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Pond maintenance

For him maintenance of the pond and the water is perfectly clear to see, It is necessary to carry out cleaning tasks, but also, we need a series of products help us to keep the water clean and clear. A pond is simply a large aquarium to the outdoors, so we'll have to perform similar tasks and use products also quite similar, how are the algae or pond water conditioners.

Best products for the maintenance of the pond

Clear water in the pond

We can consider that the water of the pond is sufficiently clear, when we recognize the fish and rocks below the surface of the pond to 1 deep underground. What sense would have a pond in the garden, if full of algae or turbid water remains, so we can not appreciate plants, fish or rocks of the pond. We always have to admit a certain degree of tolerance in algae, especially filamentous, puree produced in ponds way outdoors, but then to the pond is literally invaded by algae is a big step.

Causes of the pond water gets dirty

To understand why our pond water gets dirty, we must recognize the motives and act accordingly:

  • The water remains stagnant, without any movement. This is a source of problems, since the water quickly rots and stinks.
  • The vegetable scraps that fall into the water of the pond: leaves, flores, and many others…, rapidly decompose, increasing the level of nitrates and phosphates in water, facilitating the emergence of algae.
  • Ponds in full sun, heat promotes rapid decomposition of organic matter and the appearance of filamentous algae.
  • A overfeeding of pond fish, also it helps increase phosphates and nitrates, with consequent ease algal blooms.
  • The pond is located in the right place: It has much sun or heavy shade.

How to make the pond water is kept clean and clear

Once we are clear that imbalances can occur in the pond, generating water look cloudy or that is filled with algae, must be remedied. These are the actions that we must carry out:

  • Installing a filtering system. There are different types of pond filters, that they will help us keep nitrates and phosphates at adequate levels, to avoid the appearance of algae and the water becomes murky.
  • Antialgas regularly uses and water clarifiers.
  • To the fishes, you have to feed them the correct amount of food. Not give them more than they can eat in a few minutes, before the food runs out at the bottom of the pond.
  • Removes the remains of vegetation that could fall into the pond regularly, do not let it end up at the bottom and rot.
  • Clarifies the number of pond plants, do not let grow disproportionately and become invasive.
  • Remove the leaves and wilted flowers aquatic plants.
  • Controls the water level of the pond, in summer it evaporates and must be replenished water. It is best to do it in the afternoon.
  • Every so often, two or three years, should clean the bottom of the pond what we should empty it completely. We very careful with fish so that we will not die, looking for a container to install temporalemente while we perform cleaning tasks. Remember that then we have to restore the colonies of nitrifying bacteria. Do not clean the filter and water delete, Help yourself with chemicals that create the appearance of bacterial colonies.

With this series of tips and products for pond Recommended, you should not have trouble getting a nice pond and clean water.

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