Warm water fish

The warm water fish They are freshwater fish, which mostly come from warm regions of the world, between the Tropic of Most cancers and the Tropic of Capricorn. Those areas of the world are subjected to high temperatures throughout the year, and a great exposure to the sun. By talking numbers, in the tropical belt they have been counted around eight.000 different species of fish, of which 1.300 They are living in the basin of the Amazon, and they have only been counted 200 species in Europe. For aquarium, Most freshwater fish (with some interest) They come from South America, Central America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Fish varieties of hot water

Hot water fish in the aquarium

most attractive fish aquariums, usually the hot water, but this involves greater care. In choosing warm water fish, we must bear in mind that we need a termocalentador, to keep us water between 24 Y 26 degrees, which it is the temperature required by these varieties of fish. Another important aspect is the pH of the water and composition, which they are quite susceptible. To adapt water chemicals are water conditioners, also kill bacteria. Essential a filter for purifying water impurities. Although the size of the aquarium, It will depend on many different factors, such as the species and quantity of fish, it is desirable that not too small. The fish are gregarious, like swimming in a group, If the aquarium is very small we will be limiting your space. Beware species you choose, not all fish are compatible and can attack each other. Once you are clear that you are riding your fish aquarium with hot water, before buying the fish, you must prepare and tune the aquarium. It is recommended that this preparation leads to the least three weeks, in which water is adapted, pH, cleaning and plants that are going to include.

South America

Aquarium Fish Freshwater South America, They originate mainly in the Amazon basin, the longest river in the world. The most representative family of the Amazon are the characids, followed by siluriformes (catfish). They are also cyprinodontids and cichlids, adapted to live in calm waters, low log debris or between marsh plants. The waters of the rivers of South America are very soft, with an acid pH, and temperatures ranging between 30º and 25º.

Central America

The waters of Central America, southern United States and northern South America, They are represented by slow-flowing rivers and extensive wetlands, shallow and swampy. Popular fish hot water we provide Central America, belong to Family poeciliids, forming part of the gupys, los xifos, the Platies and mollys.

Southeast Asia

Singapore, along with Manaus in Brazil, with the two major world markets flora and fauna aquarium. This gives us an idea of ​​the importance of Asian fish in the aquarium hot water. Here the scenario is the rain forest, full of rivers and lakes that do not exceed the basic so 50 cms. depth. The pH of the water oscillates between 5 Y 6, while the temperature of the water reaches maximum values ​​of 28º 29º. From Asia, the most popular aquarium fish is the Betta splendens. Other attractive fish, are the Gyrinocheilus (algae sucks), loose Kryptopterus (glass fish) o los Labeo (Red-tailed sharks).


African rivers have characteristics very similar to those found in the Amazon. African fish They are known to be aggressive, and damage the aquarium decoration digging the bottom of the aquarium. It is true that African family fish than cichlids, They have that behavior during the breeding season. Africa's best known fish are phenacogrammus (Tetra) o el Synodontis (catfish), which it has the particularity to swim with the belly oriented toward the surface of the aquarium.

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