Marine fish

The marine aquarium fish, mainly from the seas with good temperatures and shallow, which it allows the light of the sun arrives reach you without problems. These are the tropical seas. They receive particular attention in the world of the aquarium for marine fish, all the fauna and flora that can be extracted from the reef.

Marine fish species

marine reef fish

Marine aquarium raised fish, They come mostly from coral reefs of tropical seas, where temperatures ranging between 24º and 26º. They are warm water fish, but salt. Within reefs, without any doubt the most impressive and most species provides marine aquarium, it is The great coral barrier. This reef covers an area of ​​about 230.000 km2, which can give you a thought of the amount of fish, plants and invertebrates that can be found for an aquarium. Some of the species are endemic, You can only be found here. But it is not the only barrier reef in the world, fans of marine aquariums, they can get species of the Caribbean, Maldives or the Red Sea. A stop on the road deserves special Red Sea, which is located Coral World, a complex that brings together all kinds of aquariums and an underwater observatory.

our shores. The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic

We can find marine aquarium fish, typical of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, We do not need to go far to get them. There are species of small fish and sedentary, that they are perfectly suited to the aquarium. Caution is in the temperature and salinity of the water, while the Atlantic is colder and less saline sea, the Mediterranean is the opposite, It has a higher temperature and higher salinity. Between the coast and the land, we can find brackish areas, where the index is less than the salinity of the sea, where find species resistant fish variations in salinity and temperature. In Spain there are coastal habitats that are readily reproducible in a marine aquarium. Anémonas, fishes, prawns, crabs and some invertebrate, They can be fished easily and make a selection of species that can live in captivity.