dusk when we enjoy it more, as it will be more active. You can share space with Rasbora Galaxy, Ramirezi, carp Perla…


Reproduction in an aquarium is not easy, but neither is it impossible. Start occurs after a period of courtship, and usually between 200 Y 300 eggs. It is the male who is responsible for protecting the eggs until they hatch, to choose what cavities or voids. The eggs usually hatch to 5 O 6 days after commissioning. The fry begin to swim from the start, and as born without yolk sac, must be fed immediately, what to use Artemia and insects.

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El Pez wasp

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