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JBL Manado

JBL Manado Substrate is one of the most recommended for aquariums with plants. In planted aquarium (the majority), always It is necessary to use a substrate that may be developed root system of plants, and that made it easily meets the Manado.

ÀWhat type substrate is Manado?

There nutritious substrates such as JBL Aquabasis, Y clay substrates that are not fortified, as the JBL Manado. The structure is very porous Manado, designed to absorb excess nutrients produced in the aquarium: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

It can be used alone or in combination with other substrata, provided that take into account their special conditions. For example, if we have a planted aquarium with large nutrient requirements, It can be used in combination with JBL Aquabasis, taking care to place the nutrient substrate in the background, and flowed on the surface.

Features of the JBL Manado

JBL Manado Substrate 3l

  • It is a substrate clay porous structure and origin, which it has a characteristic brown color.
  • Its structure gives the special feature storing excess nutrients in the aquarium, leaving them when needed.
  • grains (granulometry) They are between zero,5mm a 2 mm. The size and structure It is suitable for all types of fishes, even those who by their barbels are very sensitive as catfish, shrimp or snails.
  • It is very durable in time, It does not break. Nor is it necessary to replace, as being completely neutral to absorb nutrients present in the water or add to consciously.
  • Another feature that make it exceptional is that, in the long run does not change the parameters of the water, It is neutral.

Preparing the substrate for use Manado

According to the manufacturer JBL, Manado should be rinsed with warm running water before use, with the intention of removing excess powder from transport. But sometimes the Manado newly installed if you have not properly washed, we can alter the parameters of the water, making the GH (hardness of the whole water) it disappears.

JBL Manado boil, before installation

If you read through Web forums in different aquariums you will see all sorts of questions and answers, on whether or not to boil before installation Manado. It seems that Manado, although it should be completely neutral, It has carbonates. The presence of carbonates can alter at first the water GH, causing tripping. Habitually They are largely eliminated with a simple rinse of the substrate, but if we want to be completely safe and not have any problems, the best is boiling the product before use. The advantage of Manado boil before use, what the water will be completely clear and not muddy them, although you remove the substrate.

How to lower GH in an aquarium with manado

It may happen that due to ignorance or improvisation introduce the Manado directly in the aquarium, with the consequent rush GH.

  • To reduce the presence of GH in an aquarium with Manado, we have no choice but to make frequent changes of water, add osmosis treated water or mineral water.
  • You can also reduce the GH present in the aquarium, using peat filters and in the worst case, use water softeners. As we are talking about a specific problem, that over time the substrate should daily so puree, Maybe it's just water changes.
recommended changes of a 70% of water for 4 O 5 days. The problem has been largely solved, without having to take any additional action.

¿Cuánto substrate need?

Another question that often arises is the amount of substrate JBL Manado is needed for an aquarium. according JBL, We can deduce how many liters of substrate Manado need using the following formula:

substrate Manado: length of the aquarium in centimeters x width of the aquarium in centimeters / (Divided) between 200 = The result is the liters of substrate necessary for a thickness of about 5 centimeters.

If you do not want to complicate life, follows the following table:

1.5 liters 1.3 Kg 10 liters
3 liters 2.6 Kg 25 liters
5 liters 4.three Kg 50 liters
10 liters eight.6 Kg one hundred litros
25 liters 21.3 Kg 350 liters
FAQs: Doubts about using the JBL Manado

¿Se can cover the Manado with silica sand?

It's not convenient, the enviornment could end up going to the bottom of the aquarium.

¿Cada how long you need to change the Manado?

Manado is a very stable substrate, what no need to retire. He might need to be changed in very exceptional cases, as a disease of the whole aquarium that could be installed on the substrate.

Siphoning an aquarium with Manado

One of the problems that we can find a uniquely substrate Manado, is that It is virtually impossible to clean with a sifonador. You can try to clean with a very wide siphon and reducing power, but the best solution is to place the plants where we Manado, covering the rest with sand or gravel, easy to clean with a sifonador.

Substrate suspension

It may be the situation that, to Manado introducing for the first time in the aquarium, It part of the substrate by low volume go to the surface. Not to worry, these suspended particles will eventually go to the bottom.

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