▷ BEST aquaria 80 LITROS 2020 【Comparison】

▷ LOS MEJORES ACUARIOS DE 80 LITROS 2020 【 Comparativa 】

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Best Aquariums eighty Liters

Eighty liters aquarium already has a significant size. It is not an overly large aquarium, but it is perfect for creating a biotope with a variety of species of aquatic plants and fish. If you're looking buy an aquarium from 80 liters at a good price, I'll give my opinion of what I consider are the best aquariums for measuring eighty liters of this time. Do not get confused, There are many aquariums, but aquariums with good value, and not many.

The best option to buy an aquarium eighty liters

Package de Acuario Tetra Starter Line LED eighty litros

  • Aquarium Complete Set 80 liters.
  • Moon 6mm thick. Float glass, without distorted view.
  • Easy-access lid
  • It incorporates a filtro EasyCrystal FilterBox, with two replacement cartridges.
  • LED energy efficient lighting. Tecnología Chip-on-Board 10 watt.
  • Termocalentador Seventy five watts, preset at 25.
  • other accessories: TetraMin fish food, and conditioner Tetra AquaSafe.
  • Measurements: sixty one cm largo x 32 cm bottom x 51cm High
  • 2 Years warranty

I consider the Kit Tetra Starter Line LED de 80 liters It is the best in its class, because the value is the best. The quality offered by Tetra brand is beyond doubt, it is one of the largest manufacturers of products for aquariums in Europe. But you do not completely trust what they tell us, only analyzes the product:

Urn aquarium

The glass is 6mm thick, which it is more than enough for an aquarium eighty liters. It is a float glass commonly used in construction. Its ultimate features make for an aquarium: surfaces completely flat and undistorted, high light transmission and optical clarity. The lid covering the urn has a hinged lid, which allows us to access sufficient to feed the fish, without having to remove the entire cap. At the top lighting is incorporated, a LED bulb low power and lighting that simulates natural light.


The filter It is one of the most important parts of an aquarium, many fans end up changing that comes standard for its poor quality. Buyer Aquarium Starter Line Tetra will not have that problem. The aquarium mounts a filtro Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox, supreme for aquariums 50 a a hundred and fifty litros. This filter is fantastic, not only for its filtering capacity (more than enough), also for its ease of use and cleaning. It allows mechanical filtration, biological and chemical. Monta few simple change cartridges. You just need to lift the top cover and replace the filter, without putting your hand inside the aquarium.


One of the reasons why I think this aquarium is the best choice, is that various Heater serial, an accessory that very few bring Aquarium Kits. With the termocalentador, we are willing to raise tropical fish (The most popular) From the first moment.

Other aquariums 80 liters

The cheapest aquarium market

aquarium Equipment 75 litros Marina LED 20G

  • Marina 20G Kit comes standard with basic accessories, although it lacks heater.
  • Filter: Marina Slim 20.
  • illumination: Panta natural light effect LED, incorporated in the lid.
  • accessories: Salabre, fish food and water conditioners.
  • Measurements: 61.oven cm x largo 32.2 cm deep x forty one.9 cm high.

marine aquarium 80 liters

Kit Hydra 80 liters

  • The Hydra Kit is perfect for saltwater fish.
  • Filter: Hydra.
  • illumination: LED display effect sunlight and Actinic blue LED, marine fish.
  • accessories: Food for fishes, water conditioner, sal HW, desímetro / Thermometer and termocalentador.
  • Measurements: 60 cm long x 30.6 cm deep x 50 cm high.

Guide to Buying an aquarium eighty liters

If it has not been quite clear throughout Article, to buy an aquarium must take into account the following points:

Urn aquarium

It may seem that all polls are equal; four glass walls with a base and a lid. Sia € |efectivamente so, but the bulk of crystals and quality of glass is different from one another Equipment, not to mention the top, which can be easily accessible or remove it completely necessary to feed the fish or manipulate the inside of the aquarium.


All my proposals lead led light, which they are the best features offered at this time, further, not heat the water, avoiding having to add fans or coolers to the aquarium. Some kits are very cheap aquarium fluorescent mounting, lighting that tends to disappear.


The filter may be the most important accessory of the aquarium, since much of the quality of water depends on well-functioning. We must analyze that incorporates the aquarium filter. In my proposal, it is one of the best filters for aquarium Kit Market. Check that perform the necessary three filtrates: mechanical, biological and chemical.


Not all mounted aquarium heater, and that lack of accessory You can give the impression that an aquarium is cheaper than other. A good aquarium heater eighty liters, It can be worth hereinafter 35â,¬. Not that it's an excessive price, but if we restandoâ € |


The easiest way to buy an aquarium is eighty liters Equipment gain complete, we do not have to complicate choose the various accessories that make it up and are essential. Nevertheless, always the option we have to do it personally, choosing all accessories. It can be more fun, but also cause us more than a headache.

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