The family of molluscs aquarium It is formed by snails, clams and scallops. Each of these families has its own particularities, but for aquarists, three form a larger set: molluscs, invertebrates for aquariums. The most common within the aquarium are snails. A little misunderstood, sometimes they are discarded because They tend to eat plants, although only a few species and only happens when they have at their disposal the food they need. Within snails, exist species of freshwater and marine, so that can be included in any kind of environment we want to reconstruct Pure.


Snails are easy to breed for beginners, They do not need a complicated overly care. Usually they feed on algae and decaying matter, only when these are scarce, They can be eaten plants. To avoid any kind of temptation, we feed them with dried seaweed, and includes some calcium supplementation. While they can feed on the remains of decomposed matter, too They are quite sensitive to high levels of nitrate. We see attached to the walls of the aquarium, or firmly attached to the substrate of the bottom of the aquarium. But we suspect that something is not right, If we find that the cap is closed and upside down. We do not know much about diseases of snails, If it has been observed that, if we introduce many copies, can generate stress and sick. It is better to maintain good water quality, with regular water changes, and filter suitable.


¿De clams feed? This is a question that can arise all those who enter them in your aquarium. Their diet is based on Phytoplankton live or preserved, also it exists in the market, liquid food specific for them. It is necessary to add vitamins or supplements Photosynthetic appropriate. Some clams need adequate lighting for living, as They possess symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae, nutrients are received they need through photosynthesis. To keep them in good health, it is desirable that the aquarium has the correct liters, and maintain optimal lighting conditions and water quality. Be very careful with medicines containing copper, They are particularly toxic to molluscs. We will face a clam in good health, if your shell closes quickly when disturbed. They are usually fully open, for much of the day.


scallops They feed on living and floating microplancton, and the like clams, They can receive a food supplement based on phytoplankton and liquid foods appropriate. Food must be provided individually to each copy, for what use a pipette or straw, dropping just above them.

How to keep an aquarium mollusk

To maintain an aquarium mollusk in good condition, must check that the parameters are maintained within optimum quality levels. Must be checked daily The filters, the water's temperature. Water quality, as pH, hardness or salinity, They must be controlled at the least once a week. Monthly, must change part of the water tank, approximately one 10% and a 25% del whole. If we introduce a new inhabitant, we must take into account compatibility. Once it is correct, We proceed to gradually acclimated.