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Java Moss

  • Scientific name: Vesiucularia dubyana
  • Common name: Java Moss
  • Temperature: Between 18ºC and 26ºC
  • pH: Between 6.5 Y 8
  • Difficulty level: Low
  • Increase, height: 5 cms


Moss celebrated Java, Vesicularia dubyana Belongs to family de las Vesicularia. It is one of the most popular plants in aquariums because it is very easy to care, Y suitable for any beginner in the world of aquariums. It is a ground cover plants, Moss aquarium It develops on any surface: the rocks, trunks and gravel from the bottom of the aquarium, creating a much more Pure aspect to the whole. No need to root on the substrate, It is hooked to any surface through a kind of roots called rhizoids. If we grow, you'll end up covering the entire bottom of the aquarium, being the perfect rug to protect species of fish smaller. It is also highly appreciated for placement in designed to create aquariums, because it creates a kind of refuge for Pure eggs sunsets, where adults can not get to eat them.


That dense appearance, silky spongy that you have the Java Moss, It is the result of the way they grow. It has many strands, also called threadlike stems elongated, from which they grow a small pointy shaped leaves, from 1,5 mm wide and about 5 mm length. Stems are finished intertwining with each other, creating dense mat that is so appreciated and original. Java moss is usually a medium green, but you may have various shades ranging from dark green, to light green almost transparent. Within the aquarium growth is slow at the beginning, because you need a period of acclimatization, but once overcome, its development is accelerated and completely covers any aquarium.

Distribution and habitat

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As the name suggests, Java moss is native to Southeast Asia and is the island of Java, which it gives it its name. In the natural state it can be found in the slow water currents, in rivers with areas of deep shadow, in the depths of lakes, lakes and small streams.

Aquarium conditions

They are suitable for any type of aquarium sweet water, slightly acidic. The ideal conditions of the aquarium, for the Java moss grows well are:

  • Temperature between 20 ° C and 28 ° C
  • hardness between 10 gH y 12 gH
  • pH between 6.5 Y 8

Care Java Moss

Require fresh water, slightly acidic and temperatures above 20C, but they can withstand temporary lowered temperature.

As sow Java Moss

It is a very easy plant to care. We do not need their roots come in contact with the substratum, They can survive on any surface, even the glass. If we want it to develop on the bottom of the aquarium, slightly bury their roots, and within days will be growing. Conversely, if we want to cover a rock or a log, We use some fishline to hold to take root. Once a root, remove the thread.


Prefer low lighting, although it will be able to adapt to all types of lighting. With excessive algae proliferate lighting, which entangle with the plant. Algae are very difficult to remove, but you must do so not end by asphyxiate. Do not use anti-algae product, also hurt Java Moss. If too attacked, eliminates areas with algae, It will grow smoothly.

Reproduction: Java moss grow

In nature the Java moss reproduces by spores, but in an aquarium is very complicated. The best thing to play is by division of the plant. We take a piece of the plant, who retires very easily, and proceed to plant elsewhere. As a plant not rooted on substrate and It is receiving food through leaves, It is recommended that the aquarium where the go to place and is cyclized and running for a while (mature).


At first we will not need to prune the Java Moss, as I said has a slow growth to the beginning. But as it grows and invades the aquarium, it is necessary to keep within limits growth. They can be used secateurs, or by hand to phase out the parts remaining. Remember that when you put your hands in the aquarium must be clean and free of chemicals, as soaps.

How to Repair Java Moss Brown

One of the common problems of Java Moss, It is that acquires a brown tone. This is synonymous with that area of ​​the aquarium moss is dead. Java Moss has its own requirements, like all aquarium plants and acquiring a brown tone, as dirty, It is that the parameters and conditions are not appropriate. The first thing to do is remove the damaged parts. Sometimes, doing nothing, the parts that are still green start growing. Peroá € |si we not solve the problem that generates the Java moss spoil, to the short time it will turn brown. One of the reasons why moss aquarium, both Java as the Flame Moss, is turning brown excess lighting. Check your aquarium lighting. So that the moss is perfect, should not exceed 6500K per liter. Another measure that works extremely well is increasing Co2, or start using.

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Java Moss

  • Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana), live aquarium plant 10 g.
  • Taxiphyllum barbieri from South-East Asia is a hardy plant which makes few demands on the water or gentle.
  • Taxiphyllum barbieri from South-East Asia is a hardy plant which makes few demands on the water or light.

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