▷ BEST aquaria 20 LITROS 2020 【Comparison】

▷ LOS MEJORES ACUARIOS DE 20 LITROS 2020 【 Comparativa 】

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Best Aquariums 20 liters

Aquarium 20 liter is supreme to start in aquaria, but it can also be very handy to have one or paridera Auxiliary quarantine aquarium. In any case, We should know that aquarium 20 It requires such monitoring liters or more, a larger aquarium. An aquarium is small, It does not mean it is easy to handle. Sometimes parameters are more difficult to control and mistakes can be more severe. Nevertheless, small aquariums are always preferred by beginners. So do not make major mistakes, we will address the most important aspects when buying and maintaining an aquarium 20 liters.

Buy an aquarium 20 liters

Whenever we make a purchase decision, should have a sufficient number of references, for at the least choose a certain criterion, and guiding us not only for the price or the attractive presentation of a product. You should know that you can buy an aquarium full, what would be a set or Complete aquarium kit, but they can also be purchased separately all mechanical accessories that make it up.

aquarium kit 20 liters

In the market (as you can see below) available a good variety of aquariums Package, thus amply covering essential and necessary, What is it:

  • Glass case. It is basically the hub of the aquarium, depending on the manufacturer, It has a certain design, structure and sometimes, accessories attach to the design.
  • Filters for aquarium. Kits is routine that incorporate some filtering, to maintain quality of the water.
  • illumination. Kits always include lighting, although it may be fluorescent lamps or fluorescent type, or LED type. The latter is the best, because it generates much less heat.
  • Heater. Now this is rare and little recurring. Kits not usually incorporate heater, but it is essential if we are to raise tropical fish.

Aquarium as

One option that can always see is to buy an urn aquarium completely independent, to which we add all the accessories described above: filters, heaters and everything we deem appropriate. The great advantage of this option is versatility, we We can make an aquarium to our measure.

¿Sale expensive to set up a fish tank 20 liters?

Expensive or cheap is a very subjective concept, because if we asked several people, each will get different answers. Accounts for, we'll see what it would cost to mount an aquarium as, with accessories that we choose to incorporate:

Urn aquarium

As for the urn for the aquarium, You have from very economical options, to other more attractive and minimalist:

Urna NanoCube Dennerle

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Urna NanoCube Dennerle

  • urn 20 liters.
  • It has a foam pad, to level the aquarium.
  • Dimensions: 26.5 cm wide x 26.5 cm bottom x 31 cm High

Basic glass urn, for 20 liters

  • urn 20 liters.
  • crystal 4 mm thick.
  • Dimensions: forty cm largo x 20 cm bottom x 25 cm High

aquarium filter 20 liters

For an aquarium 20 liters consider the two most suitable filtering options, son a internal filter one one bag filter. It is the recurring Aquarium Kits 20 liters including internal filters, although personally I seem more practical bag filters.

internal filter

BPS-6035 filter

  • internal filter, ideal for aquariums from 10 Y 30 liters.
  • It has a filtering capacity 350 liters / hour, adjustable flow.
  • The filter It is equipped with a biochemical sponge.
  • In addition to filtering, It has a nozzle for oxygenating water.
  • Dimensions: 4.6 cm largo x four cm fondo x 14.8 cm high

aquarium filter bag 20 liters

Filtro SunSun HBL-302

  • Mini filter bag, designed for small aquariums up 20 liters.
  • It has a filtering capacity 350 liters / hour, adjustable flow.
  • The filter has independent cartridges, for mechanical and chemical filtration, adding grommets also performs biological filtration.
  • Ultrafino, designed to occupy minimal space on the outer side of the aquarium.
  • Dimensions: 14.4 cm largo x four.1 cm fondo x 11.four cm alto

Aquarium Heater 20 liters

A detail of which suffer all aquarium Kits 20 liters (I know), It is the lack of termocalentador. A termocalentador is necessary when you want to raise tropical fish or shrimp, in which the temperature of the water plays a major role for maintenance. Obviously there are many options available, but always looking The best value for money, the termocalentador for aquarium 20 liter seduces me more is:

It will heater 8700

  • 25W heater, for aquariums 20 a 30 liters.
  • Termocalentador quartz crystal impact resistant.
  • Ready to be laid horizontally, It is very reliable in their readings.

Aquarium lighting 20 liters

We can not forget about lighting, necessary for any size aquarium that is, as fish and plants need light to live € |but it is not a good idea to put them close to natural light, and causing the appearance of algae. Depending on the type of urn, we will can place a LED screen or choose an LED lamp. In this case the space available to install the screen influyeâ € |y much.

Aquarium 20 cheap liters

Summarizing and designing bespoke aquarium 20 liters, we could go out:

  • urn, 24,95€
  • bag filter, 5,32€
  • Heater, 28,56€
  • Led screen, 22,99€

To ride an aquarium 20 liter marine or freshwater tropical, wherein it includes heater, the price may leave us whole: eighty one,82€ ¿Nos would buy a cheaper Aquarium Package?

Aquarium Kit 20 liters, the best value

aquarium Equipment 20 litros Marina LED 5G

  • Marina 5G Kit comes standard with many of the accessories we have placed before, although those coming from factory, no option to change.
  • The aquarium brings a Marina Slim filter bag 10, Easy to manipulate.
  • The LED lighting is by lamps, that they are already built into the top of the aquarium.
  • The aquarium also includes a salabre, as well as food for fish and water conditioners.
  • Dimensions: forty seven cm long x 27 cm deep x four 33 cm high eight.

This kit comes ready to run and everything fits, We do not have to worry about anything. The price is around 51â,¬, to which we should add 29â,¬ for decent heater, which leaves the aquarium in 80â,¬â € |¿Conclusión? Because to do as an aquarium, You can go about like buy one made, with the only advantage that we choose where we spend more and where less.

Aquariums 20 liters best sellers

Although I chose the Marine Equipment as the best option for money, there is other Aquarium Equipment 20 liter popular, that slip between the lists of best sellers. These are:


Nano AquaLED Crystal 20

  • The ICA Package Nano comes fully equipped Aqualed.
  • Samsung LED lighting.
  • Low maintenance filter inside.
  • Cover and will assist with breathing hole to feed the fish.
  • The manufacturer includes fish food and water conditioner
  • Dimensions: 32,5 cm long x 32,2 cm deep x 32,4 cm high

The Aqualed Kit is my best option for aquariums 30 liters, although in aquariums 20 l think the Equipment Marina offers better performance.

Set Tetra AquaArt 20 liters

  • Tetra aquarium full of 20 liters.
  • LED lighting with day-night option.
  • EasyCrystal filter bag, spare filter material.
  • Glass float four mm, which does not cause distortions. Easy-access lid.
  • Dimensions: 39,3 cm long x 27,5 cm deep x 32 cm high

Caring for a small fishbowl

A small aquarium or fish tank, comparable maintenance needs an aquarium larger. It is essential to monitor the quality of water as would a larger aquarium, monitor the health of the fish and take care that not proliferate algae. The only actual difference is in the size. A small aquarium can be installed anywhere and the maintenance cost is lower. In a small bowl to keep in mind:

Maintaining small fishbowls

To maintain a healthy aquarium, in which the fish feel perfect and not get sick, You must perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Check parameters water. You have to monitor the pH, Kh, gH is within the levels your fish need, these reviews must perform at least once a week, using a Test Aquarium suitable.
  • Perform partial water changes. The frequency can vary depending on the fish and the quality of the water, but the partial change of the aquarium water should be performed between once a week, to every three weeks.
  • Periodically clean the bottom of the aquarium. Must be cleaned from time to time in the bottom of the aquarium, those sediment filter removes the not. Uses a sifonador.
  • Temperature control. Fish need a certain temperature to live, which is usually higher or lower than the temperature. With introduce a heater, the problem is solved, but if we live in a very hot place, we may need lowering the temperature of the water, adding fan aquarium.
  • Aware of lighting and algal blooms. Inadequate lighting, can cause the appearance of algae. Fish and plants, They need some specific hours of illumination. Try not to spend hours, but neither short stay.

¿Cuántos can put fish in a small pond?

The first thing to consider is that the size of the tank, conditions and many species (or species) fish you can have. There is a rule used to calculate how many fish can be introduced into an aquarium. If cube we must have a liter of water, for every centimeter of fish. I would be a little more strict, no excess saturating a small aquarium. In any case, There is tremendous tiny fish ideal for very small fishbowls.

For aquarium fish 20 liters

These are some of the varieties of fish that can be placed in a fish tank 20 liters:

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