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Best Antialgas Aquarium

Algae in the aquarium are a problem which not only affects the aesthetics of the aquarium, If the situation is out of control, You can influence the health of fish and plants. Although there are many ways to keep algae under management, it never hurts use an algaecide to help us in the task.

Selection of the best aquarium antialgas 2020

Control the proliferation of algae in the aquarium

The proliferation of algae in the aquarium usually due to an imbalance, usually related to excess lighting, too nitrates and / or phosphates. In a imbalance, algae rapidly colonize any aquarium. It is advisable to stay alert at all times, to give us an imbalance does not occur headache. The first thing to do is take a good regular monitoring of water quality, using the Test Aquarium appropriate. So recurring, aquariums need to perform maintenance tasks, Like the partial water changes, to remove nitrates from the aquarium filter systems are not able to remove: plants, substratum, Filtrosâ € | A suitable cleaning also helps the algae do not proliferate. We have at our disposal very simple devices, but enormously practical, how are the sifonadores. In addition to everything described, to avoid any type of attack algasâ € |algunas really difficult to remove, should be used preventively and routine, antifouling products. In the market we will find all kinds of antifouling, from those that are specific to attack some very specific species (the most annoying), until I recommend, What are they broad-spectrum anti-algae designed to perform maintenance tasks. If at any given time, your aquarium is attacked by a sudden invasion of algae, You can check my guide Algae in the aquarium, to verify that type of algae is the cause, and how you can cope.

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